Sorcerer Combat: Atomica (WIP) (Update 4/9/2024)

Started watching jjk :joy: becos of this novel
Now these names are familiar :smile:

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So we won’t be able to beat yuta, so is that like at current strength or could we possibly get stronger and become strong enough to beat him?

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  • One on ones? In this family??

  • Get more familiar with the mercer team.

  • The calm before…

Aaand we’re back!

Sorry for the wait, much longer than it was ever supposed to be. But everything is up to par. I’m still trying to get to where I can do bi-weekly releases. Hopefully have there be two updates this month. Given that’s not proving to be to easy…I’ll still take another swing at it. See how the time works out.

But please enjoy!


Welcome! Gege will hurt you, and you’ll keep coming back as is the way. :relieved:

Well in monthly combat nothing’s holding you back. So yeah, in fact if you can make an argument for why the destroyer could overcome Yuta then you’re welcome to.


I have zero JJK lore so unfortunately I can’t make an argument


Thanks for the update, and take your time, it’s okay

Quality > speed

  • Immediately ripping off my clothes and dancing* Update!!

upgrade to the demo.!

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I just finished reading this and I have a feeling that the MC could easily solo Sukuna with their Domain Expansion lol talk about being overpowered as hell

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Vinnie’s jpg isn’t available though the male version jpg is visible when you open the cast info.J Wilson and T Bondsman’s jpg doesn’t load.

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Thank you!
I’ll try and see where I find the middle I’m more satisfied with I do want to update a little more.

After all, you are to hexes what Atomica is to humanity.

“Really? I’ll get on that.”


Well this was fun. I was hoping to make a battle-crazed maniac and lo and behold, that’s just the default MC!

I’m a big fan of the power fantasy aspect and so far the story itself is incredibly fun.

My only question is the legal aspect… its a bit… close, no? To the point of probably needing licensing to release for profit…


I was chilling on a log reading through all the fight scenes and I realized suddenly that all the feats discribed gave out numerical values of strength, speed and durability.

And later that day while watching A.B.D. I realized that I had multiple reference points and scaling instruments.

So I decided to mathematically scale the mc and rank them compared to the JJK cast to see where exactly they landed.

But it turned out the well stretched deeper than I initially thought. So I’m going to go do more research, double check the math and I’ll be right back with the results.

I have 3 years of experience with building, technical and construction sciences. So don’t worry my results will fall within the 0.71 margin of error.
The is a fictional story though so whether the results will be true is a whole different matter.

(like Goku having infinite speed. If it’s true then in reality he would just be one shoting everyone regardless of durability and creating black holes everytime he even flinched)


I mean i don’t think it should be a problem considering the amount of r18 parody games they’re out there.


As long as you don’t try to make money off of this you’d probably be fine tbh. It ain’t Disney or Nintendo so you’re probably good.


Oh boy.

This took a while.

It was interesting though. The results really surprised me. I expecting MC to rank somewhere around 13th to 10th place.

: This is going to be a generational rant. I’m about to unlock whole new level of waffling. No really, this is going to be really long. No guys I meant it, this might take you a while to read.

: There MIGHT be some jjk Manga/Anime SPOILERS. Proceed with caution!

: I’m only using characters up to and around the Shibuya incident.

: WARNING Math ahead. DON’T WORRY I did it for you.

Alright here the results.

-Pure Melee (No active/passive techniques)

1: Gojo : MC (High end)

2: 15 Fingers Sukuna

3: MC (low end)

4: Toji

5: Jogo

6: Uraume

7: Kenjaku

8: Yuki

9: Yuta

10: Dagon

11: Hanami

12: Nanami

13: Yuji

14: Todo

15:Mei Mei

16: Mahito

17: Maki

18: Choso

19: Megumi

20: Noritoshi Kamo

If you’re looking for a certain character and not finding them it’s because without their cursed/Hexed technique/s they become as combat effective as Miwa without her sword.

If you're wondering how the mc got got up to rank 3 or rank 1 click here

Keep in mind no techniques are at play here.

Alright so to get it across as simply as possible I used Mahoraga as a bench mark since a sorcerer’s relativity to him identifies their position on the rankings and as a whole their relativity to each other. So conceptually just ask yourself
“does this character get immediately floored by Mahoraga?” If yes then they will only be placed rank 20 to rank 11.

“does this character keep up with Mahoraga for some time before being inevitably beaten?” If yes then they can be placed rank 10 to rank 5.

