Sionn's Children Pt 2


Hello everyone. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if there’s anyone still around who knew about my project, but I’d like to start off by saying that I’m sorry for disappearing for 6+ months and leaving everyone hanging. I won’t bore you with details. I’m sure everyone knows how real life gets sometimes. I’m just posting this to let the interested people in the community know that I am still around, I do still have my notes, and I will continue writing Sionn’s Children for people to play. I’m not sure when I’ll have a draft up for people to look over, because honestly it’s going to take me a bit to familiarize myself with the code once again. T.T

But once I have a handle on the code I’ll work to fix the bugs posted in the last thread and get a new-and-improved demo up for people to read. HOPEFULLY (and I can’t stress hopefully enough ;]) I’ll have a draft for people to read sometime in September.

Again, sorry for the disappearance and thanks to all for their interest, support, and feedback.


Oh yay, welcome back! I’m in pretty much the same boat as @PenguinSoup, found your game pretty recently and was saddened to hear that you’d left. I’m looking forward to following this thread :slight_smile:


Welcome back. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the new demo.


She lives!! The great one has reapeeried! Lol I’m glad your back


Thank heaven’s! I thought it was really all over.


@Shssay Welcome home again and don’t worry you have a good story you don’t need to rush we could wait


Welcome Back!!! I love the game. I played it and enjoyed it very much. Good thing you are back, you have put hope in many of your fans. I say we celebrate this occasion. I’ll get the cake.

Also I got an error when talking to the King after the dueling practice.

line 2: Non-existent variable 'suspected_attacker


Can we put a link here?


The Link of Sionn’s Children:

And I have one question: How does Cat color affect your stats. I looked at the code and saw that each color gives a +2 bonus in a stat. Now I just chose black because I like the color, but if I had seen the code, I would have chosen Brown.


Welcome back! I’m glad to see that your still continuing, I had only discovered your game a week ago and was very disappointed to find that you had gone missing. But thanks for returning and continuing. Best of luck with your game! :slight_smile:


Ah this is one of my favorite WIP games on here I’m glad its back on track.


Welcome back! I’m excited to know this is being continued, it is after all one of my favorites.
@BlueOwl358 how do you check out the code?



There was an old thread explaining how it’s done, I’ll try to find it but it might take some time.



Yay! I’m so glad you’re back. I love this game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played the demo. :smiley:


Thanks guys, I appreciate the welcome back. :smiley: I’m glad that enough of you liked my story enough to stick with me during such a long absence, haha.

@BlueOwl358 Thanks for linking the old thread, that’s probably something I should have done in the first post. In regards to your question: In the very first draft I posted of Sionn’s Children, the choice of colors for your war cat was purely aesthetic. The choice had no affect on story or stats. Some people who read the draft complained about having to make a meaningless choice like that.

So I thought about it for a bit and figured that I could add a stat bonus to the choice, and then I would be able to randomize a starting player’s stats a bit. This is very much like the choice of your character’s maker in Choice of the Vampire. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about off and on over the last few months is giving the choice in color, and keeping the stat change, but making it clear that the choice will affect the player. I haven’t worked out the best way to do it yet, but I’m hoping some trial and error will help me out there.

I appreciate the error report as well! I will work on the bug as I re-learn the coding for the game (I forgot most of it). :slight_smile: As I recall, this was a common error that a lot of people reported, so there’s something pretty wrong there. I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as I can. Luckily, this bug is almost at the end of the demo, so players aren’t missing much because of it. :wink:


Welcome back, I actually found out about your game a couple weeks ago, and I loved it. I was disappointed when I found out that you were gone, glad that you’re still working on it.


Glad to see that this will be continued. Very good so far :slight_smile:


I love the game so far as well but all of a sudden a weird thing…this:

7*temp suspected_attacker

line 2: Non-existent variable ‘suspected_attacker’

came up right after you are talking to your dad about you becoming the heir and then you go to sleep. Some one help :frowning:




@kanani40 and @ghostface22 This is the same error that BlueOwl358 mentioned. :slight_smile: This is at the very end of the demo and I think it’s showing up because I got sloppy and didn’t direct players towards an end message for the game. Sorry for the confusion! But you’re not missing any content because of this error. :smiley: