Sordwin by Thom Baylay



I can’t believe it’s here already. XD


Yes! Am so excited


Heavy is the elven head that wears the Dandelion in her crown, and yet I am pleased to pluck that particular flower once again.

Congratulations, dear Thom!


I’m so excited!!! Sordwin is finally here! Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this game what it is, either through beta testing, or by playing Evertree Inn, or by sharing your thoughts and ideas on this forum.

Please do check it out and leave a review! It really helps :smiley:

T x


I played this and I’ve gotta say I’m so happy to continue my adventure with Gunther while romancing Orion on the side. I’m weak for brooding and stoic man.

Unfortunately there’s no option to save the ending? I want to replay but not before saving this playthrough so I can continue with this character in book 3.


Hi @lynossa, I’m really sorry but due to the way that Hosted Games operates, they don’t add save functions to their games until there is a confirmed sequel, (i.e. the sequel is either complete or nearing completion.) As far as I understand it, this is to avoid having lots of unfinished series and open ended stories in the HG library. While I do plan to write the sequel (in fact I have already started), it will take a long time for me to get it to a point where I can submit it to HG.

So as with Evertree, unfortunately the save function will probably not be added to Sordwin until book 3 is nearing release.


Purchased, reviewed and recommended. Sordwin was a great improvement on Evertree, which was already good.

Lamuel has to be my favorite RO, it’s so refreshing having a RO that’s past the romancing stage. (Also, while replaying Evertree, I noticed the little nod to gay relationships with Lamuel that I missed my first time around)

There is a slight bug, not gamebreaking or really even bad, but at the tavern, when Sebastian enters the tavern and you go to speak to somebody and choose to leave, it plays the scene of Sebastian entering the tavern again.


@ThomB ah that’s too bad but it’s okay, I’ll just replay it again later. Congrats for the release and good luck with 3rd book no pressure!


does anyone know what the dial combinations for the observatory are? Having trouble trying to figure it out :sweat_smile: :grimacing:


Just want to remind everyone to use the spoiler tags since not all could play within the span of a day. :smiley:

Thank you.


Major spoilers for the end, is there a way to get through the final observatory fight without having your hidden power come out? I’m having a rough time with it


You should add the year using the math formula provided. The math formula is for every 10 years you should +2 for first dial, +1 for second dial and -3 for third dial. It has been 60 years since the last time the portal was opened; meaning since the date was 18-10-87, the first dial is 18+(2x6); second dial is 10+(1x6) and third dial is 87+(-3x6). You got 30-16-69

@HomingPidgeon I played twice and even though I (think) made the all right choice in one my plays, somehow the story made it wrong and in the end my hidden power saved me. I decided to close the portal by arranging the runes.
Considering how it was discussed with Orion in the end, I don’t think we can avoid that


OMG Thank you. I tried to use the formula but completely forgot that it has been 60 years.

Blur does not work for me but here's a spoiler I guess...

I also forgot about those 60 years so I just kept increasing and decreasing the numbers, after 5 tries I got it :sweat_smile:
Aah, just like my math solving ability in real life~

I also had the hidden power ending since I tried to end it all myself but failed… didn’t put the runes right.


Mine too!! I’m so excited now that it’s out :see_no_evil: can’t stop reading and making the wrong decisitions :tired_face::joy:


@Alexander_Ambriz Thanks for the bug. I’ve put in a fix that will be added to the next update.

@resuri08 Thank you, yes please everyone do use spoiler blurs :slight_smile:

@lynossa Couldn’t have explained it better myself :stuck_out_tongue:

@HomingPidgeon The final fight can go many different ways but you are correct, even if you succeed in your plan, the enemy will make a final effort to stop you. Some things are destined to be revealed…

I’m so glad people are enjoying the sequel. I hope you all have fun finding your perfect ending. Sometimes just surviving is a victory! :wink:


Anyone know how to get the achievement for The Heart of a Half-orc?


Which characters can you get a happy ending with? I finished my first playthrough and asked Ruby out on a date, but I think I got turned to gently. Is there a way to date her? I’m thinking that maybe the reason I got turned down was because she found out i fooled around with Winters.


I’m playing an imported character, with Dandy along. Everytime the word “man” is supposed to be there, refering to Dandy, there’s just nothing. At least I think it’s “man”…


Whos the thief who stole the box?