Addressing the Different Types of WiPs

The new subcategory Hobby Projects has been launched!

Here is the link:

Thank you, everyone who participated in this discussion – your contributions were very helpful and needed.

The subcategory is located under the Development Category – It does make more sense being located here than under Hosted Games.

Let us all try to make the hobby authors/developers’ experience here a positive one.

Thank you, Jason, for being on top of this.


I think a lot of the confusion comes from different cultures bleeding in from other parts of the internet.
The CoG forum is a lot more ‘professionel’ aligned than other places where I see people sharing their works in progress online (fanfiction sites,, other indie game development forums, tumblr). Such places are a lot less beta testing, and just sharing to get hype and develop a fanbase.

As the community here grows wider, and more of the people who arrives comes from these other communities, there are bound to be misunderstandings and shifts in culture.


This is off-topic, but I agree.

Perhaps we need to think about adding a new category or two to the forum structure.

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I might be wrong here, but I am getting the impression that there are two forms of WIP’s here:

1: Where the author intends to be published, and is working on taking the step to become a professional, and learning how to be that as they go. (what the WIP forum was intended for I think?).
2: Where the author has written something cool in choicescript to try it out, and just wants to share it and have a bit of fun. (and then might get surprised at feedback aimed for 1)


As the community expands and people with different expectations bump up against each other, it’s important for authors to be specific about their own expectations and needs. (Basically what @malinryden said above!)

This is a really good way of looking at it. Someone looking for pure encouragement will likely be dispirited or distressed if they are faced with what feels like overwhelming feedback, no matter how constructively it’s framed. In that scenario it’s the author’s job to make it clear to players what type of feedback they’re looking for at that stage of the project. Otherwise it leads to communication issues from all angles.


When you make PUBLIC a wip. You make PUBLIC a wip. Nobody encourages to make your game public. You can make private betas and even take your base core of your game in the interest thread. However, if you make a PUBLIC wip expressing your goals and your objective aiming to release a game… You have to assume people won’t be fake praising you and behave like they were your moral support instead of the testers there to help the game reach a publish state in the best quality possible.

If you don’t want publish; there are other ways to put your game out there I even have a writing workshop for it where people gives friendly feedback far more encouraging because is not for publication. Other forums and jams.

Here there is a thread for writing support and a discord group.

This is an amazing forum with a very friendly set of rules that have allowed many people from all the world to release their stories freely. So, I won’t allow people to treat this forum, a home for me like it were a toxic place where authors are harassed, because that is not the truth.


Well said – which is why I think we may need a new category to separate the two


Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript and looking to get it published by Hosted Games when it’s complete? Post about it in this category!

Yeah, it says so clearly in the Works in progress category, but it might be a good idea to start more of a “share your choicescript game here” or something for people who are just interested in learning.


I think that a lot of this information relies on a level of knowledge about the community and the way that it functions that someone new to the forums just might not have. I certainly wasn’t aware of these things when I published my first demo, nor did I really have an audience that I could ask for feedback without doing so publically (which was a pretty scary prospect at the time!).

Perhaps information about this sort of activity could be included in some kind of joining email for new members or in a more prominent place on the forums (i.e. a “different ways to get different types of feedback 101)?


I am always here and ready to explain rules and where to go to people. So people can be free to pm me. I make jams and writing workshops to help new people and I am sure I can figure out a way to people express what kind of feedback want or even make a tag in Dashingdon.

I am sure the community as a whole can think better ways without dramas. I will work hard to help everyone. Maybe even doing a guide myself.


With @Gower 's support, I opened a request for Staff to consider opening a new category … for the moment I am calling it the “WiP” Support category … perhaps a better name for it exists!

WIP Non-Publishing category? I dunno… I need help proposing a name to them.


One title I could think of is WIP - For Fun category but I think we need more professional sounding name. :joy:


Casual WiPs? That delineates it from WiPs that are created with the intention of being published (professional)?

Also oops. We should probably take the new WiP category name to #meta maybe. :rofl: Oops!


I think The writing workshop could be a good name. That will indicate that is just a story game without the aiming to progress to publication.

Edit and I also have the icon done lol :wink:

Hmm we also need to find a better acronym. If every post starts with WIP nobody will stop to see which forum it actually is published in…


I made a workshop icon and name for my writing workshop thread.

If someone want something similar I am open to do anything


Beautiful gif, Mara! But I think that “writing workshop” may be a bit confusing to people looking to get writing advice versus posting for fun.

I also think we’re overthinking the idea of naming the channels. I think just “Hosted WIPs” and “Hobby WIPs” or “Casual WIPs” is just fine.


Share Your ChoiceScript Works?


Maybe: “Hobby Projects”

WiP has been established for CoG/HG/HC projects, and I think carrying over that acronym is problematic, as Maylin pointed out.


Demo section versus Beta section?

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