School for Witches and Wizards -- RPG-centric


Like transfiguring a thrown cup into a fireball? ;D


Haha that would be cool


@evaporate Good! I’m glad to hear that you are being unique!

As for the classes, who wants to take Arithmetic at a magical school? Lol! That was a joke, by the way. I’m sure someone will want to do it.

What sorts of races will be there? Just humans, or will you add in other fantasy races as well? Not necessarily things like elves and dwarves, although I wouldn’t complain if you did so. If you can make up a believable race and put it in the game, I’m all for that!


Maybe make up your one race


Will there be a science behind the magic or will it just be magicy magic?


ejem i could learn poison somewhere? Slys are cunning self centered and politicians not necessary evil there are two almost positive characters from slytherin . Also in a six houses some evil is needed even if its not center in one house. There would be some sort of dark sect secret society to learn black magic necromanzy and curses? I want learn poison . And what about pets and social level. I mean could you choose being a Wesley (poor family) or Malfoy (rich and nobility) or Harry (orfan )? Also there are humans without magic or all people has powers?


sounds like a great game. why are the forbidden magics forbidden, will you be able to use any people you take over or creatures you summon, will there be enchanted weapons or artifacts you could use to increase your abilities or have bound creatures attached to them.


to the platform 9 3\4
do we get owls


death to malfoy


As Mara said, I’d add Necromancy as a third dark art.

I love Necromancy. >:3 Also, maybe you could take a page from Dragon Age and have Gates, Domination and Necromancy fueled by blood magic, maybe?


Would we have pets like dragons, owls or Phoenixs


can we control electricity or ice or summon demons



Yes, school starts for 11-year-olds in the UK, but I’m not really comfortable implementing romances for students at such a young age. And I don’t want to wait until the 4th or 5th year to implement romances either, as some people might play these games purely for the romance option. :slight_smile:

@fairygodfeather , @Choiceofgamer98

You’re right, and I really want to simplify the skill system as much as possible while still allowing players to roleplay different kinds of characters. I’d be happy to include magic skills as part of your ‘primary attributes’, but then I’d want to differentiate between the ability to cast spells (applied magic ability) versus the ability to study/learn/understand magic (theory of magic ability).

Do you think it would be better to scrap the 5 magic schools altogether, and implement an ability-based system? So, instead of being “skilled at Negation”, a student could be a skilled spellcaster in all areas of magic (including negation)?

And this is just a first draft, I haven’t fleshed out the magic schools yet (hence why they’re very similar to Academagia’s). I could probably whittle the number of magic classes down to 3 (Invocation, Negation, Transfiguration).

The difference between Invocation and Transfiguration is like the difference between chemistry and physics. With Transfiguration, you’re changing the physical properties of an object – the way it’s arranged – so you can change a table into a chair. With Invocation, you can create fireballs out of thin air because you’re infusing magical energy into the Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere and seemingly “creating something out of nothing”.

There is no healing/restoration magic, but healers integrate knowledge from the 3 primary magic disciplines to cure diseases, eliminate infections, undo curses, etc.

Domination is forbidden because you’re directly overriding another wizard’s will. I’ll rename it to something a bit more archaic-sounding later. It works similar to ‘Blood Magic’ in the Dragon Age series, in that the dominated individual has no control over their muscle movements but are aware that they’re being influenced.

Gates is forbidden “for your own good”. Masters of Gates magic can summon creatures from other planes and control them without much difficulty, but apprentices are highly likely to lose control of their Summons (and place other people at risk). This school of magic isn’t inherently wrong, but it’s very application-heavy (that is, you can’t just read about it and learn how to do it). The only way to master Gates magic is to practice it by actually summoning the creatures, but the risks of practice are simply too high – therefore wizards are forbidden from even trying.

Yes, I’ll be including same-sex relationships. All students will be romance-able (some more difficult than others, and some have others vying for their affection). Some students will be “conditionally bisexual” (attracted to whichever gender the player is), while most of them will have pre-determined preferences that don’t change across playthroughs.

**Edit: I got the two mixed up. Sorry about that.

thanks again for your input. It’s really helpful getting feedback about the game and how complex/simple the stat system should be.


