Shadow Heart I - Obsidian

Shadow Heart I - Obsidian, is the first installment of the Shadow Heart Series, and will leave you wanting more.
I owe the idea of Shadow Heart to my friend, and to some great CoG’s, such as Imprisoned and Blackraven, while playing, you might notice it has a “Elder Scrolls” feel to it, i’m planning to publish Obsidian to CoG once it’s completed, you can see a demo here:

Some of you may have noticed I have a few other ‘Works In Progress’, i’ve decided to scrap them, for instance, The Legend Of Endevoir was going to long, and my computer crashed, deleting all my work on it, even if my computer didn’t crash, I couldn’t have thought of anything to add to it anyways.

Please play through the demo and leave your feedback here, I may change the name of this if there is any copyright interferance.

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A little short, but interesting so far.

Looks interesting, I can’t wait to see more.

Lol that made my day.

This is really way too short to get any idea of anything about it. I think you ought to work a bit more on your projects before you post them up. Especially since you seem to keep abandoning them one after another.

Interesting lol, but very short I need more to get a better feel of what is going on.

Ok, that sounded kinda assholey on my part, but really, there isn’t much feedback to give about this project. There just isn’t enough of it to make any judgements.

I Actually Agree with you on that. It Literally Gives you one Choice, And Then, The End.

to short to really give an opion on the game

Expect an update later today.


Your character narrowly escapes being executed, and you must hide so no one can find you and turn you in.


Implimenting a random battle sequence, it’ll be sort of like Pokemon, except you run in to wild bandits that want to eat you alive.

Updated some of what i’ve writen so far, it’s not much, as I post this i’m working on the execution scene!

EDIT: I’ve ran in to some trouble, i’m trying to make different areas for different sexualites and genders, but it won’t work, here’s an example:

    (if sexuality = "men") *goto 3
    (if sexuality = "women") *goto 4

    *label 3
    "Next, Hertford!" The blonde male that caught your eye suddenly has an interest in his shoes, and you know his name is Hertford.
    *goto 5

    *label 4
    "Next, Evalynn!" The brunette female that caught your eye suddenly has an interest in her shoes, and you know her name is Evalynn.
    *label 5

It won’t work though, how do I make it work?


I can ask some people I know that are good at coding, if you like.

< pre> works, < code> doesn’t.

Anyways, that first *page_break has an indent after it. That game will probably crash there. What exactly is the error you’re getting?

None. There is no error, I just want it to work so if you like men, you go to *label 3, if you like women, you go to *label 4.

EDITI: I posted it wrong, forgot to add the indentions to *page_break.

Also, one more thing, how do you make all your stat charts go in a line instead of stacking?

I fixed the first problem, I used *if sexuality = “men” instead of (if sexuality = “men”) *goto 3, I still need a fix on the second one though.

At the end of the code that makes the buttons in the index file is this bit of code: <p>

If you get rid of that, and only that, then the buttons will be in a row.