Stone Age Story

Hi! After a period of illness I have finally managed to do some work on a game. It is a new one, but the first one that I actually have a complete plot written down for. It is currently some 6000 words long in total, 2000 words seen per play-through on average.

Now: The Description

Stone Age Story is a game set in the time of cavemen, drawing inspiration from the works of Michelle Paver and Jean M Auel - though not anywhere near as realistic. You play a young member of a clan in a time of great change. You will get to…

Deal with raids from enemy tribes!
Negotiate with Neanderthals!
Invent the wheel!
Lose your loincloth!
Follow a Paleolithic diet!

And much much more…

Here is the link to the demo!

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.


If it’s not gonna be realistic can we have dinos? :stuck_out_tongue: joke, anyway, the game is good, i find it awesome that you’re in a clan, it would be cool if you can manage to literally finish an enemy clan from the face of the pangea! also, it might be cool to add the age of the character, not only a very blank slate of: Child, or Adult, add the age, just so i can keep in touch my character’s age, specifically and also, it might be worth for ourselves to create a clan’s name and character’s name, but that’s just me being me

Also, i found an error after clicking the second option in the becoming adult cerimony, after Haerel appears behind you, it says: chapter 1 line 95: invalid indent, expected 16, was 15. Weird huh?

I like the idea! I wish that the choices had a little more description for things like Clan choice; they modify your stats but you have no idea how unless you play the game several times and record how they change each time. So like “Wolf Clan–they are strong and good at inventing new things” or something a little more eloquent :wink:

I would also add some periods at the ends of your choices, especially if they continue the trend of finishing sentences. Just a personal tic maybe, but I think it makes the game more readable; less web-like.

But yeah, I’d love to play a game set in prehistoric times! Invent the wheel! I want to do it!



Your slightly pessimistic, yet well meant words send Haerel into convulsions of laughter, which coupled with" his" lack of breath is not the best combination. Isn’t Haerel a girl? Like the game though.

Will there be primal magic?? :smiley:

Like maybe even shamanistic stuff? :slight_smile:


what of the romances?

Will it be strictly M/F ?

A stone age game! Most certainly interesting! :smiley:

These are some literate cavemen

nice demo

Thanks for all of the feedback


The stat you are referring to is status not age, also the game takes place over a few years so age will not be of much importance. Status does matter though, and it comes in many forms. For example…

Junior Hunter
Senior Forager
War Leader

So you can see that status is rather different (oh, and I fixed the error)


You are correct about the periods, I will try to fix that. As for clan names I simply did not want to make it too obvious. But the stat changes are minor, and one mistake there will not affect the game overly.


There will be no real magic, but there will be supernatural beliefs and events related to them.


I think that a game written entirely in grunts would be both irritating and boring!

@ishantrissi, I found myself making a super smart, creative character like Vandal Savage. It would be interesting to see some of the story concern the friction between progress and the status quo, showing us how even 6000 or 7000 years ago, the tradtional power structure in societies resisted change, especially game changers like the wheel. I’m not sure if that is one of the games possible themes.

Also a saber tooth cat companion please!!

Nice game trissi

A good idea, I want it to continue. Is Haerel always the opposite gender of the MC?

@ishantrissi, Are you kidding? My second language is grunts, wheezes, and roars! I suppose it’ll be all right, and I will just imagine myself to be Fred Flintstone. I like what you have

… A caveman who calls himself a doctor! XD omg


Me Wolf We beat other clans.

… A caveman who calls himself a doctor! XD omg

These are some literate cavemen

Come on kids. I suppose Clan of the Cave Bear was before your time.

It is,…do forgive me

Love the idea and the demo was just what I hoped to see. I can’t wait to declare war on the other tribes and establish my Clan over all!!!