Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


You need high skullduggery and high renown.

There are hundreds of choices, it is almost impossible to day which one you should or you shouldn’t choose.


Is there a certain way to do it where you don’t ruin your relationship with Rory?


Yes, you just need to pass the check.


There are a couple of key moments, but the decision is set in stone just before the parlor scene begins in earnest. That gives you time to repair your relationship with Rory if you should happen to have damaged it in the process of driving a wedge between Frankincense and Rory.


@Gower I just wanted to say that this is a really great story!! The characters are all unique, well thought out and lovable (except for that old rotten man). I love having so many different choices and paths to choose from. I loved reading the story over and over again even though it takes me hours. I often find that some Choice of Games are too short or the endings don’t feel like an ending, but Tally Ho (imo) was a nice long read that I enjoyed. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful story! I look forward to reading your next story, hopefully a sequel!


Aww…but not our super-cute sneak-thief and the master thespian? Still are you going to give Rory a “canon” gender in the sequel or will we get to choose again?

My order was pretty much Haze and then Valentine, those two always distracted me far too much to really notice the others being Rory and Frank, who seemed pretty boring in comparison, at least to me.


@Gower I think I found a bug at the code:

elseif resist = 3
*set renown %+15
*set cordwainers %+5
*set win %-20
*goto postdust

Shouldn’t it increase %+20 instead?


Good spotting! Fixed and awaiting update! Thanks!


They probably won’t appear in person. Then again, I’m only up to outlining chapter two, so who knows what will happen.

I definitely will not institute a canonical gender for any gender-flipping character. I’ll probably allow the reader to choose that (as opposed to importing a saved game from Tally Ho) but I guess it depends on how much of Tally Ho will inform the new game.

I have been idly sketching out the broad outlines of a script for a graphic novel version of Tally Ho, and in that, I–annoyingly–would have have to set genders. But that is more a daydream than an actual project.


Ah, intriguing - despite being a big Jeeves fan, I haven’t read any Blandings stories. I’ll have to check them out to get fully hyped for the next game. :slight_smile:


I finally managed my perfect playthrough! I was able to do everything I wanted in a single playthrough:

  • Romacing Haze.
  • Incriminating Valentine, so I could go to the Haunted House and do the Boat Competition with Haze, and then saving Valentine from prison.
  • Infiltrating Dr. X’s lair and convincing Firesnuff to destroy his work.
  • Getting the Peridot Hairstick as a gift to Aunt Primrose.
  • Getting Rory to marry Frankincense.
  • Getting Mopsie to marry Figs (not because I like them, but because Rory asked me).
  • Winning the Exotic Animal Competition with Shambles.
  • Winning the Boat Race with the Barbarian Boat, that I named “Rammed!”.
  • Being invited to the Inner Circle and becoming Trina’s partner.

I don’t think I can make it any better. And I never thought I would enjoy a game about being a servant so much, I had a wonderful time, full of laughs, while reading this one. Congratulations for making a successful game @Gower, it is well deserved.


That is a seriously accomplished servant you have there. I would not have guessed you could do all that in one playthrough! I’m confident that I couldn’t do that.

That you so much for saying this. Eight-hour writing days can get really rough, and knowing that people are playing it and enjoying it make it all worthwhile–and it helps me work on my outline for my third game!


Hhh, i love this game so much that i’m actually went and draw my character from the game (sorry it’s messy). Meet Lucas Hudson, haze’s boyfriend and (still) rory’s butler. I’m also planning to draw rory, mopsie, and haze.


This is amazing! I love it! I also really like the frowny face near the juggling picture–that made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to see your other pictures!

That is one pretty butler.


Thanks! Wait, how high is high?


70 Skullduggery and 60 Renown.


Thanks! :grin::grin: You just saved my criminal life


How in all hell does one manage that?

Also, does anyone know how to pull up the code for the game?


Raise your Skullduggery and succeed on your choices.

For the code: https://www.choiceofgames.com/tally-ho/scenes/startup.txt

Change startup to the name of the scene you want to see another chapter. Ex: https://www.choiceofgames.com/tally-ho/scenes/harvest.txt


Does that work if you bought it as an app