Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


Is choosing the third-class ticket a prerequisite for getting the “Upgrade” achievement? I’ve ridden all three but never unlocked either.


Yes, If you aren’t in third class, you can’t “upgrade” to second class, right?


That was my understanding; hence my confusion! So when I choose third class, I talk it over with Rory. Sometimes I get bumped up; sometimes I don’t. This hasn’t triggered an achievement, so I’m left wondering if there is another opportunity to upgrade that I’m missing later on.


You need to have low relationship with Rory, so he will tell you to go with the third class.
After you meet Figs in the third class, you will have an option to go to the first class, second class or to go back to third class. Pick the second class option and pass the check to get the Upgrade achievement.


Awesome, thanks for the help.

…you wouldn’t happen to have any hints on how to get “A Little Teapot,” would you?


Thank you! Finding new scenes after lots of playthroughs was my goal, and I’m glad that’s your experience!

Now for questions!

Mopsie is not a nickname–she’s just Mopsie.

I would guess that Mopsie takes Haze’s lack of recognition of Mopsie’s obvious charm and beauty as a personal affront. I also suspect there’s some dark argument in the past between them better left unexamined.

Rory’s parents died long ago, long enough ago that Rory was brought up as a small child by a series of aunts, some doting, some less so. Aunt Primrose is the nice aunt, as these things go, by contrast with Aunt Thistle, and (shudder) Aunt Boysenberry.

Mopsie’s parents are still around, but are unable to manage her, and have foisted off her raising–for the moment–on Aunt Primrose with the hope that Primrose can keep her from making what they see as a terrible mistake with that wastrel Figs. They still hope they can marry her off to some promising rich American tycoon or an earl’s son.

As far as the “Little Teapot” achievement–that’s a tricky one. I’m not sure it’s as hard as the “Poor Fielding” one, but it’s right up there. To achieve it, send a smart character to have a particular conversation with Col. Firesnuff in the second half of the train ride where you agree to a rather embarassing wager if you lose the boatrace, and then lose the boatrace.


‘Aunt Boysenberry’. XD You have made my night.

(You also inspired me to double-check the development of the boysenberry plant—berries first sold widely in 1932, in the US. History, whee.)


Hmmm… for my interpretation , i would think that Mopsie was jealous of Haze’s courage, ability and achievement by standing out alone, Haze manage to survive even without the full support of her parents and in the end Haze manage to become a couple with my main character , a person who manage to help, assist and even “neutralise” the sense of insecurity within the heart of Haze ( as she explain when she sit on the wall with my main character)

On the other hand, even though Mopsie had the charm , beauty and wits , she didn’t possess the luck of handling dilemma herself, she had tried to apply her skills to solve certain “problem” but to no avail , and most importantly she didn’t found the right person who can give her “security” in her life, she even required help from the two most trusted person in her life to “feed” a person she thought she “love” … of course when she found out that my main character had already start to build a stable love life with Haze, jealousy started to creep into Mopsie’s mind on Haze…Lol :smile: Mopsie even reminded my main character not to bring Haze when i visit her…Lol :smile: She must had despise the good fortune of Haze :wink:


Oh goodness… It would appear I really am “Bad at Trains” :joy:

Thanks for the tip!


@Gower I found this:

Oh, I can see why you might think that. But no, look at that first letter. That’s clearly a B, not a [i/P."


Thanks! That took a bit to find. I thought it was part of the flessing conversation, but then I realized that I have two parts of the game where you try to deal with B’s that are not there!


So, I accidentally made Figs Inspector Ambrose’s suspect while romacing Haze (and, gosh, it was like I found gold lol). And then I did everything to keep him in jail but alas, i butched up the boating competion resulting for the police boat to win. Now, try as I might, after a lot of playthrough, I cannot do that feat again. Is it possible to let Figs rot in jail? Also, how do i trigger suspicion for any characters?


No, it is not possible. There are two ways he will be released:
You help Haze steal the medallion, it will prove Figs’ innocence because he was in jail at the time.
Or there will be a popular judgement, where the judge will be the winner of the boat race and Figs is declared not guilty.

The only people who will be sent to jail is you or Haze.


I personally had haze pegged at the later half of his twenties, both because “bad days” can literally make you lose time and because of his perspective on things as you’ve mentioned, so my personal headcanon age for Haze was/is 28.
I also always imagined my mc as being somewhere in the lower half of his thirties, maybe around 33 or so.
Which is why I put Valentine at 23 for an almost exact decade of age difference, which is the widest that is just about workable in a long-term relationship that isn’t supposed to be a May-December type of romance.


I wonder, how you guys developed your MC? I focused mine on Bold and Persuade, and he was very Abrasive.


Name: Oscar Hudson

Your Sundry Skills
Bold: 78%
Culture: 14%
Intellect: 63%
Observe: 58%
Persuade: 77%
Skullduggery: 60%
Soothing: 28% Abrasive: 72%

Your Reputation
Renown: 95%
Tranquility: 82%
Suspicion: 39%
Invitation: 85%

Rory: 63%
Valentine: 52%
Frankincense: 56%
Aunt Primrose: 79%
Col. Firesnuff: 45%
Haze: 91%
Mopsie: 100%

Ready Monies: 109


I was trying for an abrasive culture/intellect/observation MC as a superior deadpan snarker, but I’m not sure how much success I had. I think if you start off with a character you’re going to roleplay, rather than taking any choice that maximises the right stats, then stats will probably be non-optimal.

I also had a bold/observe/persuade MC, an ex-boxer with less formal education and a naturally organised, detail-focused personality, hiding very badly a particularly smouldering and emboldening crush on Rory.

It would be nice to have more backgrounds than boxing/art gallery/jewel thief/lion taming, especially when Passepartout was an former acrobat. I’ve made up that one MC worked in an art gallery rather than a library; two other female MCs, rather than boxing or lion taming, worked their way up from poverty and got into a few sticky situations on the way.


Is the optimization of stats expected if you role-play a character with their unique set of flaws and strengths?

I understand (if you are into min-maxing) a gamer desiring the ability to have an optimal run but if I am reading your post correct, you expect the same outcome if going with a role-play execution?


I was saying I wouldn’t expect the same outcome.


But then it would not have the same effect in the story.
One of the motives my character goes to the long and safe path in the boat trace is because he wants revenge against Ursula Uppercut (aka Jabs McNabs).


You’re right—more backgrounds would be a good idea. It would be easy to code in the stat boosts, but right now each background has its own special opportunities in some choices or nano-stories (like the Jabs one) and I wouldn’t be able to add those.

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to add in backgrounds without the flavor text within the game.