Sword of the Elements. Games series

I hope to find a strong woman, i have no attraction for weaklings!

No problem, I’ll consider your desires and allow these options!

I shall expect few of my enemies trying to convince me to turn back to the light? Personally i find this very amusing. :innocent:

To tell the trueth I wanted to add it)). So I guess you’ll find these enemies).

English is not my native language, but with trueth you want to say truth, right?

Yes, I wanted to say this. English is also not my native language.

I just thought that you’ll be able to reach level 200 to the end of the entire game series. Not so sure for now but I guess that you’ll get really high level in the game and there will be lot of possibilities that you’ll be able to use.

Really satisfying will be to make all these creatures what hunted me until now, to bow before me! I can begin to gain control over them in this game?

Yes, you’ll be able to rule them all when you finally choose the evil’s side.

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Can i change my own look too? I don’t think a human prince even with the blood of a god in his veins is scary or intimidating. Why did arthirians trust me so easily? They never heard about bad people? Willpower will be more important in this game? Because i see is on the front page. The sword’s powers must be unlocked in time, right? For now the MC is called the first warrior and the carrier of the divine blood. When i join the evil, how i will be called? How shocked will be both sides when i will chose the evil? It seems to me that everyone is expecting from me to fight for light. These are my questions for now.

Wow, so many questions). I’ll try to reply you. Well, regarding your first question, I guess that yes, your appearance will be changed. Arthirians trusted because you still hesitate in choosing the side in the beginning of the second game. Yes, willpower will be more important as well as leadership in this game. The Sword’s power must be unlocked in time. And regarding your last two questions, I cannot tell it for now because I’m currently working on the game.

Thanks for answers. I am glad i have perfect willpower from the first game! :smile: I can still increase leadership?

Yes, you can still increase it!

Hi there! That’s an image for the second game made by me. What do you think about it?

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It looks really cool

Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

Hi there! I’ve got news that I hope you’ll like. First, I’d be glad to tell that I revised the plot of the story about the sword of the twenty-three elements. It’s a big trilogy, but it does not consist of 5 games. I’m still working on the 2nd part of the story and I hope to finish it very soon. I began this story and I must to finish it and I hope you’ll like the next 2 games. The 3rd game will be the biggest in the trilogy. My english is better than it had been before and I really hope you’ll enjoy playing my games. Here are titles of the trilogy.
1.Sword of the Elements. To the world’s end.
2.Sword of the Elements. The Darkness Rising.
3.Sword of the Elements. The Last War.

Thus this story will be finally finished and I really hope you’ll like it.

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I was wondering if this game will come to steam.
I am very interested in this game, but i only buy choice of games from steam.
I just think it’s safer then any other gaming-platform and i don’t want to create a new account just to purchase this game.

Unlikely in the near future, there are few hosted games on steam due to restrictions on the number games they have permission to load. Those that have made it up are the highest selling and rated ones like tin star. Perhaps consider buying it from the COG website? (It will run fine on your normal computer browser).

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I just got to ask, will the first game be reworked into more correct grammar etc? As atm I just can’t get through it with all the errors in it.

I think that the story itself is pretty good, and I’d love to play through it all but I just can’t do it with how the game is right now, it just pulls me out of the story and makes it feel like a chore just trying to understand what it means sometimes.

Again, not trying to be overly critical, it got a good story in it, just needs a bit of fixing.