WIP requirements

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum, started writing my very first choice game and been going through a lot of the posts on here. I was wondering if there are any requirements for posting a WIP? I tried searching for WIP requirements but just got many WIPs as a result. I might have missed it?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


If you have a working demo, feel free to post your WIP in the WIP subcategory of Hosted Games.

If you want to do an interest check, you have to put it here:

Adult Interest Thread


@resuri08 Thanks for your answer

Are there any requirements for this demo?

There’s no requirement when it comes to word count but in my personal opinion, a substantial demo (way past prologue and character creation) would be beneficial for the readers to give initial feedback.



Welcome to the forum. I actually made a thread about what people look for in a first time demo. These aren’t requirements, but they might give you a good idea what people want from a demo.

Best of luck.


Perfect, I think I couldn’t find it with the search option as I was searching for WIP.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


@poison_mara recently made a Workshop Thread for WIPs/concepts that aren’t quite ready for their own WIP thread- so short intros, proof-of-concept type things to test certain mechanics, etc. Basically just shorter stuff. I thought it was a really fantastic idea, so I thought I’d link it- there’s only a few WIPs posted right now, but it might give you an idea of what kind of WIP people think falls into the ‘workshop’ category.

I would say most WIPs that are ‘successful’ (in that a lot of people read them and leave comments in their threads) are posted when they are already fairly long, so it takes longer than 5 minutes to play them through to the cutoff point. That isn’t always the case, of course- one of my favorite WIPs is only a couple of chapters right now, but I love the concept and the author is very active and regularly posts updates on their tumblr.


Yes I was just reading through this and replying to that post :slight_smile:

Definitely will check out the workshop for my work, I think it is what I need as a first-time IS writer struggling with coding :slight_smile: I’d rather find out that my coding can be made easier after the first chapter instead of struggling for three and then throwing in the towel!


I posted my first one on Christmas Day. I didn’t even think of “requirements” but I only posted when I felt like I had enough content to present to the world. I have a “looping” effect which won’t necessarily be present later on, but something similar will be in place… My advice is work on your project(s) until you get to a point where you feel comfortable with releasing a demo. I’m hoping to get a few more demos out there as soon as I can, to test what people would be more interested in.

As far as coding goes (I am a n00b myself) mine is perhaps sloppy, but it works for me. Between the fandom wiki and this forum I have learned a lot, but usually I figure out what bone head mistake I made on my own. Figure out what works best for you and never give up and throw in the towel. If you don’t have it, I suggest getting CSIDE.