Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


Just send an e-mail to CoG with the receipt of the game and they will unlock the site version, the you will be able to see the code.


@Urban you are my savior, for this and your Lords of Aswick guide, in gratitude I shall compose a portrait of you so ghastly that the only method of gaining your approval of it will be to convince you that it’s an intentional and affectionate caricature, despite it being an entirely serious attempt that I consider it a masterpiece.


Hey there @Gower! I just wanna say I absolutely adore your games!!! I actually also bought the midsummer nights dream and its amazing, but I must say that Tally ho is on a different level of amazing. I laughed so hard in many parts of the story. Its so wonderfully written! Oh I had so so much fun!! You’re such an amazing author! I know you know that already but I will say it so many times if I must because you’re my fav now!

Anyhooo I hope you won’t mind me asking what are the characters ages?? Sounds random I know but I really want to draw a decent fan art for this because I really love this game and I’d love to spread the word about it by means of art.


@Gower there is a bug for “The Champion” achievement.
My MC ate the entire Champion (I had 78 Bold), told the Ragamuffin to release the Police 5 min later and was not awarded the achievement.


Hey, if anyone is still suggesting boat names, how about Lords of Ascwood and The Sail, Eternal?


Thanks! I’ve fixed that and submitted it, so it should be fixed with the next update. Thank you so much for spotting that!


I’d better file these all away for the sequel…


Wow! Thank you so much for saying that! That is about the best thing I could possibly hope to hear, that you enjoyed the games!

Ages, ages…let me think. Mopsie we know is 20. That’s easy.

Rory is…let’s say 26-28. Figs was a school chum, but probably a touch younger. 25?

I could picture an older Rory, even low 30s, but since Rory was school chums with Figs and we don’t want Figs’s and Mopsie’s ages to be too far apart, that sort of boxes us in, doesn’t it?

Frankincense is a little older than Rory. Not quite 30 yet.

Valentine is low 20s. Older than Mopsie, younger than Rory.

Haze is wildly variable in my imagination, but still to a certain extent under the eyes of their parents–sort of, so Haze can’t be 30 even if Haze has the perspective of an older person. I think I could be convinced that Haze could be as young as 20, but probably mid 20s makes most sense.

Col. Firesnuff and Aunt Primrose are spry 60-somethings.

Inspector Ambrose is–let’s say 45.

Regina is in her fifties.

Trina is a tween. I think I said 12 in the game.

I must have missed someone, but that should get you started! And I can’t wait to see what you create!


@Gower I found continuity error. If you decide to “consume” “The Champion” using the Intellect option, the MC doesn’t eat it but the plate becomes empty:

Applause and disbelieving cheers resound across the river valley. The Baker looks at the empty plate and then at you. “You really did it,” she says.


Yikes! That Champion is a wily one. I will attend to that today. Thanks.


Hah! So adventures in the very dangerous sport of rowing will be a staple of the Ho games. Y’know, if that’s the case, you could always expand your names to other stuff, like movies.

I’m very favourable towards “The Dock Knight Ripples”.


Do not open:


Don’t get me started. :scream_cat:


You know, this reminds me of something (Scottish) comedian Frankie Boyle said about the performance of the English rowers a few years back.


You’re so very welcome!!

Woa!! I didn’t expect you’ll reply this quick and this detailed! You really are the best! Thank you!! Now I have a better image of them yey

I’m still doing the sketches , so far I’m having so much fun especially with Mopsies’ design! Though I’ve never drawn anybody over 20 so I hope I’ll be able to draw the older characters with justice. I’ll post them here when I’m already settled their designs. I’d probably ask more questions one day, I hope you won’t mind! :disappointed_relieved:


Hey ho!
So after 3 whole days of an emotional conquest, sweaty hands, headaches; overthinking and also relieve and pleasure,
I have to congratulate you, that Tally Ho is one hell of an amazing story!!!
And I so am head over heals!

I now played through my first round, with alot of restarting; (I just needed to see all the outcomes, so it probably wont count as my first playthrough ^^)

I really just needed to thank you. And also how much I liked the endling with Rory. Where in the end I got that Breakfest to bed epilogue and Rory seemed to eagerly want to hire a new gentlemans gentleman ^^ And that gentleman reacted similary to my Mc! It was hilarious!

But then again, I also liked to ask some questions regarding Haze. After I got that Inner Circle mission and I got savely home, there is that Optione (that I selected of course thanks to the Dramatic Irony) where your thoughts turn to Haze. So my question is, would that get another meaning if you settled for the Haze romance path?
Also it seemed a litte of to me, that chossing the Option to think about him was rather non significant to my choosen to be story.

Its a bit long, but still thank you.


After returning home after whatever adventure you go on at night in chapter six, there is the possibility to have a further adventure with Haze or Frankincense. For Frankincense, you have to have arranged a rendez-vous beforehand, either in chapter 4 or 5, if I remember correctly.

For Haze, I believe you have to have had a particular conversation in ch. 5 in order for you to realize where Haze is when “your thoughts turn to them” in that choice. Otherwise you get a fleeting thought and then the chapter goes on with returning to the house. Being on the romantic path will help you have that conversation.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and I’m glad you liked the bit with Snood. Snood is one of my favorite walk-on characters in the game.


Couldn´t resist making some Fanart.
(I imagine my lovely Mc “Royal” cuddling up to an adorable hungover "Rory"
This may not be of interest to you ^^ but for me Rory always had some cute short curly hair. And my mc is inspired by Haze "modern looks, leaving him with longer hair and a side cut.)

Its meant to be a little thank you^^. Hope you like it.


I love it! Seeing how people imagine their MC and/or the characters that mean a lot to them is about the best thing I can imagine.

What a great pose. It’s nice to see them in such a peaceful moment after all of the taxing events of the game…


After a lot of lurking, I decided to speak up…

  1. This game is so crazy good. On my initial playthrough I was captivated by the sense of humor, on subsequent tries I enjoyed “filling in” parts of the story I didn’t see the first time, now I’m fascinated how much characters can change and grow based on your interactions. And as always (and with Midsummer), I love discovering new scenes even after dozens of playthroughs. So thanks, @Gower, I’m a big fan.

  2. A few questions…
    -Is Mopsie a nickname?
    -Why does Mopsie dislike Haze so much?
    -Where are Rory and Mopsie’s parents?

  3. I’m completely at a loss as to how to get the ticket upgrade achievements… On my last playthrough I selected third class and Rory insisted I ride second class but no achievement. Am I missing something?


You need low relationship with Rory to go to third class.