Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Mine is 52%

It’s the end of the world no wait it’s just a elve frolicking in the forest sorry everyone false alarm well I’m going back to being a dwarf


:revolving_hearts: love the update, its my 2nd read since months ago, glad to see the hot characters that I might ended up with if I play my cards right :laughing: can’t wait to read the rest of the book, fighting author-nim :muscle:


I havent been in the forum for a few years and I’m happy to see that Shepard of haven didn’t end up as one of the many abandoned stories that the creator just gave up on and dropped


I just found this IF and I am so happy I did. So far it’s really good. I am a little sad that Blade can’t be romanced by a male character, but such is life.


I also wonder, when defeating the Faceless Lord’s, I’ve yet to use the Word, makes me wonder if I should use them.

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There is going to be an achievement when the game comes out for never using one and I believe some different outcome at the end. So unlike many of these games it is an actual choice. At least I know that was the original plan.


This game is going to be huuuuuuge. Both in word count and hopefully popularity.


I’m confused Can we romance prihine?
In your Ro’s description says male and female mc can romance her ?
But the comment here says she either dead or marriage by old noble :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can’t romance her, but you can have a fling with her I think

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@Sneeky is correct if you want to read the spoiler.

@sneeky Well that’s unfortunate
I just wanna romance tsundere here :disappointed:

@2xs It is just me or there is less choice of Straight guy romance here🤨? Tallys is fine but even that cute sherry is not even romancable now?
Come on @rinari show’s us justice here

Pretty sure Shery has always been a lesbian. But there are three additional female romance options for male MCs that will be available in the full game.


They are others women romanceable in the future chapters: Ayla (in the last chapter of the public demo), Briony and Lavinet (who is straight).

They actually are the same amount of RO for every gender: one straight man, one straight woman, one gay man, one gay woman, one man and one woman romanceable by a man or woman and then all the others (2men, 2women) by any gender.
I think every character is described in the main post but they are also available on the tumblr(Characters).

Prihine is not a full romance but you can have a fling with her during the story and have an epilogue with her if you don’t romance anyone else !


Is there some trick to romancing Blade. For the life of me when asked if I’m interested in someone I can’t select him. Or is that just not an open option yet because wip?

Is your MC male? How are they personality-wise?

MC is female, higher than others with approval, hasn’t flirted with anyone else, heart of gold soldier. :confused:

Damn, then I really have no idea why you cant. There is a guide to romance him tho


Thank you.