“can this character Duke it out with Mahoraga for an entire extended fight while being able to trade damage?” If yes then they can be placed rank 4 to rank 1.

Now to explain how the MC landed where they did I need a reference for the stats required to actually dual with Mahoraga. So I used Sukuna’s performance when him fought Mahoraga as it fits the criteria well as Sukuna was able to trade damage and keep up with Mahoraga. After getting those stats we can compare that to Gojo.

Sukuna’s Stats:

Speed = super sonic+ 343.2 to 440meters per second minimum
(Maki once caught a bullet. A bullet from standard hand gun can reach a max velocity of 300 meters per second. Sukuna far out classes Maki, so super sonic is a safe bet)

Strength= 4 to 6 tons of TNT in physical power (this is the minimum level of energy and destructive force required cave in the wall of a multi-floor average thickness as he did when he fought Jogo.

Durability= 2 to 4 tons of TNT
By Newton’s 3rd law you scale to whatever you able to dish out.(meaning if you punch a wall X amount of force without breaking your hands you can tank X amount of force)

So now we have a numerical reference how does the MC measure up?

MC’s stats:

Speed= Roughly 343.2 meters per second

If you interpret the “explosions” or “cracks” as a sonic boom than the minimum speed the mc is moving is 343.2 meters per second or 768mp/h or 1 236km/h


If you take this feat at face value it would suggest the MC is moving at Mach 5 speeds
=Hypersonic mach[5–10) 3,836–7,673 mph (6,173–12,348 km/h; 1,715–3,430 m.
Which are the speeds required for an object traveling through median(air) to being facing enough resistance to super heat the object and it’s immediate surroundings. Which would put the MC in their own league all on their own with the exception of Gojo’s teleportation

Strength= 6 Tons of TNT to 12 Tons of TNT

Oh boy. Here comes the math. If you want to see the calculations CLICK HERE

To get force output of the punch the MC throws at Miguel I’ll need get the momentum of the MC’s fist. And after some searching I found out that the mass of an average human hand is around 200 grams to 400 grams. (since we have two values here we’ll have two values at the end)

With that and knowing that the minimum speed was 343.2m/s we can obtain the momentum of the attack.

=68 640 kg*m/s (lower end)

=137 280 kg*m/s

Now we convert this to energy.

We’ll need a distance value here so I used the average length of a human arm (which is 1.515m) which worked out well as most punches need to be clocked back before being thrown forwards, meaning the actual impact area will always fall into 1.515m length.

=68 640×1.515
=103 989.6 Joules (low end)

=137 280×1.515
=207 979.2 Joules (high end)

So now we have stats but they might be hard to visualize.
So l’m gonna convert to TNT yields for ease of comprehension.

1gram of TNT =4 000 Joules
281 grams of TNT =1 stick
1stick of TNT =7 500 Joules

So now we need the total destructive yield which will come out to
=415 958 400 (low end) and 831 916 800 (high end)
Which looks like a lot but we’re not done yet cause we need to convert this to into Tons of TNT

415 958 400÷7 500
=55 461.12÷281
=197.4 (low end)
=6.114 tons of TNT after conversation
Which looks somewhat like this

831 916 800÷7 500
=110 922.24÷281
=392.74 (high end)
=12.23 tons of TNT after conversation
It’s 2 tons off target but looks comparably to this

But let’s focus on impact power alone here this is where it easiest to get an idea of the destruction that could have happened if MC had landed that punch. This will be quick and I promise to keep math as out of the way as possible.

Miguel dodged death

Now if MC’s fists can reach a speed of 343.2m/s from a distance of only 1.515m than if the MC were to fully pulled back on the punch it add about 0.76m or 0.7575m to the total distance traveled by the fist. With some simple addition we have a new distance of 2.2725m or 2.27m. So if every second, a distance of 343.2m is crossed and only a distance of 1.515 needs to be crossed than the attack would have landed in a 0.004414335664335 or 0.004 second time frame (less than a fraction of a fraction of a second). If we assume the fist continues gaining regular speed over time and add this new distance the equation than final velocity would come to about 908m/s (if you try to calculate this yourself remember to factor in an average increase in speed and decrease in time. Cause I did forget and was lost for like an hour)

And for reference to what a 908m/s fist would do here is what MK 8K 2000 lbs GBU-10 at terminal velocity looks like.

