Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion


I … don’t remember Aunt Primrose saying that. Perhaps because I missed the train and arrived late?

Well… missed the train twice…


Everyone gets that line–it’s right before the birthday gifts.

BUT, and this is the huge part, a big big big thank you for catching the bug with Trina. I just fixed it and sent the fixed file in.

That’s one of those bugs you have nightmares about.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: Glad I could help on this!


There is a hidden stat for your reputation with the birds. Spend time with them and be kind to them. There are significant opportunities to do so in chapters four, six, and eight. And possibly some other bits that I’m forgetting.


Belatedly: this, a hundred times this. I couldn’t believe they just kept coming. :slight_smile:

For my part, I opted to name my own and went with Choice of Ripples.


DAMMIT! I tried to think of one so hard! That reminds me–if I missed any good ones, let me know. I can’t think of a more important thing to update than that.


I only actively remember Choice of Rowboats and Gunwales of Infinity so forgive me if what I throw out are half remembered ones you already had but…

A Wise use of Timber comes to mind and the very cringeworthy

Lifeboat of a Mobster

Keeling Time?


Life of a Lobster
already in or am I misremembering thing?

Heart of the Houseboat
Avatar of the Gulf
Canoefire Concerto


I once picked the alias Spruce Moose, after a Simpsons joke, for one of my characters.


Choice of the Woodpyre (too farfetched? Need a wooden stake to drive the joke home?)
Holy Wood Visionary
Swam Your Eye of Huge-a
Trireme of the Thief-Taker
Zombie Extra Dose: Safe Harbour
Boardway 1849
Demon Mark Twain: A Russian Sail
Cannonfire Canoe

…and I’m all out, sorry. :crazy_face:


Choice of the Damn Pier?


Galley Ho!
Her Oars Rise?

Okay, now it’s getting silly.


I hope it will feature Haze and Valentine again? Do we play a different mc or the same one?

Yep, the same can be said of the Parliamentary ball and everything at the Select in “Together we Stand” too and even the Socialists (grudgingly or not) participate in that latter one.
In any case much of the elite will always be recession and even depression (in the economic sense) proof.
It’s also a good indicator of why “trickle down” economics do not work.

Well probably not my protagonist who ended up with Valentine in Hollywood and if Firesnuff would still serve due to his advancing age it would probably be a staff position.
Hmm…actually I don’t know would the male mc and Valentine whose entire lives are in Hollywood be forced to enlist in the British army, could they join the Americans or would they be barred from both?
Can’t imagine the military being thrilled with cute, rebellious Haze and vice-versa.


After a few days of outlining the new game, I have arrived at a concept that does not have you playing the same main character, and in which you will not see Valentine, Haze, or Frankincense. There is a new main character.

I was having a lot of trouble writing this outline. I usually outline pretty fast, but this one was quite hard. I went through lots and lots of versions of it sitting at my desk and not getting anywhere at all. Then I went out and took a ten-minute walk, and by the time I got home, I had my idea. It made me laugh out loud while I was walking. That’s how I knew I had it.

So the moral of the story is go take a walk, I guess.


Good to hear. I wonder what role the new mc plays in the story?
Guess I’ll see in time.


For my case, since i am Romancing Haze and i wanted to show her that i will stay loyal to her… I named the boat " Connected Hearts" , guess that’s why she trust me enough to ask me help her stole the medallion :smile:


I’d like a CoG featuring Rory as the PC - it would be a great comparison contrast to this title :two_hearts:



How do I get accepted to the Cadbury Club? I’ve tried almost everything I could possibly think and perfected every challenge Regina throws at me, from espionage to sabotaging Dr. X (I even helped her escape from prison at times) yet everytime I think I’ll get accepted she slaps me with the DENIED remark, like what the hell? What do I need to do? Do I need to make an offering? Sell my soul?


Take a look at the “Invitation” bit at the stats screen. That should give you a good idea on where you stand to be accepted. I managed to do it with a 77, I think.

But, in case that doesn’t work: miss the train. It’ll give you some more points for hanging out with Regina. And, if you have high Skullduggery, search the rooms, lockpicking everything in the meantime. Finding the mask in Haze’s room, the mask in Mopsie’s room and the sketches in Colonel Firesnuff’s briefcase will help you a lot. If you managed to make some friends, going to the hunt after might be a good idea.