Sword of the Elements. Games series

Hi there! Decided to create a new topic for my games series. The first part of the game has been updated. It looks now really better but I’ll make another one to improve it again. Thus it will be better. I’m also working on the second part of the game. As I said there will be 5 huge games. I will not make grammar errors in the next games. So, let’s discuss about these games here. What do you like or not in the game? What do you expect from the next games? What do you think about 23 elements? Feel free and say it here.


I want to betray my comrades and become evil overlord! I want to use my power for EVIL!

Sorry but I haven’t completed playing your first game. I tried playing it but the overwhelming spelling and grammar mistakes that you made irritated me beyond belief and so I could not continue playing it.

I promise that you’ll be able to do that)

It has been updated. I tried to improve the grammar myself. Try to play it again. It looks better now.

From what i had seen in the first game there are MANNY powerful creatures. My power will be only from the sword? If i don’t have the sword i don’t have power right? I don’t think to sleep with your sword in hands is very comfortable. To rule such creatures you need a reliable source of power. After all i don’t want to make the same mistake as Sauron.

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I can tell you that you’ll have not only the Sword with its power). There will be really lot of powers. In the next games I want to give a possibility to examine the Universe, worlds and not only them… Your choices will be really fateful. And I hope you’ll not make the same mistake like Sauron)).

If Dakelnar is so terrible you must kill him to gain control over these creatures? And i didn’t see any female character in the first game.

I can tell you that it’ll depend on what you’re side: good or evil. What if you have enough power to conquer him to your will?) The choice is yours. And you’ll find female characters later.

Who played the game? What do you think of it? Feel free to tell it here.

Hi there! Here is chapter 1 of the second game. What do you think of it? Looking forward to seeing yur feedback. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/orxxygtjzhg93n1/Sword%20of%20the%20Elements%202.html?dl=0

Also here are all 5 titles for the game series.
1.Sword of the Elements. To the world’s end.
2.Sword of the Elements. The Darkness Rising.
3.Sword of the Elements. The Ancient Weapons of the Dark Lords.
4.Sword of the Elements. The First Evil.
5.Sword of the Elements. The Last War.

The writing is better than what I’ve seen of the first part, but while it is acceptable for a rough draft I wouldn’t recommend publishing it as it is. There are still a lot of gramatical errors in here, mainly that words are at some place in a sentence where they shouldn’t be. There are a few spelling errors as well, but those should be easy to track down with a general spelling checker.

Story wise, it’s very annoying to die every time you take a wrong turn…

How those arthirians didn’t see through my lies? Somewhere in the future i can kill my father? Even if there is no complex explanation about my MC’s sudden corruption, i still like it. After all! I don’t deserve to rule the universe? Ahahahaha!!!

Thanks for your answer! It really helps me.

You have to decide on what you’re side))).

I already decided. Killing my father will be possible?

Yes, it will be possible and even more)

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When i become evil who will fight for light in my place? I think there must be always two to fight, one for darkness, and the other for light.

Hmm… quite interesting speculation. If you’re on the evil’s side you’ll find skilfull opponents. Really lot of powerful and skilfull opponents!

Can i change sword’s appearance? Being evil with a sword what is shining with light is not classic. I want my sword to radiate evil and darkness. Being evil is not enough for me! Romance options?

Yes!)) The Sword’s appearance can be changed! And its possibilities are divided for neutral, good and evil! For now the Sword’s possibilities are neutral. If you choose the evil’s side your powers will change! And I guess that I will allow the romance options)