Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay

How do I always end up in these situations?

The thought runs through your mind over and over again as you stare down at the body in front of you.

It certainly wasn’t how you planned on spending your evening. In fact, you didn’t even really need to stay in this place at all. You could have kept walking, pushed on through the night. Hells, at any point you could have stopped asking questions and gone to bed.

But you didn’t, not after seeing the letter. You couldn’t ignore it. Your curiosity was piqued.

And now you’re standing in front of a body.

Welcome to Evertree Inn, a 265,000 word fantasy mystery in which you take on the role of reluctant (or eager) investigator into the secrets of a highway tavern. Evertree is now available for purchase on Steam, App Store and GooglePlay.
Full Release Date: Jan 19th, 2017

What you can expect:

  • Play as male, female or non-binary.

  • Play as gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.

  • Customise your appearance, equipment and much more!

  • Improve various stats to unlock different story choices.

  • A variety of characters whose interactions with you have real consequences.

  • Pursue romance, collect clues or try to rob the place blind.

  • Open-world style exploration where the places and interactions you ignore matter as much as the ones you explore.

  • Content warning - Mild fantasy violence/mild sexual content/infrequent alcohol references

To play the demo chapters, click on the link below:

To everyone who tested the game and left me such amazing feedback, a huge thank you! I really think you’ve all done a lot to help make it a strong addition to the Hosted library. Please do spread the word if you thought it was fun.

Many thanks,

“Keep the noise down, keep out of other people’s business and above all, have a nice and relaxing night here at Evertree.”


Change your email to say thom.baylayATgmail,com so the bots won’t slam you with spam and put your email addie on their lists and stuff.

I’ll run a session soonish and edit the post with feedback.


Haha Thank you! Good advice!


This would be a continuity error I do believe, if you had Wen draw a bath for you …

As you ponder this, you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and realise that you’re still carrying the filth of the road on you. Your clothes are smelling pretty bad and you haven’t washed in several days. While travelling, this was never a problem but this inn is full of guests. Is it really okay to appear in public in your current state?

also realise - realize


Ok so first thoughts:

[spoiler] Nice touch on the stats being unavailable while you create your character! Some people (me lol) choose witth a specific trait in mind that would show in the stats, but if you can’t see what the traits are it kinda makes you focus more on how you want the character to be, instead of how to play to please the game. Good job!

Also nice touch on being able to replay the last chapter if you don’t like your death xD It took me a while to notice what had to be done to get through it the way I wanted.

I LOVE DANDY UGHHHH, it’s a nice romance in contrast with the more innocent(?) Lamuel, it gives variety to the experience haha, I loved that the protagonist had the choices of only being in the relationship for Dandy’s looks, because they wanted to get to know them better, or even keep it as just a one time thing. And that ending xD is that a suggestion for a next installment? xD


Didn’t notice any typos or encountered any bugs on my first playthrough but later on I’ll try to take other paths to see if they have any bugs or details. All in all I loved it! It had nice interactions with the other characters, good storytelling, the flow of the story is very natural, and it has immense replay value~ Good job!


This is remarkably well written and I didn’t encounter any bugs, though I’m probably not the best person to check on spelling and grammar mistakes I didn’t notice any of that in my first playthrough either, so a job very well done I’d say.
I was sad it ended when it did and I would love to know what trouble my mc and his new half-elven lover get up to in Lux, so definite potential there.
Dandy is awesome!. :yum:


wow, fantastic story! the mystery, the hunting for clues, and the sensitive characters are amazing. i haven’t finished playing, but this is probably one of my favorite wips so far! i will definitely post up any feedback or suggestions once i’m done :blush:

p.s. are you looking for tiny grammatical kinks or missing words? i may of seen one or two so far but didn’t want to annoy you or anything:))


I absolutely loved it! :blush:
I loved the character creation, the plot is well built and very it’s very funny to read. I didn’t feel forced anytime I met the RO’s and each one of them are very funny to know too. I’m not the best person to tell you about the typos, cause english is not my especiality, but I think that it doesn’t have many wrong typos. And I loved my pony :smile:
Well, if you decide to put it on Google play I definitely I’ll buy.


