Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


Trina is one of the reasons why the Doctor X mission is my favorite of the 3.
All characters from the Inner Circle (Regina, Trina and Shambles) were well written, that is why the Inner Circle ending is my favorite mission. Becoming a badass spy alongside those characters is too cool to pass up.


This is such a great drawing! And she managaes to look exactly like what Trina did when I was playing the game. And that pose you did in the last illustration is just too cute!


She is indeed. And I agree that that second pose nails the character perfectly. I have to put this up with some of the other Tally Ho art to inspire me as I work on my outline.


So, I’ve been replaying Tally Ho, and I noticed a few things:

  1. It feels like a high Culture/Observation MC picks up un stuff much quicker than others. Like when Valentine is playing that Macbeth ripoff. Is it coded like this in the stats, or am I just seeing things?

  2. The scene where Galatea jumps on the bust of Athena is a reference to The Crow, right?


I presume you mean The Raven ‘perched upon the bust of Pallas’?


Yeah, that’s right! Looking back, I guess one might confuse it with the superhero film.


There’s some perching going on there too. But AFAIK the Pallas Athena reference would be Poe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just received the achievements for getting the peacocks to stay with Primrose of their own free will and the one where they take first place in the competition. It’s surprisingly tough to obtain those. Thankfully I got them in the same playthrough after failing to get either for the first couple of times. Never again.

Shambles deserves the spotlight more than those key-stealing menaces anyway.

I also got an update today that confirmed that the errors are fixed. Unfortunately, I have more (minor) ones to report:

A missing quotation mark in Chapter 2

Right after writing a fake name to give to Ambrose:

#I just make up something.
What name do you give?
*input_text ambrose_name
He writes "${ambrose_name} in his notebook. Then he circles it and puts stars next to it. “I don’t mind telling you that I am deeply skeptical.”

Two pronouns oddities in Chapter 7

Right after the choice: “I do hope this changes nothing about our relationship, ${rorysir}. It need not.” but if you don’t have enough persuasion to make Rory feel better about the franklock.

“Are you joking, ${name}? It changes everything. You will be rich, you know. You will not need to work. You know as well as I do how loaded the Cygnet-Signets are, and Frankincense is their sole heir. Assuming they deign to allow her to inherit after marrying you. They are proud, and will snub you.”

And this one after you’ve successfully fooled the police that you are just an innocent tourist and Rory’s the suspect:

*if suspect = "Rory"
Rory is holding onto the bars of {rory_his} cell, and {rory_he} gapes when {rory_he} sees you. A slight shake of your head closes {rory_his} mouth.

“I don’t know who you are,” he says to you, winking at you.

The one that I don't know how to describe but it's also in Chapter 7
#I help Rory recollect the word ${rory_he} is thinking of.
				*if (intellect >= 40) or (observe >= 40)
					"'Connubial' bliss, ${rorysir}?"
					"Yes, that.  I was looking forward to connubial bliss.  You know me well, ${name}."
					"Yes, ${rorysir}."
					*comment achievement
					*set rep_rory %+15
					*set renown %+10
					*goto frankvisit
				*elseif (intellect >= 45)
					"No, that's not it."
					"Marital?  Conjugal?"
					"Never mind, ${name}.  Close enough.   My point being that I was looking forward to it.  I know [i]you[/i] cannot quite understand, as you have chosen a life of single service.  But I thought...perhaps..."
					*set renown %+10
					*goto frankvisit

If I understand this correctly, *elseif (intellect >= 45) will never be checked since you’d always pass it the first time around. Were the two stats meant to be tested together?


Yeah, that is weird. I wonder what I was going for there. Maybe I meant the intellect/observe check to be an “and”–I’ll have to ponder that. Thank you for catching all that!


No, thank you for taking the time to fix all these typos even though the game is already published!


Okay evidently I’m super late to the party, but I’m just gonna leave a quick review here bc I rly loved this game!

Not gonna lie, this is one of those things I nvr knew I needed in life b4 I played it but - Victorian era + wholesome storyline + amazing characters = perfect game lmao.

Honestly all the character dynamics were perfect; stern but affectionate!Aunt, always confused but golden hearted!Rory, gruffy old grandpa trying to tell u “back-in-his-day” stories!Colonel, mysterious sophisticated fascinating smooth criminal!Haze, star-crossed lovers!Mopsie&Figs, cute eager assistant!Valentine, vegan progressive idealist shining-knight-to-Rory’s-damsel-in-distress!Frankincense, secret society aunt-and-niece duo!Regina&Trina (srsly can we adopt that kid??) and ofc our dearest, most perfect MC.

