Sword of Rhivenia guide

Anyone know how to be worthy of the sword, getting a good ending and ending up with Revna?


Leadership must be 68% or higher l think


How do I get my leadership up to that rank?

Also how do I up my relationship with Revna and my good rating?

I just read a shit ton of books and looked at the angle for a political meeting rather then an annoynance then anything else.

In regards to Renva, just show genuine interest and concern at her and youll be find. I ended up romancing her with about 56% my first playthrough


Also need to make ambitious choices as well, like saying you want the throne and that you’d make an good leader and so on. I chose most of that as I could and I believe my leadership was around in the 70s

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how do i get rhiverians to like my mc without me having to be a cruel asshole?


They don’t like you even if you’re a cruel asshole. Their hatred doesn’t depend on your choices.


Practice as a swords man as much as possible in order to become the king/queen and take any opportunity to show leadership you can

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oh good, my people pleaser nature is very happy to know this :relaxed::smiling_face_with_tear:


How do you get Atheris to get the sword instead of Richard? Most of the time, if I don’t get the sword, it goes automatically goes to Richard.



stoic choices help alot

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It may not shown on stats, but story wise in term of text, there will be certain amount of Rhivenians who love a kind MC, such as Jarrean’s Mother, the children if you defend their stealing behaviour , Erza and perhaps the poor. But this is all in term of story telling, i suppose for future sequel this will play a crucial part.

I go roughly to 59 if not mistaken, the Everans twins are hard to please, i am not sure their relationship would go above 60, but on text experience Revna shown genuine liking of my MC, it is just that i only want to become her close friend

Make sure you admit that you want to become the ruler whenever you have choice regarding to this question, always choose you are ready , willing and excited to be a King/Queen.
I suppose this is logical, in the sense that if a person choose don’t care or unwilling to fight for the cause, how would that person convince others he/she possess good leadership skill?

Meanwhile, always pick choices that you are willing to make the “right” choice for the people and defend the people, agree with King Charles’s past action (including the execution of Prince Francis), i think when Astryn ask about it, if you said you think King Charles made wrong decision , the leadership skill will drop.


It’s depended on which one you have a closer relationship with. If you have high Richard, he will be chosen if you don’t have enough Leadership.


So, if i say i don’t care about the throne… I won’t be chosen? Rickard also doesn’t care about the throne and he can be chosen

Not really, but you lose opportunity to gain leadership point, Richard didn’t want the throne, hence we gain pleasure by the Sword if we want the throne, if both of us didn’t want the throne, Richard hold advantage since he had being the father’s choice

well, i didn’t exactly check the leadership point constantly , it is just that i did what i did and end up with leadership 74

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I thought what really important is leadership. We only lose 1 leadership points i think if we say we don’t care about the throne. That shouldn’t have much impact in the long run

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You need to rival Richard in order to get Atheris to the throne and your leadership stat should be below 66%

Does anybody knoes whats Jarean Secret is? Haha its killin me dammnnnnit (๑´ㅂ`๑)

It’s not revealed in this book, but from what I’ve gathered he is probably a pirate.