Fun fact the maximum terminal velocity ever recorded was 834 mph at least for a person.
A bomb going terminal velocity can reach 1,450 ft/s (440 m/s; 990 mph).

Durability= 6 to 12 Tons of TNT. If the mc can dish it out they can take right back.

Now we can compare those stats with Gojo’s

Gojo’s stats:

Speed= Roughly 555.93m/s

Strength= 4 to 7 tons of TNT (which can be estimated from the damage done to Jogo by Gojo vs the damage done to Jogo by Sukuna. They were both toying with Jogo so this is a safe low estimate and would generate the force required to generate break the sound barrier and create the Shockwaves seen)

Durability=4 to 7 ton of TNT’s worth of damage.

-Pure technique (Domain Expansions included)

1: Gojo
MC (with technique)
2: 15 Fingers Sukuna

3: Jogo

4: Dagon

5: Mahito

6: Yuta

7: MC (without their technique

8: Kenjaku

9: Uraume

10: Mechamaru

11: Yuki

12: Naobito

13: Mei Mei

14: Nanami

15: Hanami

16: Todo

17: Choso

18: Nobara

19: Megumi

20: Noritoshi Kamo

Neither Toji nor Maki where considered in these rankings.

But if they were

Toji would rank 3rd

Maki would rank 18th

Now for clarification (if you were confused to being with) take any of the characters in the rankings and put them and their technique against the one above or below them. The reason for their placement should be clearer after that.

With techniques enabled the slips past Sukuna but is squarely under Gojo but it might not be for the reasons you’re probably thinking of.
If you put the MC’s technique and it’s arsenal against limitless and the six eyes and their arsenal, the MC’s arsenal can match and in some aspects surpass limitless.

GOJO'S Technique Arsenal

Cursed/Hexed technique :Limitless

Neutral limitless:
This application brings into existence the concept of infinity. By only allowing fractions of the space around him to be crossed, this technique all but assures you will never reach Gojo.
Skip to the 6:30 minute mark for an deep dive into neutral limitless.

Cursed/Hexed technique Lapse Blue:
An application of limitless where Gojo can bring the concept of a negative into reality, causing everything around that area to collapse into that area in an attempt occupy it creating a powerful pulling effect

Cursed/Hexed technique Reversel Red:
This application of limitless is created when Gojo applies positive cursed/hexed energy to their cursed/hexed technique causing it to reverse and function to create space instead of removing it, creating an extremely powerful repulsive force.

Cursed/Hexed technique Hollow purple:
The pinnacle of the limitless technique. The intensity of Red is merged with the impossibility of Lapse Blue, creating imaginary mass that violently attracts and repulses simultaneously to effectively rip apart anything in it’s path at an atomic level.

If you want a light refresher

Domain Expansion: infinite/unlimited void
Unlimited void is one of if not THE most dangerous domain expansions in the entirety of verse. Unlike most other domains, unlimited void’s sure hit registers and targets anyone and everyone caught within it’s barrier except Gojo and anyone (everyone except those with a zero cursed energy heavenly restriction) his in direct contact with. The domain leaves those exposed to it paralyzed, helpless and with a high possibility of permanent or temporary brain damage. These effects can last for an extended time even after being released from the domain itself.


-Neutral limitless is an unbreakable shield with very few exceptions besides nullification or anti-domain techniques and nullification cursed tools. If necessary limitless can be expanded in order to crush opponents.
Technique speed = none

-Able to apply Laspe Blue to his fists to dramatically increase the damage output. Laspe Blue can vary in size from a basket ball sized sphere to as large as a small house.
Technique speed = irrelevant as Laspe Blue can be spawned onto the target.

-Reversel Red is the simplest form limitless but one of it’s strongest applications as the explosive repulsion force it creates is enough to toss a special grade like Jogo around like his nothing.
Technique speed = 1700 m/s but can be as high as 3000 m/s (this is not necessary the attack speed but the speed of which you can to expect to reach after being hit by Reversel Red.

Technique speed = No distance is traversed so time will be equivalent to zero. (its Teleportation, what did you expect)

MC’S Technique Arsenal

Hexed Technique : Radiation

Hexed technique :Fallout
Fallout is an area of effect technique that targets anything and anyone with foreign Hexed energy caught with it’s range, quickly corroding the subject while also poisoning it’s pool of hexed energy, turning a valuable asset into a deadly toxin. Both these effects add up to complete or partial nullification of the subject.

