Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Question, is it possible to get the Savior achievement in Chapter 1 without using a Word of Power? I tried really hard to save Rika without using it but I am clueless.

The one in chapter 1, right? You need 35 in magic.
I have no idea for your other question though.

I believe it’s not, but someone correct me if I’m wrong. Still, I’m like 99% sure.


Its the one with the kids actually, which I think is the second one? :woman_shrugging: But yes.

Funny enough I ended up actually succeeding in killing them without the words right after posting my question :sweat_smile:
Thanks for answering though!!

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No, you can’t, the only way to save Rika in chapter 1 is to talk with her mother completely and using a WoP.


You can also learn about rika if you are a diviner


Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but will Rika be a part of the story later on?

Thank you so much, @2xs , and no worries at all! Just that you took the time to get a copy and read means the absolute world to me, thank you! :smiley:

Aw, I’m so glad you liked this option! I wonder if I made a poll, how many people did not take the opportunity hug and squeeze Caine? :joy:

Thank you so much for your incredibly thorough feedback, @Konoi , I truly appreciate it!

The struggle is real!

This is intentional, but I won’t speak too much on why! Good eye for detail, though–I could see how it might be confusing, but yes, it’s more of an accumulative thing rather than MC using a Word for that specific fight!

Actually, you can access your secondary skills on the stats screen by going into [Settings] (on the stats screen) and toggling on [Advanced Stats]! I think there’s a little notification noting this the first few times you visit the stats screen, but it’s easy to miss, and it’s not clear that “advanced stats” mean the arcane/psionic/etc. stats! I go back and forth on this a lot: I don’t want the stats screen to look too overwhelming at first glance, since that’s what early feedback indicated when the secondary stats were on there by default, but since I’ve greatly narrowed down the inventory, maybe they won’t… Anyway, yes, you can access them! :slight_smile:

Great catch, the conversation with Chase and Trouble was added in after the fact, so I missed this! Thank you so much!

Gotcha, this has been fixed in my end and will be fixed the next time the demo updates!

Ah, this is meant to imply that MC gets a feeling that they could/are supposed to use the Words of Power at certain points–such as when the option appears to do it in the church–not that they actually used one! I hope that makes sense!

This makes sense, but my concern is that if MC keeps presenting as “confused/mixed feelings/indecisive/ambivalent,” it’s going to have a bigger impact on gameplay than I’m really willing to code, if that makes any sense! Questions like these are really meant to start telling the system how to let romance paths play out or indicate player interest in a character (if it’s there), so having a “confused” option doesn’t accomplish much mechanically and then presents the problem of having MC continue to be confused/indecisive throughout the story (and usually having to come to a more decisive ‘turning point,’ which is a lot of work to try and incorporate). I’ll have to think more on it, but what you said makes sense!

You can technically permanently destroy all Faceless Lords without a Word of Power, but it’s difficult to achieve!

This is actually not true: there are three ways to deal with a Faceless Lord that don’t involve outright failure. :slight_smile:

  1. Destroy them with a Word of Power (always permanent)
  2. Banish them with magic (temporary, they will come back someday)
  3. Destroy them with magic (permanent, same as using a Word but much harder to achieve)

Hope that makes sense!

I’m so glad you liked this part, thank you very much! :heart:

Happy birthday @xXOtakuKonekoXx , I hope you had an awesome day! :tada:

Gotcha, that’s a great point! It’s fixed in my version now!

I’m not sure what you mean by this–are you asking if players can die in the public demo, or how injured they can get? I don’t remember talking about it on Tumblr recently, but it may have been about something else?

She is referenced or talked about here and there if she’s alive, and Caine has more to say about her and Hal if she’s alive!


Out of curiosity how long is the full game going to be? I can’t wait for it honestly this game is one of the coolest I’ve ever played!

Woah I totally missed that? :open_mouth:
Like, I looked through the varions screens in the stats, and somehow it still eluded me!

Okay, gotcha! I wasn’t really sure what to think about these two, really, I wouldn’t have gotten confused if I wasn’t reading the code, but with reading the code, I thought it may have been an error with how it was coded! So I went with the “better safe than sorry” way - aka mention it just in case :rofl:
It didn’t bother me in the narration by any means!

Aah, I see… yeah, I understand. Well, if you decide to add an option, “good for me” I guess, but if not, that’s fine! Like I said, it wasn’t so much an issue as something I got stuck onto because I genuinely didn’t know what to choose. I think the issue came more from the fact that while my MC knew Red from years ago, I as a players did only meet him very recently. So it made the choice way more difficult than it should have, I guess? (who am I kidding, I know I’ll still be just as conflicted at route lock-on :rofl:).

And you’re welcome about the things that were actual errors! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, thanks for the answers and clarifications!

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Woo, that was a lot to answer! :sweat_drops:

On this note, would you mind submitting a formal bug report about this (link below)? I haven’t seen anyone else report this problem, and I genuinely have no idea what could be causing it!

:sparkles: That serves as a nice segue in to my main topic: I have a shiny new bug reporting system that I’d like users to use when submitting bug reports and support tickets! :sparkles:

Please read under the tab for context!


Through 100% my own fault, bug reporting for Shepherds of Haven’s alpha build and public demo has become something of an absolute chaos pit, for both me and users! I never implemented a proper, dedicated system for bug reporting, partly out of my own arrogance and the apparent lack of necessity: at the game’s launch, there were relatively few bugs, everyone’s gameplay experience was fairly tight and uniform, and it was easier for me to keep track of and squash bugs on the spot!