I didnt get to finish the game yet because I lost my progress because of my cellphone but I got far enough to say you are good at writing characters. I also really liked the open exploration.

I think I might have encountered a bug though. When we find the body with Leah, I could not use divination despite having 73 in magic and having done it before.


Absolutely awesome well written and descriptive! I adore how you set up the customization it has a very good flow and plays in well to the rest of the story. I would definitely buy it should you put the game on google play :slight_smile:.

And just a quick question how many ROs are there in this game?


This is really great. I’ve found one typo where Daisy was referred as he instead of she, but I’m afraid I forgot what moment it was. The page contained only short amount of text if it’s any help. Really well written, enjoyed it a lot.


Very well written and interesting character combination. Throughly enjoyable work.


Wow! Thank you everyone so far for the amazing feedback and comments!

@Pace675 I don’t think the continuity breaks because Wen might start drawing you a bath but you won’t use it until Chapter 2 so that should be fine. And haha yeah you won’t find many Z’s but you will find an overuse of U’s in my British English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Inessy Wonderful feedback thank you. I’m glad you found the romance options varied enough to provide something you liked and I’m very glad to hear you liked the replay option for the final chapter. I was toying with whether I should have left it out but your comment makes me think it’s right to leave it in. Also yes to the ending… :wink:

@idonotlikeusernames Haha well if the biggest issue is that you didn’t like that it had to come to an end then I’m very happy! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I guess I’ll have to make a start on a sequel :wink:

@000 Not annoying at all! :blush: If you see anything please let me know and I’ll correct it. It doesn’t matter how many times I read the damn thing, something always slips through haha.

@Nexus Glad you like your pony! :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback. I’ll let you all know if&when it goes on Googleplay :smiley:

@cyanide The reason you couldn’t use the divination spell again is because you only have enough of the specific herbs to cast it once. This should have been explained when you had the option to use it the first time so I might put a reminder in later to explain why it’s greyed out. Thanks for the spot!

@Zombabe1000 Thank you! I’m waiting for the content check now from HostedGames so fingers crossed! :smiley: I have to ask (as a total newb to all this…) what does RO stand for? Then I shall happily answer your question :stuck_out_tongue:

@readher Gods dammit! One always gets through haha. I’ll find and correct that for sure!

@Sau_Mei_Ng Thank you! Glad you liked!

Thanks again! I’ll be sure to let you all know of progress and to anyone with any more comments, please keep them coming! T x


RO - Romance Option. Good luck finding that typo :wink:


Realize is the US English. He might be British/Commonwealth so it’s not an error.


Great story? Check.
Well paced? Check.
Nice characters with interesting development? Check.
Good setting?Check.
Amazing character creation? Check.

Overall,I give this story a 9/8 Too much murderous furniture.


Oh haha! Of course :stuck_out_tongue: Well to answer your question there are 2 and each with a couple of different endings depending on how much you invest in pursuing them. Their gender is determined by player preference.

And yup I found it :smiley:


Ok well I feel the need to precise that in a latter scene, when we are attacked by furnitures, one rip open said pocket of herbs and spilled it but according to this it should be empty. Except if we have multiple pockets fir multiple ingredients wich would be very understandable.


I’ve just played the game and I’m happy to say that I love it-
the mysterious atmosphere in the beginning was intriguing, and the characters were all interesting as well. I also think the ‘replaying the last chapter’ thing is a good idea, since many people would find it difficult to get the good ending straightaway.
One thing I have a question is with the mana check- it can really get in the way of users who focus on developing their magic stat first. While other checks are pretty unlimited as long as you have a high stat in them, magic users have to have a high magic stat as well as retaining a fair amount of mana, which can be a challenge. If you want to include the mana stat, maybe it could be a good idea to allow more opportunities to increase total amount of mana.
Other than that, I found the game very well-written and interesting. Keep up the good work!


Yay, but please let my mc continue adventuring with with his mischievous half-elf companion, mr. Thorne. :laughing: