Sordwin by Thom Baylay



I’m guessing maybe it was because Wayhaven came out before this was a rule? I don’t think it was a thing back then.


I don’t recall of a saving option in So, You’re Possessed! and Unnatural even tho both games are quite old and both were obviously written with a sequel in mind.


That might’ve been the authors choice, idk though. Some games had them though like Lost Heirs I think and the Infinity series.


Well, for me at least it’s not so bad that we don’t have the saving function yet. At least I can avoid The Lost Heir disaster happening again, having like 50 or so saved games without the ability to delete the “junk”.


Yup I have like 20 saves I never ended up using.


I only have one BECAUSE I KEPT DYING


I am wondering how the murders in the town are conneted like why did the people died at nightfall


Play the game… collect clues… and discover the truth…:wink:


OK, Who else was furious with Dandy/Daisy for stealing that damn box ? I know I was. Having me run around for damn box. I’m not even interested in being hero I just wanted to get payed and leave that island. :rage::roll_eyes::angry:


Daisy is the best RO in my opinion.Does anybody know how many books will there be?


What kind of reason did they give?

For Lamuel/Leah it’s that they want to be useful so they steal the box so you can leave the island. It goes wrong though…


Daisy/Dandy steals the box because they don’t want to lose you :man_shrugging:t5:


Need help with the spyglass combination thing, any idea?

Edit: ive figured it out, for those who are wandering it’s30-16-69


i think i got the same problem as you do. i couldn’t get the achievement even though Gunther’s relationship is already at 95% and i didn’t flirt with anyone :sob:


Concerning the Heart of a Half-orc trophy: I have found the glitch there. It will be amended in the next update. (Damn upper and lower case letters sneaking in where they shouldn’t!)


I’ve only played with Dandy once so the details might escape me (I’ve played with Gunther like… every other time) but them stealing the box was really bizarre to me because last time I checked they didn’t have much of a motive? Ruby and Gunther I could totally understand, but Dandy… wyd.


So you guys could leave and not stay and help the town. They pretty much just lost their best friend not long ago and your the only one they care about and who cares about them. They don’t want you to end up dying and leaving them alone.
That’s why they gets so angry when you call yourself a hero, and eventually blow up and scream at you “What if you die” with their eyes glowing with magic when you tell them you want to save the town.


Oh whoops, fair enough :man_shrugging: They broke up with me at the end so that plan worked better than they were expecting.


Apparently they did it because it’s better to break up with you instead of falling in love with you and you end up dead and them alone mourning.

Did you sleep with Winter or was your relationship low?


I may have chased after both Winter and Orion :flushed:

I never checked their relationship stat so for all I know I could’ve royally screwed them over.
Edit: I mean I obviously did by chasing two other people but whatever