Sorcerer Combat: Atomica (WIP) (Update 4/9/2024)

Sorcerer Combat:Atomica

Existential anguish, the thought of seeing that mushroom cloud on a sunny Saturday morning…given mere moments to comprehend your soon to be horrific demise, that emotion coalesced into a hex, it birthed Atomica.

This Hex was unlike most, a deity of destruction. Only through the efforts of the Henrietta family’s technique and the sacrifice of the vast majority of America’s sorcerers were 34.5 minutes bought for a solution. The creation of the destroyer, a sorcerer of the Lucius family was connected to the horrific Hex a constraining vow that allowed one human to gain Atomica’s hexed techniques and destroy it at the cost of their own lives, this was meant to be an immediate solution.However no one realized the young Hex’s strategic prowess, no one imagined the hex would disappear before the desperate plan could be executed.

Today you are an inheritor of that burden, slated to be sacrificed at brith and without your consent and made to bear the brunt of reponsiblity for the actions of others who got to live full lives after the fact.

To be hailed as both among the strongest and mocked as a lamb to slaughter. To be born a tool used in the mean time to eventually be discarded . That is what it is to be a destroyer.

But will you accept your martyrdom, will it always be so simple?



SCA:The cast

SC:The cast

Cast Intoduction mechanic

Every character will be added here when you actually meet them in the game, along with their portraits and quotes.

Eva Henreitta

The prodigal heiress of the Henrietta family she has taken up the position of Destroyer’s accomplice, ensuring the destroyer will be able to initiate ‘the battle of the end’ with the hexed spirit Atomica.

"Just a little longer, just a little more blood will spill and more lives will be lost but soon…”

Where determination and altruistic ambition are tested.

Morigold Lucius

Your mother and matriarch of the Lucius family of sorcerers.

“I would rip out your throat myself if it saved two others. Do you understand?”

Rayen Lucius

‘‘The golden boy’’, ‘‘beyond Morigold’’, America’s first ‘true’ special class in over a century. Your brother is many things to many people. But to you he is Rayen, ever the doting big brother.

Golden eyed little boy looks down at a baby sleeping soundly in its craddle
“I overheard…they want you to fight that monster they read to us about. Alone…You are expected to die weakening it…”

He grabs at his hair “I WON"T ALLOW IT!”

Vinnie Garus

Many think this might be America’s golden age of sorcery, even despite the number of sorcerers being the lowest it has ever been proportionally to the greater population. This is due to the existence of people like Vinnie. She is no fighter though her genius in the art of in secretive creation of hexed tools is perhaps the greatest threat to hexes everywhere.

“My masterpiece will stand alongside the likes of the legendary ‘inverted spear’ , ‘kamatoke’ and ‘soul split katana’ and you will use it to kill Atomica”

Arms spread wide, yet they still fail to encompase the scale of her ambition. “Make me famous Destriyer!”


Update Log

Chapter 1 part 1
Chapter 1 part 2
-Reworked chapter 1 part 1
-New Encyclopedia at stats menu
-Character art now viewable
-Chapter 1 part 2:Heat
-Chapter 1 Part 3:A Blue Summer
0.05(Coming soon)
-A black autum



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Monthly Combat?

Starting January patrons will get to vote on and play in chosen events from JJK.

(These operate more as interactive fanfiction, chosen by the patrons.)

-At present the fan project will take place during the shibuya incident (it will run parrellel to the current game as an alternate story until it is completed).




Another great find today my interest greatly increased and second can’t see the next update


Will there be any cameos from the Jujutsu Kaisen cast ?


Its bit short rn but certainly interesting, though i did find the sudden music very jarring. Perhaps you could add an option to turn it off?


Only person i can almost justify is Yuki… though seeing as no one else really left Japan and you yourself are bound to the US meaning you’re not going anywhere else it’s unlikely…


Right, ok I’m looking into it rn




That was fun, I’m glad we are that powerful. Martyrdom who? I’m gonna used that power to subject everyone under my rule.


good stuff definitely bookmarking, just grammar issues to be fixed and like somebody said a option to have the music either on or off


Interesting but the grammar makes it quite confusing to follow


OK you picked my interest. I can’t wait for more if you have too much progress for playing to put into this too in your own ambitions to make this story.

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Man that demo is giving me goosebumps


Did a little grammatic poshing as well. Though I’m always open to being shown the specific sequences that feel scuffed.

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Added music settings in the stat screen

Sounds very cool, I’ll definitely play the demo as soon as I’m off work and let you know what I think.

Edit: Grammatical errors are definitely all around. Maybe use a grammar check tool? The story has me even more intrigued than the description did. Definitely bookmarking this one and looking forward to updates.



I’m not sure what’s meant to be here, but for now it sounds very wrong

Delete he not sure that slipped in or perhaps fresh?




she rests her



Perhaps mentioning above that it’s a pov change. It can be very jarring when you swap us with different point of views without us knowing who we are.

Remove primestone unless intentional which would be a bit weird :thinking:

Hi, liked what I’ve seen so far, tho not a lot, still definitely caught my attention. I’ll keep an eye on this one :eyes:
Found some grammar issues probably not all but still…
Also pov changing was a bit weird in the beginning.
Otherwise I see potential and will wait for more content and hope to see where this goes.


Jujutsu Kaisen? Amazing! :heart::trophy:


Fixed, thank you.

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kinda reminds me of a mix between oppenheimer and godzilla with more supernatural elements and quirky writing in between the horror sounds epic

…I didn’t expect “mother” appearance from The Priest of Corruption in the wild like this lol.

jokes aside though. I always wondered about those sorcerer outside of Japan in JJK and how they operate, I guess this kinda quench the curiosity at least.