Sordwin by Thom Baylay



for me it was daisy (from the first game) but i’m just gonna assume the thief is always your ally from the first game so try that.


Oh cause i started a new character


Depends on who’s your companion. It could be Dandy/Daisy, leah/Lamuel, Gunther or Ruby.


@The_Lady_Luck, If you could give me a few screenshot examples that would be really helpful. It sounds like a glitch in the imported character file but it would be useful to get a bit more information :slight_smile:


Btw… I played the first game few times to create my perfect play through…but I was unable to save the cook Gilly… is she always going to die or can she be saved?
I didn’t blurred since it’s not a spoiler anymore.


It’s part of the story, so no, you cannot save Gilly.


Ohh… thanks for the info…then I should not waste any more time and play the second game.


Can someone tell me who are all the new RO?


Winter(pretty sure this is one night stand stuff),Ruby(just flirting I think),Orianna/Orion( a kiss or two),and maybe Gunther(if i’m assuming the romancing the half orc achievement is what that is) t


Thank you


I was actually quite impressed with the book. Keep up the good work and good luck with book 3


I got a pretty good ending with Daisy


Hello everyone! A very weird glitch has been appearing for a number of people where Wen is offered as a companion.
This definitely shouldn’t be possible, regardless of whether she survives Evertree so if you do get that glitch, please could you let me and/or Hosted Games know with as much detail as possible?
In particular it would be useful to know about you Evertree playthrough, when you saved it, and where you bought the games from (Steam? GooglePlay etc). It might just be a hack that people are using but if it’s on the official versions then I need to get to the bottom of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :blush:
T x


Hello, I was wondering how to romance Gunther. I’ve tried several times, and even got his stats above 60, but still no option for romance. Only crushes…


I got him over 80, and failed because I flirted with Ori. I think you have to put all your eggs in one basket to get the achievement.



Wen Bug:

The Wen bug happens with an elf minstrel I import. I’ve included the background that comes for her that’s given in Sordwin — no RO, peace w/dryad, no Inn. The import file for this character was created on March 7 at 1:19. As I’m sure you can see from the pictures, I purchased my copy from the omnibus through Apple’s App Store on the iPhone.

Daisy Bug:

This bug is from an import made on March 7 at 1:57. The character is a dwarf who killed the dryad and did not romance anyone or partner with Gunther in the epilogue of Evertree. As with the Wen bug, this occurs through the Apple app store’s omnibus.

As stated, I have experienced this bug with a character who did not romance Daisy in Evertree (though the character had a decent approval rating with her). The Sordwin narrative treats her as if she were romanced despite this, and her presence throughout Sordwin persists as usual for a character who did romance (this persistent appearance is why I’ve only included one scene where she’s appeared).

It is noteworthy that, as shown in one of the photos, where the RO is normally stated right under the stats, Daisy is not. (Daisy’s presence in this instance does prevent the appearance of Ruby)

I’ll send these details to the CoG staff via email later today.


@Bored4Eternity Thank you for these reports and thank you for sending them to CoG. I have gone over the code so many times now that I’m cross-eyed but I cannot see a way that this could ever be possible without something very strange happening in the character import! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Alright, it took a couple days but after finishing it–I know a couple other people have said this already, but I do think the biggest issue is the split stat system. I really like what you were going for, but it feels really difficult to build a character the way I could in Evertree Inn. It can feel like a gamble trying to guess which of the two stats will be tested, and trying to make use of the stat boosts can feel difficult and arbitrary. And with the stats being less wieldy, having the boost size determined by how good the MC is at investigating opens the door for a not great feedback loop. Rough stats, get less done, stats get rougher, getting stuff done gets harder … I haven’t really checked how plausible that is, but when stats already felt kind of stressful it was pretty de-motivating to see when I didn’t get a maximum bonus.

If you want to keep this stat organization, I think having the stat boosts be bigger might help fix it. If each boost just gets me from like, 51 to 53, that feels a lot harder to manage than if my boost went from 51 to 57. Or letting the player control which two stats get the bump–I did enjoy the text about it but I would’ve felt more in control of my stats if I were, well, more in control of them. (Or do both of those things, which I would enjoy immensely.)

But that’s by far the biggest problem, and kind of the only really notable one I had. Otherwise–I liked this a lot. I enjoyed Evertree Inn, but this game is a notable improvement. The characters feel more fleshed out and three dimensional, the investigation feels better integrated into the story, the various paths of intrigue all feel very viable. I loved the Dryad in Evertree, but it didn’t necessarily feel like the most satisfying conclusion to an investigation where you’re talking to individuals. But the investigation in Sordwin was incredibly satisfying–I absolutely felt able to gather enough evidence to figure out what was going on, but I also felt good about making logical leaps to correct conclusions. I’m just wildly impressed with how well that portion of the story improved.

(It did help that the MC was more or less invited to investigate, rather than checking into a hotel and stumbling into a tense situation. It looks like the same will hold true of the next part of the story, which I think is a great call.)

I know the story has been described as a “saga”, can I ask how many books are planned? I’m very greatly enjoying the episodic approach so far–at the risk of sounding demanding, I’d be sad to hear that the next installment would be the last one. I do see hints of a greater plot, and can make a couple guesses at what the Final Big Bad Conflict might be, but I’m also along for the mystery-of-the-proverbial-week ride as long as you’re willing to write them!


Two questions: is Sebastian a possible RO? And is it possible to have a good ending with Winter?


Double no.