Sordwin by Thom Baylay



I loved the game- I liked Evertree but this one improved on it in so many ways. It’s easily one of my favorite CoG series now.

The only issue I’m currently having is a (potentially?) technical one. Gunther is hinted at and treated like an RO for most of the game, and there’s also that “Heart of a Half Orc” achievement that is available in the epilogue. Yet no matter what I try, I CANNOT get the achievement or an actual RO subplot other then at the very end, when you have the option to think you’re catching feels for him. I’ve tried supporting him wholeheartedly, trying to get him to accept the potential that he may be making incorrect assumptions of what happened with his family, tried kissing him to snap him out of paralysis (never actually lets me do it, not sure if that’s stat gated), etc.

Is he gender locked to female or NB characters? Is this a glitch? Do I have to get 100% relationship for the achievement (I’ve gotten to 95%)? As someone who’s very into the big bad protector types, I find myself teased and disappointed.


Not sure anyone has asked this, loving the game but is there a detailed walkthrough yet?:slight_smile: I’d love to have one for it especially for elf mc who romanced Daisy in the last one


@HomingPidgeon Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I’m so glad that the majority of the game exceeded expectations! Re. the stat system, the reason for the stat split was to create more variance and to have a more robust system across multiple games (Books 3 onwards will not be changing the stats massively). That said, I am listening to the feedback and I agree that the end of chapter bonuses are a problem. I am aiming to make the system a little more generous in the first update. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to play the type of MC they are aiming towards :slight_smile:
And, to answer your other question, the plan is very much for this to be an episodic series. There is a larger mystery afoot tying them all together but I’m a huge fan of early seasons of shows like Buffy and Supernatural so ‘Mystery of the week’ is much more what I’m aiming for! Book 3 will definitely not be a trilogy finale :stuck_out_tongue:

@somethingokay Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. One thing I will offer regarding all of the Sordwin ROs is that they are designed to be a slower burn than the original two Evertree ROs. I want all of the possible relationships to feel real and 3-dimensional which means that some will take longer than one book to achieve. But I can promise that anything teased in Sordwin will be expanded in Book 3! :slight_smile:
As for the trophy: it is achieved by admitting that you have started to develop feelings for Gunther in the epilogue. This option is only available if you have not gone down a romantic path with anyone else. I’m surprised you didn’t get it with a 95% score. It might indeed be a glitch which I shall look into but the option is definitely not locked by gender!

@Nika_Alexandrov A walk-though is not on my to-do list at the moment (though if anyone else is putting one together I’d be happy to assist!) In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, please do message me and I’ll do my best to help!!


Is this true? :heart_eyes:

Jumping around estatically


Oh thank the lord!! The Wen glitch has been solved. An update will rollout soon which will fix that (It will also solve the rare case of D being an unexpected ally.) Note: You won’t have to replay Evertree. The glitch lies in Sordwin so you can still use your saved file and hopefully it will work properly once the game is updated!

The update will also make the end of chapter bonuses a little more generous. The stat system isn’t changing but you should be more easily able to boost the stats you want and as a result, create a more diverse character with a variety of strengths. There will also be less chance of a negative feedback loop where unsuccessful actions lead to low bonuses which lead to unsuccessful actions. While Evertree and Sordwin are games and I don’t want them to be too easy, they are also stories which I want to be coherent and engaging. Hopefully this adjustment will allow for a better balance :slight_smile:


Oh no worries, I wasn’t too disappointed! As I said fantastic game and definitely a new favorite series! I do think the Gunther achievement is glitched tho- I will attempt to get a few screenshots to illustrate.


I was wondering if anybody could tell me what happens if I try to save Jewel/Stop the ritual? I couldn’t think of reason not to so I let her sacrifice herself
and immediately regret it. I was just curious if the other options are worth it or if that is just a dumb idea


She lives and you defeat the thing. You can choose to not tell anyone and give her a second chance or let her tell the town what happened. She prefers letting the town know by the way because she feels extremely guilty.


You fight the creature, using the knowledge you learned about it, as well as your skills. Your brought along companion plays a role too.


@ThomB have a question; does the way you dress affect how people perceive you and how much they are willing to tell the truth?


It can do. It’s very situational. Sometimes it prompts questions or comments and other times it can affect people’s first impressions of you. Additionally, each outfit gives a bonus to a couple of stats. However, none of the outfits will go so far as to block a story path.


should i keep the inn or abandoned it in evertree inn? does it matter in sordwin?


Not sure if this is a bug so I’ll ask first: If I ended the first game without romancing anyone and I rejected Gunthers job offer am I still supposed to get him as companion in Sordwin?


Thank you for this question. This is a bug and the same bug that causes Wen to sometimes be an ally! The fix should be rolling out this week. Don’t worry, it isn’t a corruption with your save file so once the update as been made to Sordwin, you will be able to play the game as normal without an uninvited ally :slight_smile:


Okay thanks for the quick reply, then I guess I’ll just have to wait till that update to play it with my halfling MC. skips to the next saved MC to play


I was wondering, is the saving at the end of the game going to be implemented with an update, like evertree inn? I have finish two playthroughs by now and none of them left me save the game, and I am not sure if I got an unfortunate bug or if it’s not there yet.


According to @ThomB HGs only get save functions when the sequel is close to being released.


I… had no idea of that, lol. Well, I guess when the 3rd part is close I will do another run to refresh my memory and to also carry on the romances from book 1 :joy:

Also, can someone tell me how the hell we learn more about Sebastian?

And edit: are you sure about the save thing? Because now I am not sure if I am hallucinating or not, but I would swear that Wayhaven has a save function at the end :thinking:


Yes, Thom is correct.

We don’t put save features in HGs until their sequel gets to beta. There are too many factors involved. And since the HG authors aren’t under contract, we have no leverage over them to force them to finish a game. There’s no good solution, but this is the best one we’ve identified,


So, if you don’t mind me asking, why is that Wayhaven has a saving option at the end when it’s a HG game?