Two New Hosted Games! "The Mage's Adventures" and "War of 2022"

Hosted Games has two new games for you to play!

The Mage's Adventures by Samuel Young

The Mage's Adventure

Your party of intrepid adventurers is no stranger to taking on missions that the village guard simply isn’t equipped to. So it’s no surprise that when a demon attacks a nearby farmer, you and your group of arcanists, fencers, healers, and archers are tasked with killing her.

But when a rival adventuring party gets in the way, and the demon proves more powerful than any of you had thought, things get even more complicated. What’s more, you soon discover that this demon wants to take you as her human vessel. Will you defeat her before she takes control of your soul?

The Mage’s Adventures is a thrilling 115,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Samuel Young, where your choices control the story. The tale is a companion novel to The Magician’s Burden, set in an alternate time-line. It’s text-based, with occasional vivid illustrations, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Oh, and there’s a sixth and secret member of your party as well: the demon living in your head.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all.
  • Romance a cold, aloof arcanist; a competitive, outgoing fencer; a shy, sweet healer; or a fun-loving, charismatic archer.
  • Wield fantastic spells: turn invisible, throw fireballs, heal wounds, and much more.
  • Make a deal with your demon and use his powerful magic, or resist the temptation altogether.
The demon in your head says this is a bad idea. He's not wrong.

War of 2022 by YHGS

War of 2022

Join the special forces and fight in dynamic battles directly influenced by your previous choices in this modern military war novel!

Go through training and serve in the most prestigious unit of the Regovian army! Will you remain loyal to your country?

War of 2022 is a 116,000-word interactive, military novel by YHGS, a military veteran. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as Male or Female
  • Serve in one of the three units which make up the Wardens- The Scouts, Sappers or Crows.
  • Fight as a Fireteam leader, Medic, Marksman, Light Machine Gunner or Heavy Machine Gunner.
  • Fight in dynamic battles directly influenced by your previous choices.
  • Devote yourself to the Republic or turn your back on its lies.

Are you willing to go the distance?

Samuel and YHGS developed their games using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Today is a good day, LETTSS GOO

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Can’t install The Mage’s Aventure on the play store.

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Try again, it installed after 2 or 3 tries, i think it was because we were to quick or something


Im having the same problem

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I’ve tried several times. I then cleared my cache and tried again. It says “The item you are attempting to purchase could not be found.”


Me too :frowning:

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I finnally managed to download it but the free period ends super short when you choose what to do with the demon

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Tried out War of 2022 when it was a wip. Good on the author to get it published and out to the market. :beers:


Ya I tried it a while ago, but I guess I didn’t realize how close it was to completion because the release completely suprised me.


congratulations on the release @YHGS and @Samuel_H_Young.
This is awesome, two games after a long time.


After all the drama that happened, I’m surprised and pleased to see a new game by Samuel Young.

I never played the Magician’s Burden, because I knew it ended in a cliffhanger, and expected it to be a permanent one. It looks like this game is a quasi sequel to that one, but without save import. Is it worth going back to that one first, or is this a better starting point?


If you hop right into The Mage’s Adventure it lets you know this game is akin to a parallel universe to Magician’s Burden. If you aren’t sure if it will be for you there is always the demo to try for free!


Is there a way to set it so Samuel’s author profile on the HG app links back to his older stories? Or was that a deliberate choice on the part of him or y’all to have Samuel Young as a disparate entity from Samuel Harrison Young, after the stuff that transpired?


Really loved war of 2022 but shame that the free period is shorter than the demo itself, gonna have to go to the store soon for a Google gift card

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A big congratulations to both autors! Hope the sales do well!


Yeah, when I tried it out it was not completed, I remeber that much. So I’m surprised as well that it was finished and published and I didn’t even have a clue about it


lets goooo

Two releases in one day. Nice.

Nice to see a new story from him, so at least he’s still active, never really interested in the magician universe but I’ll buy it to support him

I registered a tales account just for him, still waiting for that much anticipated story but it must be hard with the pandemic and all