Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Being a floater works for me. I have lots of friends and 3 of them are that close that we consider ourselves brothers.

  1. They are just jealous of you.
  2. Just try to make friends - don’t tell them what you know, ask them what they want to say. All you need to become is a listener. Provide emotional support and just have fun playing games and doing things.


That is the most important part of the scene, without it, it wouldn’t be the same. And I think I just cracked @IronRaptor with his leak of a potential second book in the series.


@IronRaptor If I throw money at my screen, will you write faster??

Seriously though… I’m obsessing over this game.


Hmmm, how much money?


Do you regularly attack your screen? :eyes:
@IronRaptor 999 rupees I found in a vase…


What’s the conversion rate of rupees to dollars?


1 INR = 0,01560 USD (20 poor characters)


Or 1 dollar = 64 INR


How much would it take? :wink:

With money? Mainly dealing with Steam or Patreon…


Well, I think he meant Zelda currency instead of the Indian currency.

Well, I am trying to write at the moment but it’s a little hard since I’m the only one watching my kid. Good times.


enough to buy a nanny.


Now, I would definitely be down for that. Pay for a nanny to entertain/teach my kid and I’ll write full time.


Pft… I’ll be your manny. If that means you finish the game faster! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you were @IronRaptor son’s nanny I would worry about that child


Getting some serious taskmaster vibes. :wink:




Pssh a whip really. I am more of a fan of flogging or using The Rack. Watch them scream in agony begging for mercy while being torn apart slowly. That really helps me think and do creative writing.


I expect this in the Kingdoms form not here :sweat_smile:


Exact reason why I am the King of Entropy


Why not a Reading of war and Peace in its original russian, by Gilbert Gottfried And then Let them watch Twilight Saga Repeatedly.


I liked War and Peace to be honest, but twilight hurts you as well, so it really isn’t a valid method.