But as the game gets bigger (625,000 words, now! More than all three LOTR books combined ), of course more bugs and glitches are going to crop up, and in peskier, harder to find places! Add that to the growing community with multiple platforms and me having less time to spend online to actually answer, track, or address bugs immediately, and you get a recipe for one overwhelmed author!

Essentially, the old bug report “system” consisted of me actively encouraging everyone to send me bug reports through any and all platforms they had access to. This meant I was getting bug reports through:

  • Patreon comments on public posts
  • Patreon PMs
  • Tumblr PMs
  • Tumblr asks
  • Tumblr comments on public posts
  • COG forum posts
  • COG forum PMs
  • Discord PMs
  • Discord conversations in public channels
  • Other

What on earth was I thinking lol?

This created numerous problems…

  • The obvious difficulty in keeping track of all of these bug reports across disparate platforms, leading to things slipping under the radar or stacking up in an overwhelming, confusing way, and duplicates cluttering the queue
  • Less time online means less time to find and address the bug immediately, leading to more duplicate reports and growing user confusion the longer the issue went unaddressed or unacknowledged
  • No ability to uniformly address the bug across all platforms with context, explanations, or solutions. A user reporting a bug on Tumblr might lead to me replying on Tumblr that it could be fixed by doing XYZ, or was caused by ABC and was not actually a bug at all. However, another user on Patreon or on the forum would not see said explanation/solution, would report the same bug on Patreon or the forum, and would unfairly suffer through me saying “I already answered this!” (but not to them).
  • Most platforms are not conducive to the back-and-forth required to truly and effectively hunt bugs. The forum is probably the exception here, but all other sites make things chaotic. If a user sends in an ask on Tumblr about a bug, but I need more context (such as “what choice did you make in Chapter 2?") to find it, I just have to publish their ask with my response and pray they see it and send in another ask! It’s just clunky and inefficient!

This new system hopefully addresses all of those problems! By having one uniform, universal method to submit bugs and one repository to see where they all go (including everyone else’s tickets and reports), everything is just going to be better for everyone! :blush:



How it works:

  • Use the “report bug” form to submit any bugs or errors that you’ve noticed while playing ShoH! (Please submit one bug per ticket.) These are generally for game-breaking bugs or bugs and errors that you notice in the code; not for typos, moments of confusion or unclear plot developments, suggestions or feedback about the game, or otherwise. Code bugs only!
  • An automated workflow will immediately plop your ticket into the Trello board (the tracking link above), where you can view all submitted tickets by users, their statuses in my queue, how I’ve prioritized them, and my responses and explanations about them - all in one place!

This solves basically every issue I was having with bug reports, including having to explain across multiple platforms the same solutions to the same bugs (but in such a fragmented way that users wouldn’t see my answers or the progress reports on said bugs)!

Important: Right now, I will only be accepting official bug reports through this method. I know this might be a pain in comparison to submitting via any platform, but it will really help me keep everything in one place in an organized, non-overwhelming fashion, and it will definitely improve both the user and author experience in a very vital way!

You are free, of course, to discuss bugs and whatnot here or elsewhere, check in with other users about them to see if you’re the only one, brainstorm or roundtable them, etc. It will just be helpful to operate under the strict assumption that I will not see any of that discussion and will not know about the bug, at all, until you actually submit a ticket through the form! So much flies under my radar nowadays that it’s probably true! :sweat_smile:

However, none of this applies to any other type of feedback or discussion about the game. Please keep leaving comments, thoughts, insights, and all other types of conversation here and anywhere–I love and truly appreciate seeing all of your reactions and ideas! This is strictly only for pesky bug reports and is to ensure that I definitely see them and can address them in an organized, cohesive, transparent manner so everyone knows what’s broken and what’s being addressed. I hope that makes sense!

Thanks for reading through this, and stay safe and hydrated!


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it! :grin: This is answered in the FAQ, but it’s not really an answer–I don’t know how long the full game is going to be! Right now we’re maybe 60-65% of the way through the alpha build at 625,000 words, so your guess is as good as mine, lol!

So we might be looking at over a million words worth of content when this is all finished… Mindblowing.

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I know! I’m still wowed that I wrote more than the entire LOTR trilogy in around 2 to 2.5 years… :scream: :exploding_head: And we still have a lot more to go, haha!!


Oh my god that bug report thing is SO CONVENIENT!
Will you link it in the original post, or should I put it into my favorites for the future?

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Oh, that’s smart, I’m going to do that now! See, I’m so chaotic and unorganized that things like that just fly right out of my head! :joy:


I do hope all of them🥰 ( I am not biased at all!!!)

Also I am shocked at the auto correction errors :see_no_evil: probably had my keyboard on German or Indonesian. So sorry you had to go through that

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I think what I love about choice of games it really gets me into a mindset of a story character and how I want to play them when it comes down to Sheppard of Haven I’m doing the same thing but a different way when it comes down to a ruling a country I would go hard handed but I would go soft-hearted depending on the situation and The Shepherd of Haven I’m a lieutenant I have to be more like a role model to my new guys and to the superiors show them what I’m willing to do and give them the proper respect they needed I just got to figure out a way to play my role in the character it’s like acting but this is choice of games and I’m just finding a choice I think to my characters they’re willing to sacrifice their life to save the world if it’s that situation in my head and the Inquisition really fuse me I’m trying to find a better solution even if it’s right or wrong I’m just using the tools I have at hand

Just curious, but how much magic would I need to kill Quillal without using a Word of Power?


I love this wip, so engaging, chock full of lore, with interesting characters

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Anyone figure out the answer to the riddle masters last riddle?

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