Submitting an early alpha test

Hello everyone. I’m completely new to the COG/HG forums and I have no idea how to do anything.

I was directed here to submit a work-in-progress version of the game I’m working on. I cannot see a way to upload files. Do I just paste the text of the game files here? How does that work with multiple files such as gosub and stats?

Hello there.

On this forum we have a strict “No Demo, No Thread” policy for Work-In-Progress (WIP) game threads, which means that game threads without a demo must be posted in the Interest Check Thread. You’ll need to find a hosting site, such as @ dashingdon’s to use. Check out his thread for more info on that.

When you have a playable demo available for the public, you are more than welcome to make a thread for your game, but until then, discussing your game will have to be limited to the Interest Check thread, PM threads with other users, and as an example when asking about/discussing game design or writing.

If you’re having trouble with ChoiceScript, here is a thread with lots of helpful links for beginners, and there’s an entire category dedicated to helping people work through coding issues in ChoiceScript.


I appreciate the direction. Dashingdon? I’ve never heard of this website. And for the interest check thread do I post what most COG/HG have in the title screen in the app? Where it tells you about the game and what you can expect to be doing?

Here is the resource for the hosting info:

Take a look at the Interest Check thread, you’ll see basic brainstorming.

For an official WiP thread, you’ll first need to get your demo in working order and linkable.