Hexed technique : Murpho
A technique that grants the user impossible speeds, turning the user themselves into a deadly and unblockable projectile. However it seems activation and deactivation is required in between uses in order adjust and reaim or as a cool down period.

Hexed technique : Thin man
By charging hexed energy and gathering it in a point, a laser of pure destruction is shot forth. Varying in size and shape but always unyielding and merciless in it’s pursuit. Few have seen it and far fewer survived.

Domain Expansion : Man’s Final Folly
The pinnacle application of the radiation technique. Opun activation an endless cityscape dominated by the screams of skeletal zombies and the imposing sight of a mushroom cloud. A domain with a guarantee hit of absolute lethality. All within the domain’s barrier are targeted simultaneously by thin man and fallout, leading to complete nullification at best and complete vaporisation at worst.

Versatility :

-Thin man can have it’s shape changed to preform different tasks. Whether that task be spearing opponents like piercing blood


Cleave apparently.
Technique speed = can vary from around 1700 m/s but can be as high as 3000 m/s which is the average range of an explosion if spherical sun form of thin man is used but can possibly be 299 792 458m/s if the laser form is used, as lasers move roughly the speed of light.

-Murpho grants the user near peerless speeds, but seemingly only in a straight line trajectory with the inability to turn while in motion. It can be used for quick repositioning or to turn yourself into an extremely fast moving human projectile.
Technique speeds = can range from Hypersonic [5–10) 3,836–7,673 mph (6,173–12,348 km/h; 1,715–3,430 m/s) to possibly
High-Hypersonic [10–25) 7,673–19,180 mph (12,348–30,867 km/h; 3,430–8,574 m/s)

-Fallout is a nullification area of effect technique that disables other techniques while ruining the Hexed energy of those caught within it’s range effectively poisoning them.
Technique speed = the technique has been described as having instantaneous activation but it can still be dodged. So the speed can range wildly depending on distance but you can use F = mΔv/Δt to get a rough estimate.

while typing this out I remember it was implied that Mei Mei might have wanted to take out Atomica for a price, which I didn’t question at. But looking back on it now Mei Mei would have been backhanded to oblivion if you take into account how she preformed against the Smallpox Cursed spirit.(now imagine the gap between that and a Hexed spirit born from a fear of nuclear Apocalypse

Fun hypothetical

If the MC’s domain ever advances to an open barrier type, it would be THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE domain ever recorded. If we used little boy (one the smallest nukes ever detonated) we get an energy output of approximately 15 kilotons of TNT (63 TJ) and an explosion radius of approximately 1.3 kilometers or 1 300 meter. For comparison Sukuna’s malevolent shrine had an radius of effect of 200 meters.

Which I find incredibly hilarious. Since imagine if the MC somehow found themselves in Shibuya for some reason or another, the city having a hole in it would become the least of its problems. If sukuna whips out Malevolent Shrine then MC will have to whip out Man’s Final Folly. Which leads to the MC’s death because malevolent shrine target the outside of the MC’s domain and destroy it leaving MC at the mercy of Sukuna. But if you grant the MC an open barrier domain than they stand a chance to win that so long as no binding vows are made BUT that means if MC wins then Shibuya becomes a nuclear waste land.
Here’s a POV cause way not?
Huh saying that out loud I think only sukuna would find that funny. His favorite past is tormenting Yuji after all.

Conclusion :
Anyone not named Ryoman Sukuna or Satoru Gojo is not waking away from a close encounter with the MC.

If MC gets any stronger than you’ll need both Sukuna and Gojo to kill them.
Just think of an MC with an open barrier domain, that can restore their burnt out Hexed technique (basically allowing the MC to nuke their current area more than 3 times over), has access to their incantations and is constantly releasing radioactive Hexed energy (which they can already do).

That’s just the definition of broken.




Feel free to debate and pick apart my scaling use of mathematics and gross misunderstanding of jjk concepts.

Or just call me a nerd.


I think you have Jogo way too high, same with Dagon and Mahito. Those guys are strong, but I think they would lose to most of the special grade sorcerers


Don’t forget that Sukuna should be ranked higher than Gojo since Sukuna just basically slices Gojo in half. That and Sukuna has been fighting like 20+ strong sorcerers nonstop without a break

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Only 15 finger is ranked right now when he fights gojo he has all 20. Plus when he fought gojo he had to call his daddy to jump him so fraudkuna sits below him in pure ones


The MC is going to walk into Japan and bring round 3 with them

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