Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Can you get with a Shepherd that can’t Shep


Only if they can herd


I got bored and I’m playing with a new mc and got a question. What happens if you take the magic book when investigating with Trouble about the kidnapped kids?

Stat-wise, taking the dark tome gives you +2 to Courage and Cunning, and +3 to magic. Story-wise, I don’t believe there are any negative repercussions for taking it, and in Ch. 02, if you have it, you can use it to research Black Sun yourself (though that section isn’t in the game yet). Off the top of my head, I can’t recall if it’s been brought up in the story beyond that point though. :slight_smile:

Mhmm! Like I mentioned, the option to research Black Sun on your own isn’t in the game yet (I think right now only Shery can help you with that), but in the coding for researching on your own, you either need at least 35 Arcane, or you need to have the dark tome (which is super handy for low-to-no arcane magic MCs) in order to succeed (once the option is available, of course).

Thanks for confirming that there doesn’t seem to be any further mention of the tome after that; it was late o’clock when I checked, so I was a little worried I might have missed something. :smiley:



I took the book (because of course I did, duh), and I haven’t found a single use, reference, or repercussion for doing so in the demo so far. I even tried using the “rest in your room” option during an off-day, because when you pick it up there’s mention of you taking the time to study it in peace, but nothing.


If you went through with the fling and don’t romance anyone by the end of the game there’s supposed to be an ending with her.


I just finished the Demo. Bloody amazing is what it is. I’m ready to forget it all and experience it in full when it’s released.

Then again, I’m not.

The save and reload feature - that’s present only in WIPs - seemed like such a gift. The freedom to know I can save and reload at any point lets me enjoy the story so… Freely.

Does anyone else feel like the save and reload feature should be available in released games as well? And not just checkpoints, but save-at-any-point?


I feel you. It discourages replays once it’s out. Can’t describe how bad I had it when playing Meta Human until I got the ending I wanted :joy:


I had only one single playthrough of Meta Human. I played the cold-hearted, calculating, manipulative, results matter ethics don’t type of Boss.

I don’t know, I must have played really well, because near the end all my employees stood up and applauded lol.

Felt like the best end possible.


It basically was lol. The “good” ending with the ethical path was kinda cool but I didn’t feel like the ending was different enough to call it the “best” ending.

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Thinking of subbing on Patreon, anyone know how far along the alpha is there?

We’re in Chapter 7 and just got 22,000 new words today!

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