Superhumans: The New World

I’ve begun work on my new game Super Humans: The New World. In it, you play as a super powered middle school kid. Choose to live your childhood fantasy as a superhero, perhaps you want to take revenge on those who’ve wronged you, or you’re getting paid as a super for hire. Do you hide yourself in the shadows or tell the school of your greatness? Do you team up with your friends to protect what you hold dear from the new dangers, or destroy everything in your path?

This is going to be part 1 of the series, though i’m not sure how many i’m going to make, it depends on how well this one goes. I’m trying to write this differently than the other hosted games I’ve read about super powers, in this one you’re in middle school with powers. I’m trying to make every book is a year, so you grow up and train with your powers through the pages.

Currently I don’t have a demo, though I do plan on updating the book at minimum once a week. It would help if you could suggest me superpowers and characters including romance options, friends, enemies, extras, etc.(note that not everyone is going to have powers). This is the first book I’ve written, so help and suggestions are really appreciated.


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