Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


What is the point of adding them if they will not do anything? The backgrounds are good because they add those nano-stories to the story.


No real point, I guess. I think the only point would be the stat boosts and having them for people who want to think of their character as having done something other than the ones I gave.

Of course, knowing me, once they exist I will be tempted to write something for them.

I will stick this on the bottom of my writing tasks list for a day when I need something easy to write.


I know, I imagined that possibly Jabs stole the MC’s Christmas pudding in the poorhouse or did something else to offend them.


So I decided to spend my weekend drawing and…

I found this game quite inspirational.


I am flabbergasted. The push/pull Primrose is doing is such amazing composition I don’t even know what to say. I love it.


I found a few more things:


“I thought they were all out. Is is all right? What?”

I think it should be “Is it all right?”

The water snaps to at your request.

I think it should be waiter.

And for heaven’s sake, keep your identify as Savage Wendigo secret.

Shouldn’t it be identity?


Thank you, and thank you for the game where I get to try to figure out which chapter these snippets could possibly be in. Usually I’m really good at it after spending so much time with the text, but these were actually pretty challenging.


I play that game quite often with my own work. … at times it is very challenging and I wonder how I can be so devious when writing.


The first two are the train chapter, the third is ritornello, I think.


OK, last time begging for hints (really, because I only have two achievements left)

  1. How do I get Valentine to stay in England? I’ve gone through romancing the daylights out of her but she still wants to follow her dreams… I tried to impress her with culture - no luck. I tried being “persuasive” to no avail. Help!
  2. Similarly… Serving Rory “from afar?”

  1. Tranquility is the key. Tranquility is the one that lets you make things easier for people, and helps difficult things be well. This is a very hard check. 71 or more.

  2. Just agree to go with Valentine to Hollywood; then the option to serve Rory from afar should be available.


Just want to chime in with many others here that I love this game. My jaw has developed this ache from laughing too hard. it’s just such a joy to read through, especially I failed a stat check. It kinda reminds me of all those critical failure diceroll stories you see around ever so often. Thank you for brightening up my mood in these past few days.

The research that has gone into this game was the perfect touch, by the way. It was fun looking up things about the 1930s when something was referenced. I listened to Sing, Sing, Sing while MC does the lindy hop with Valentine, learned that May Queen drink was something fictional from Wodehouse, and that purple hair dye does sorta exist way back then.

I also think this is the first choicescript game ever where I equally fond of all the ROs. That has never happened before, but take this as a testament to how fleshed out and likeable all four are!

That said, I did find a few weirdness in my playthroughs and from reading through the code.

Skipped lines in Chapter 4

Corresponding code:

“Yes, it is I. That was a very interesting conversation you and Regina Wilhelmina just had. What was that name she called you? $!{codename}, was it?”

He flips through his CLUES book.

*if ambrose_name = “unknown”
*label manynames
"We have {codename}, we have {name}, and we have ${fname}. So many names. So many identities."
*goto firstlast

*elseif ((ambrose_name = name) or (ambrose_name = fname))
*goto manynames

*elseif ((ambrose_name != “unknown”) and (ambrose_name != codename))
“We have {codename}, we have {ambrose_name}, we have {name}, and we have {fname}. So many names. So many identities.”
*goto firstlast

*label firstlast

“Those last two are my first and last names!”

“Of course they are,” he says with amusement. “I don’t doubt you. Can you clarify the meaning of the conversation that I just happened to overhear?”

If the name MC chose as a codename, the name given to Ambrose, and their actual name are all the same, a few lines will be skipped in Chapter 4. I’m actually surprised I manage to get away fooling Regina with it even though she doesn’t like MC’s sass if they input just their first name or last name.

Two small typos in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6

1 - In Chapter 4, slightly after *label primrose_roryfrank_convince:

“You positively warm my heart to so, {name}. I think a lesser {job} would be threatened, thinking that Frankincense was replacing you or some such. Maybe they’ll keep you on. Possibly not. But I’m sure you’ll find work somewhere. Rory will write you a nice letter of recommendation that I’ll dictate to him. And if you don’t mind living in the country here, I’m certain I can help place you.”

him should’ve been ${rory_him}

2 - When swimming with Valentine in Chapter 6, a bit after “Don’t be shy”:

"It’s not anything! We do it all the time after a show back home. One time we swam in the altogether. It’s just how theater folks are.

