A few questions (about WiPs and this forum)

Hello! I apologize if this is the wrong part of the forum. I just had a few questions that I was curious about, so I decided to compile them all in this thread.
To make it easy, I’m gonna sort them up by categories:

Writing WiPs:

  • Are there any requirements a wip/demo (not sure if there’s a difference) must meet before being published? Such as length, features or number of chapters?
  • Once a person finishes a WiP it can become a hosted game, as long as it meets criteria, and is accepted?
  • If one makes a complete game, but doesn’t want it to become a HG can it remain a WiP forever?

WiPs made by other people:

  • are there any requirements for one to be able to be get access to, judge and criticise WiPs? So far it seems that some people just post link to their works on dashington, but I don’t want to check it, in case I’m not of high enough rank to this.


  • The “general” category seems to be about various topics both related to CoG and non related. Is it acceptable to start a conversation topic there, from time to time?
  • Is “game development” category a good place to ask about the more… Writing side of creating a game? Or is it purely about code?

Please excuse my language. I’m still fairly new here so I don’t fully grasp all the rules here. If something here was explained in some set of rules somewhere around here, please forgive me.


Hello! Welcome to the forum! I just wanted to say you seem so sweet, I hope you enjoy your time here. :smiley:

There are no hard requirements to post a demo! However, it is generally regarded as a good idea to wait until you have enough content to receive feedback on on some type of level, specifically to get the feedback you’d like to receive. Enough to show what your game is about, the tone, some idea of choices, etc etc. If you want proof of concept type responses we also have an “interest check” thread floating ‘round for all your new ideas. <3

Yes! As long as you meet the requirements outlined by CoG on the website, your game will become a Hosted Game after going through the editing process.

There’s no rules against this! As long as you don’t profit from it (the game directly, there’s a bit of a caveat with Patreon and Kofi) there’s nothing stopping you from doing this. c: You have no obligation to finish if you lose interest or life gets in the way.

Everybody is allowed to participate! If someone has posted a link to their demo, most definitely you can play it if you’re interested. (And offer feedback!) In fact I’m sure the author would love for you to. Sometimes authors do get to where they have “closed beta testing” for later stages in a game, but they won’t post an open link for that, so anything you see access to is for the public. :slight_smile:

Yes! Just use the search bar first to make sure there isn’t already a topic about it before posting a new one.

There’s a #game-development:writing-and-content category for writing discussions <3


Welcome again! It’s so good to have you <3


A WIP can be a thought of an IF in your head or a wip thread in the forums with XYZ no. of words, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is, to have a running thread about your game, you must have a demo posted on dashingdon and have it linked to your game/WIP thread here.

Welcome to the forums🍻

Oh excuse me, I didn’t express myself quite clear. I wanted to say that I don’t know the difference between WIP and demo, and I’m not sure if the words are interchangeable.
Sorry! My bad!

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  1. I don’t think there’s any formal requirement, beyond there being enough to realistically engage with.

  2. Yes. Publication by Hosted Games is the goal for most WIPs on the forum. HG will publish anything as long as it’s written in proficient English, functions in the ChoiceScript engine without game-breaking errors, meets a minimum word count, doesn’t violate any intellectual property rights, and doesn’t contain any grossly offensive material.

  3. Yes. There’s no obligation to publish through Hosted Games, although you can’t profit financially from the game in any other way without a license or explicit permission. This is necessarily what happens to any game that doesn’t meet HG’s publication requirements - short games and fanfic games, for instance. Although it wouldn’t still be a WIP, it would just be a completed, unpublished game.

  4. There are no requirements. I don’t think there are even any “rank” requirements for applying to official CoG betas. If you haven’t already, I would recommend looking over a few WIP threads to get a feel for what the feedback process is like, but if you’re at a point where you feel comfortable joining the conversation, go for it!

  5. Sure, just don’t overdo it. (Actually, you can’t overdo it - anything you post in General is subject to moderator approval.) Try to stay more or less on topic - there are indeed, as you observed, a few non-CoG-related threads, but that’s not especially encouraged.

  6. Both. There are also discussions that are a little more theoretical or abstract, about subjects like what people want most out of the games they play or the pros and cons of different approaches to gender issues.


Strictly speaking, “demo” and “WiP” mean completely different things. A demo is a smaller part of a game released to give players a chance to try out the game before they buy. For CoG, these are the free parts of published games, although demos can be incomplete games, too (for example, to drum up support for a crowdfunding campaign).

By contrast, WiP means “Work in Progress”, so can refer to any game which is not yet complete, such as all the games on the forum. That said, I’ve often seen people use “WiP” and “demo” interchangeably (and “beta” too, which should only refer to a WiP that’s essentially complete, but still needs to be checked for bugs and the like).