Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


Thanks man! Appreciate it, but does this also apply with Valentine and the “Being an actor” end?


I have some queries regarding a spotless reputation, a successful investigation, and a prestigious invitation…

I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but seeing as others have openly discussed these topics here, I imagine I will be safe too.

How does one go about avoiding an increase in Suspicion? I imagined that it might have something to do with Skulduggery, as mine remained fairly low throughout the game and although I am glad to be playing such a respectable character, it does not seem to be conducive to the successful covering of one’s tracks.

Which brings me to my second point - does it also affect one’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation of everyone’s rooms during the hunt? I seemed to be fine when searching initially, but once I had found someone’s strongbox or the like, I found myself unable to pick locks. I had also been loath to break into these items by force, as I am not possessed of an impressive Bold score and I could have drawn attention to my activities. When I attempted to instead attend the hunt and interrogate the guests, however, I was unable to procure any information at all - my social skills were significantly superior to my criminal and physical abilities, so I am not sure what is required here. Perhaps I did not have good enough relationships with them?

Which brings me on to my third point… (drum roll)… what are the factors that can increase one’s chance of a certain Invitation? I saw that there was a little on this earlier in the thread, and things like a successful investigation are part of that, but I somewhat “muddled through” my first playthrough so it would be good to have some pointers.

I am intrigued by the opportunities for acquiring the respect of Primrose Patterson’s prized peafowl, as I had wanted to achieve this in my first playthrough but was unable to. Alas, perhaps next time.

The game is utterly glorious in every way - as a firm Jeeves and Wooster fan I can confirm that it is indeed jolly spiffing. (Also my name is Tali, which is pronounced “tally”, so the title provides endless capacity for amusement.)


I’m not sure… but, word of advice, it’s really hard to balance getting into a relationship with Valentine and managing to be invited to the Inner Circle, since a lot of their scenes go together.


I hope this isn’t too frivolous a post, but I just joined this forum to lavish praise on @gower for an amazing game! I discovered it a few days ago and have been playing in every moment possible since.

This is the first CoG game I’ve played through - I’ve tried some before, but I’m a very indecisive person, and I usually feel stressed out trying to make choices while worrying about stats and things (silly, I admit.) But the tone and humor of Tally Ho made it super accessible, and I could just pick the most Jeeves-y option when stuck, so I dove right in and it was amazing. I apparently still make a lot of poor choices, but the outcome is always hilarious, so it’s totally worth it. Thanks, @gower! I feel inspired to play some other CoG games too (eventually… I have the impression I still have lots left to discover in Tally Ho. :slight_smile: )

Final note, I love everything about the game, but as a Jeeves/Wooster fan, I can’t help swooning over the Rory romance. Sweet Rory! :heart: I’m thrilled to read about a new game in the works - a new Wodehousian game no less - a game in which, reading between the lines, Rory makes an appearance? I can’t wait.


How do you get the best ending with Frank? I got the ending where you help him with his campaign but found it to be dull.


Two main ways: walk the straight and narrow to the extent possible, or don’t get caught. In practice, that means not failing the skill check (whatever it may be) when you are doing something a bit dodgy. Certainly skullduggery helps, but many of the other skills come into play as well.

You are right to note that skullduggery is needed to pick locks. While searching the house, there are lots of skills that come into play to find clues, depending on the room–intellect and observe might be the most important skills there, although skullduggery (and bold) are often needed as well. And as you suspect, your relationship with the person in question is rather important when questioning them on the hunt–and perhaps you might find information at the house that may be useful in questioning them. Not necessary, but one possible avenue.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the game!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I, too, get very stressed out when playing choice-games, and my philosophy of writing is to let readers know I’ve got their back, and the game is not going to be brutal to them. So I’m glad it worked in this case!

I’m also really glad you liked Rory! I was hoping everyone would love Rory as much I ended up loving them. While writing, I predicted that the most popular monogamous romances would end up being, in this order: Haze, Rory, Valentine, Frankincense. I think, based on reviews and posts, that Rory ended up most popular of all!

And yes, Rory will almost certainly make an appearance in the next game. I think of the next game as a sort of offshoot rather than a straight-up sequel. It will be based a bit more on the Blandings novels than the Jeeves and Wooster novels, but I’m still going keep continuity with Tally Ho.


I love Rory the most from all of them. But even starting the game i imagined that my character will go with Rory, to kinda imitate Jenny and madam Vastra relationship :slight_smile: , so i’m even more glad that they are a great and inxredibly cute character.
I think of my second playthrough to try the poly relationship, but not sure about that, since from first playthrough i didn’t like Frankiscence at all.
So far from characters possible for romance i’m interested in them in the order: Rory, Valentine, Haze and Frankiscence last.

Also as a side note, at first i choose the last name of my character to be Valentine, so when i reached the scene when we first meet them, at first i was confused and thought it was my character introducing themselves :slight_smile:


Good point–I should probably make that impossible!


But think of how much easier it’d make the fine, popular new game of “I’m Valentine”!


How does one win an Exotic Animal Contest? Col. Firesnuff has won far too many Blue Ribbons on each of my playthroughs, FAR TOO MANY. Enough is enough let Aunt Primrose win atleast one damn it! I’m starting to think the contest is rigged. Peacocks are better than Yaks I say! So how does one bring down an obnoxious Colonel and his Yak and deliver untold glory to Mrs. Patterson?


I was able to do that with Shambles, the Gila monster. To do that you need to:

Have a high relationship with Regina, because the higher it is the higher will be Shambles’ skill.

Go to Regina’s room and pass any of the skill check when you find the Gila monster.

Do the Dr. X mission and accept the companionship of Shambles.

Let the Peacocks go to India.

If you have the right stats, you can do one of the activities at the Contest and it will be enough to win it.

@Gower speaking of Regina, her relationship bar doesn’t show in the Android version of the game:



It is pretty difficult. I’m looking at nudging that difficulty down just a bit in the next update. The yaks have had their day. It may be time for birds (and gila monsters) to shine just a bit more brightly.

Edit: I just looked at the code, and I tweaked it a bit–and I found a mistake in the code while I was there, making Aunt Primrose like you a little worse if you had a moderate success primping the birds. Fixed, and it’ll go out with the next update. Thanks for calling my attention to it!


Hrm. That’s really weird. I will look into it.


Ah I see, well then this helps a lot! My eternal gratitude to you good sir.


See that you will my good man! I thank thee for splendid work and content :slight_smile:


How do you break off the wedding? Everything I do seems to back fire and they end up together…


Just choose the options that go against the engagement. But it you fail the stat check, it will make the engagement stronger, so only pick choices that align with your stats.


I’m sorry but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to which choices increases which stats. Could you please give me a detailed way, with the choices? Thank you, sorry!!!


I love this game, thank you author!! Please I just need to be a criminal with Haze :sob:. Is that too much to ask?! Help me! Please!!