I think there’s a missing word between ‘the’ and ‘altogether’.

And finally, a impossible stat check in Chapter 7

Part of *label goad

#I try to work in a warning for Haze not to fall for Inspector Ambrose’s trick in my statement to the press.
*set warnhaze true
*if intellect > 95
"I would like to say…

Okay, fine, this is more of a plea to lower that check. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of MC’s main stats be higher than 70%. I don’t know if I’m just not min-maxing enough, if it’s supposed to be a combination of intellect and some other stat (skullduggery? persuade?) or it’s meant to be dummied out. I would really like to see that scene be in the game itself though.


The above is the reason I do this.

I’ve fixed the skipped lines there with Ambrose in chapter four and the pronoun for Rory. Actually, the bit you quoted had a typo, also–Primrose should be saying “you positively warm my heart to say so.”

I’ve also fixed the stat check, which should have been (intellect + skullduggery) > 95.

“In the altogether” is actually slang for “naked.”

Thank you SO much for finding these. I’ve already sent them in, so I guess they’ll go out with the next update. I really appreciate you helping me make this as perfect as possible. I’m actually working on the outline for my next game as we speak (I’m only up to outlining chapter two!) and your kind words are giving me energy to push forward!


I learn another thing about 1930s today! Neato.

Definitely looking forward to seeing your next game. I’m going to check out A Midsummer Night’s Choice soonish in the meantime.

I found another error, specifically about The Sultan. If you managed to lower the price to 30 by denigrating the quality of it, or if you failed to lower the price at all and had to buy it at its usual price of 45, you don’t get the achievement for buying The Sultan.


I have to say, I just love the expression on the valet’s face and it’s possibly my favourite thing about this picture. And that’s no mean feat.


I was wondering, how does one increase Tranquility? I aspire to be the ultimate “smoothing life’s path” servant.


I’ll give a few examples off the top of my head: you gain tranquility if you do things like protect Rory’s luggage at the start of ch. 3, remove suspicion from others in Ambrose’s room, help Mopsie write a better poem, pay off a big debt for Rory in ch. 8, help Figs show off his artwork in ch.5…

Generally Renown is when you do things that make you look cool; Tranquility is when you prevent those around you from suffering or giving them what they need. Often, you gain it at the expense of people thinking less of you–but you know what will gain them happiness in the long run.


Well, I just finished one more playthrough with my usual butler, and the ending where the MC continues to be Rory’s valet through mail is surprinsingly sweet. The bit where the narration describes the MC staying up until the late hours writing letters is what really sold me. I think it’s going to be one of my favorite endings, even if it doesn’t have the phrase “Let me be frank(incense) with you” in it.

And it was only now that I got the part where Regina is arrested byInspector Ambrose! She didn’t seem to mind it much, though. She probably had an escape planned.

But I did find one small writing mistake. Right near the ending, in Rory’s last-ish letter, there’s a bit where they talk about visiting Aunt Thistle, and it ends with “I’ll be the same continent as you” and I think there’s a “in” missing.

It was actually during a boxing match. Jabs might have used a forbidden move, or smuggled something weird into the ring, or bribed the jury into making the MC losing. I think there’s even some special lines of dialogue if the MC charges at Jabs in the boat race.


I meant that in details like this that don’t really effect the plot, you can make up your own backstory. One of my MCs was a jewel thief who tried to go straight as a footman for the Cygnet-Signets’, had an affair with Frankincense, got blackmailed over the affair by an old criminal colleague into stealing from the family, betrayed the other criminal to a rival crime boss to protect Frankincense, then took the job with Rory hoping for a quiet life. He was a very brooding and intense fellow, who ending up proving his love for Frankie by impersonating a peacock, and with the ‘Frankincense just makes sense’ slogan, which really was a cute ending. I liked the correspondence ending as well.


Was doing homework while doing sketches…couldn’t resist coloring one so haha bye homework and hello Trina! xD

Trina is albino right? I’m not even sure haha