Sorcerer Combat: Atomica (WIP) (Update 4/9/2024)

Pretty much this Fraudkuna beat Fraudjo by jumping him and not in a 1v1 also the whole rankings is about stats and Fraudjo has the higher physical stats by a mile Fraudkuna beat Fraudjo with help so I think Fraudjo retains atleast his number 1 spot in pure physical prowess.

So an stronger MC can walk into Japan and jump Sakuna and can come out on top if it’s just that 1v1

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Hey, so our MC’s cursed technique is from the hex spirit, right? That’s why all the techniques that the MC has are the same as the hex spirit… but have you thought about giving MC the cursed technique, MC’s cursed technique, which is not from hex spirit:atomica but really belongs to mc ?

I mean having two cursed techniques doesn’t seem like a strange thing in jjk’s world,

It’s a very rare case to happen in that universe. I think like 3 out of all known sorcerers has it mainly because they got lucky with genetics or they lived long enough to have another one but JJK doesn’t really specifically say how hard it would be to get two so we don’t really know that much right now and it’s doubtful that we’ll learn more as the series is nearly over with.

I hope Gege sees this and make it cannon. Imagine the mc being introduced by Miguel in jjk.

Yeah and our cursed techniques come from cursed spirits, because of our family’s ancestral rituals right? making one of our family members in every generation have that cursed technique

Ugh, that was disgustingly beautiful. Thank you.

My only complaint is MC’s domain expansion. It’s worth mentioning that MC can completely control who is harmed within the domain. When the MC uses it on that one “big bad guy” (his name isn’t in my head anymore), you pull everybody into the room with you and him. They were terrified of it and shaken since they would have died if the MC forgot about them. At least, I remember reading that from the MC’s POV.