Tbh the only problem (?) was that I loved the Rory-and-MC Jeeves-esque dynamic so much that I can literally only romance them lmao. Everytime I do another play through I’m like hmm… I should rly try out the Haze and Frankincense routes this time… I reach the Rory scenes and I’m like nOnono-

Thanks so much for this amazing game!


If you imagine the MC as Jeeves, it’s hard to think of him going for anyone but Rory/Bertie. A servant who was fed up to the back teeth with all the trouble Rory gives them would probably find a kindred spirit in Haze; a vegetarian romantic might go for Frankie, while a more fun-loving servant would go for Valentine (I found their romance a bit harder to get, but passionate and sweet).

The MC’s vegetarianism getting remembered in later pages, btw, was very classy.


I don’t remember how to blur things, so please be aware that there are spoilers under this:

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve failed the conversation with Haze on the Wall a good 20+ times by this point, and I recorded (most of) the percentage increases and decreases on their friendship bar depending on the response you choose. And yet I’m still lost and unable to find out how to end that scene on a good note - any hints?

Here is the record I made (some of the values may be incorrect and I played a bold/skulduggery type), if anyone is interested.

  1. Joyfully (-1)
    Silently (+1)
    Sarcastic (+2)

  2. Don’t patronise me (-8)
    Low quality mystery story (-13)
    Why did you rob them (-14)
    (Curious +0)
    (Downcast +0)
    Fun (-9)

  3. Take a sip (+1)
    What are you looking at? (+0)
    Silent (+0)

  4. THIS is the climax? (+0)
    (bouche +0)
    (nod to superiority +0)
    Hardly culminating (+0)
    Enjoying it/cannot complain (+0)
    Joke (+0)

  5. Join up (+0)
    Give it up (+0)
    I love you (+0)
    Friends (+0)

  6. Not in the mood for civilised conversation (+0)
    Yes, something like that (+0)
    Not in the slightest (+0)

  7. Don’t be sorry (+0)
    I won’t let that happen (+0)
    Visit you/join you (+0)
    Silent (+0)

  8. Hold (-8)
    Trees (-8)
    Get over yourself (-23)
    Nothing (+0)


You could put the spoliers under [detail=“Summary”] insert details here [/detail] function with out the apostrophe.


You’d need to be more than just having a high bold/skullduggery stat, unfortunately. The important choices you have to make are #2 and #8.

There’s also a relationship check after #4. If Haze’s value with you is below 60% by then you’ll always be rejected and be given a different set of choices. But that didn’t happen here, so:

For #2: Being abrasive in combination with having either high culture or persuade will help. For that last one though, you’ll just need to be really good at catching up with Haze during the robbery. Otherwise it’s a lose-lose situation.

For #8: you’d want to be either really soothing, be relatively observant, or, once again, be downright abrasive . The latter is the riskiest choice, as you can probably tell already.


Not sure Haze meeting with Tokay is likely to end on good note, s/he is a very unstable self-centered personality. I just impressed her during robbery then said as little as possible, forward to haunted house scene.


Tiny oddity.
The relationship bar for Regina still won’t show up, but as far as I can see it ONLY if you caught the train and only meet her at the estate first.


Thanks! I’ll take a look at that.

Edit: I’ve spotted the problem and fixed it. It’ll get fixed with the next update. Very annoying because I thought I caught that bug during beta, but I guess it slipped by me. Thanks so much!


Most welcome and glad to help.


OKAY HELLO, this is my first time on any message board/forum anywhere, ever, so I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the incorrect thread(?). Here’s my pickle:

I’m on my first playthrough of Tally Ho, right? I’m at Aunt Primrose’s place, setting up the post-hunt refreshments with Valentine, and in a quiet moment I get him to confess you-probably-know-what to me. All of it! Which I was psyched about! A few choices later, I massively muck up the post-hunt party. So, as per usual whenever I flub, I assume I’ll just start over, do everything the same up until then, and fix that one mistake. Only when I do that I can’t get Valentine to confess again. On the first restart. Or the second. Or the third. Don’t ask why, but it’s really important to me that he does.

Anyway, I guess what I’m wondering is have any of you guys gotten this confession scene? Is it based on a stat check, or is it the direct result of the previous couple of choices? How can I make it happen again?