Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Damn, then I really have no idea why you cant. There is a guide to romance him tho


Thank you.


@arthmet i get you , but each character have different story and characteristic right?
well some player might want to explore all of them
but i doubt there be much story or even much dialog if they’re just added to be romance by straight player in the full version lol

@rinari why not make a Gender-Choice character and you can focus to story then anyone can choose to play all character to romance ,
everyone regardless their sexual preferences

I REALLY invite you to check the Tumblr, Lavinet will have the same amount of story and characterictics than Blade (straight male) which are the same than the others characters (romanceable and non-romanceable).
They are already available in the alpha demo. (I haven’t read it so not sure)

It’s the choice of the author to have no gender-choiced characters, you have to respect it. In the end with a male MC you can romance everyone exept Shery and Blade (so 2 out of a cast of 10 seems quite ok to me).

It might appear easier for you as a reader to just decide at the beginning the gender of the characters, it is not always the case for the writer. Especially when the story was at first not thought for this plateform and the characters have been imagined and detailled long before.
They are also a lot of readers that prefer to have characters with a set gender and sexuality. The writer will not change the story and game-mechanics (being worked on for years) just for you.

If you want to explore all the option possible (understanble) you can always replay with a different MC. If you are afraid of playing a woman I can assure you that the only difference will be the occasional reference to you as “she” instead of “he”.


you miss my point ,but lets just agree to disagree i guess
you right i can’t just make the author change the story .
well it’s not just for me there’s people who i think agreed with me (unless i’m only one Straight guy here)

and to your point there’s different when you play as female romance a guy character as a straight sexuality you know

well maybe you not same as me , maybe you can understand my point . well regardless i’m here not to debate with you . just enjoy the story with our own perspective i think…

Look buddy I want to romance Blade too but there’s nothing to do about it. Authors can tell the story and set the characters however they want. You accept that and keep playing or you can find something else that satisfies you. But there’s is no point in complaining about it, that only pisses off authors.


I’m also not looking for a debate, they are already multiple discussion about this particular point on the forum.

Your point of view is totally valid and prevailed in most of the games here. I just wanted to explain that this game should not be approached as “I cannot romance those characters because of my gender/sexuality” but as “the author wrote a whole cast a characters so that everyone could choose between at least 2 possibilities (4 if you are not nb)”. With the sad consequences that men cannot romance Shery and Blade just as the women cannot romance Riel and Lavinet.

I’m sorry if you thought that I attacked your opinion that really wasn’t my objective.

Just please don’t ask authors to change their decision once they made it. All of them chose knowing the pro and cons of every option.

They are a lot of other games and demos to choose from, most with gender selectable Ros, some with a male-locked protagonist! If you are not sure you can read the first post of every demo, all of them explain the protagonist and ROs options :blush:


No no no, I hate when they do this as it is totally unrealistic. I remember one of my biggest gripes with Dragon Age 2 was that they made the romances player centric, and by en large, most agreed with me and they went back to defined romantic viewpoints for the LIs.

Also I am a straight male and have absolutely no problems with the romances as they are now. Sure Sherry would have been fun to romance … but I respect her and the author more that she has a personality and makes choices about who she is interested in.


I agree . I think the characters of a story will be more realistic if they have their own personalities and interest , as the MC could choose the romance interest we prefer based on their personalities, it is only fair ( and realistic ) for the characters within the story to possess their own preference as well