Yeah, there’ll definitely be an option to create your own clique or join another person’s clique. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of the sorting hat too! In the end, however, I will still give players the option to choose another college to join if they don’t like what the “sorting hat” assigns them. :wink: Like Harry, if you don’t want to be in Slytherin, you don’t have to be.


I actually really like this idea too. I may scrap the current ‘5 schools of magic’ scoring system and instead make it ability-based.

So for example, a student would have 2 magical attributes:

Applied Magic Ability (the higher this is, the better you are at casting spells)
Theory of Magic (the higher this is, the more advanced your spells will be, and if it’s really high, you could be really creative with your spells)


Haha, it’s important for wizards to know how to do math. (Not sure why, but it just is.)

There’ll be a bunch of races, some Tolkien-esque (sprites, fairies, goblins), some fantastical (unicorns?), and some unique (a city of ant-people?). However, the majority of students at the school will be human.


There is a science behind it. Physics, chemistry, etc still apply, but the deus ex machina is that wizards have the ability to create energy out of nothing (instead of simply reusing it). :wink:

And there will DEFINITELY be duels in this game. :smiley:


There is a ‘Potions’ skill, and it does allow you to make poisons! There is definitely a secret society (more than one, actually), but I won’t say more about that.

@darkstar2101 , @Natsu_Dragneel

Your character does get a pet (called a Familiar), and you can choose from a number of species (Owl, Rat, Cat, Snake, etc…)


And finally, I’m glad you asked! There will be an option in Character Creation to choose the type of ‘background’ you come from. When selecting your background, you’ll get to pick your economic class, social status, relationship with parents, etc.

And there are humans without magic in this game, but they are aware that wizards exist. These folks live elsewhere on the island, in the main city, etc.


@evaporate If you impelment the two attributes system will the mc still be able to specialize in one type of magic? and can I have a puppy?


will there be other magic schools


ahhh:P true. Well I can’t wait to see the finished work.


If you’re writing a game about magic, then I think the magic should be the most important aspect of it. Who cares how good a magician is at arithmetic, unless those maths allow for a magical ability in regards to numbers, calculating the odds in such a way that you can tip them in your favour. Then mathematics starts to become interesting. Or tie it into Numerology.

If the skill isn’t important then don’t have it. Maths could easily default off of intellect. Or a default academics skill if you must.

I actually think that summoning and dealing with other realms is a fascinating source for plots. It sounds the most interesting of your magical abilities.


Valakai is happy :smiley:



Hmm, that’s an interesting suggestion. Players who specialize in a school of magic could default to their preferred type in scenes where they choose the option to cast spells. I’ll look into it.

Right now, however, I may stick with the current system (where you gain skills in different types of magic), as it’s more familiar as a trope. How does this list of magic skills sound?

Herbology (Potions)
Arithmetic (Divination)

And yes, doggies are one of the familiars on my list. :slight_smile:


You mean other magic academies? Yes, they will be mentioned in passing in some scenes, but I won’t focus on them too much.


To clarify, the classes are mostly for roleplaying purposes, and act as a setting for scenes to take place. So if you take arithmetic class, you’ll have more opportunities to interact with other students who take that class, and with the professor as well.

But yes, arithmetic is supposed to be similar to divination/numerology, where you take numbers and try to predict the future with it! How does this new list of classes sound?

Transfiguration (with Invocation rolled into this school of magic)
Negation (Glyphs rolled into this one)
Alchemy (Herbology + Potions)
Arithmetic (Divination)

Also, while magic is an important aspect, the game is about more than just magic – it’s about going to a school with other magic-users. I want to emphasize the “school” aspect of it as well, so I do think that non-magic skills that are relevant in a school environment (social skills, problem-solving skills, hobbies) are also important.


@817819 Snape actually was evil, just because he changed his ways for Lily does not make him any less evil, it just meant that love could be more important than ones moral standings. And also, just because Slytherin has the most evil people does not mean everyone there is evil. Sorry for derailing the discussion, it just annoys me when people think that all Slytherins are evil, it’s sterotypical.