School for Witches and Wizards -- RPG-centric

Hello! I’m currently working on something a bit more ambitious – it’ll play more like an rpg than a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of game. It’ll feature random events and plenty of variables.

Inspired by the Academagia game created for the PC, my game centers around a school for witches and wizards. The player enters their first year at the academy, is assigned to 1 of 6 colleges (similar to the house system from the HP series), makes friends and enemies, embarks on adventures and attends class, develops relationships with faculty members, learns skills, and maybe even discovers secrets about the island that the school is situated on, or finds opportunities to study the two forbidden schools of magic.

My plan is to have the game play out using a calendar system, where you choose things to do each day of the school year. There are mini adventures that you can embark on, with one overarching main plot.

Any thoughts?

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Yay! You started a thread. I’m interested in this game. I bought Academagia back when it was first released and rather enjoyed it. It was a bit too big, far too many stats, and strangely far too much choice.

How do you plan to assign people to their houses?

What age will the characters be? How many years will the game span? Will there be romances? Will you have family members?

Is the setting fantasy, or modern?

You had me at house system:P what are the colleges?

Harry potter universe its one of my favorites same as Terry Pratchett Discworld. Both talk about a wizard school from different perspectives. What study topics could we use (illusion, duel poison and potions enchanted items) we could select some pf them. But please a evil sly machiavelian house is required please.

Do we choose our magic like being a fire Mage or can we use all types of magic

Carny wait for it good luck

It would be awesome if you could create your own magic

@marajade not everyone in slytherin was evil there was snape and,… uh… ok just snape but still

I would love to see you make this game! I enjoy using random events in games, and I’m so glad that you are putting that into this! This could end up a very amazing game if you do it right!

I’m sure you have already considered this and are making sure that it doesn’t happen, but it’s worth mentioning anyway just as a little reminder- Don’t rip off the Harry Potter books, whatever else you do! Having someone else say it, even if you have already actively thought about it, will help, I think. I realize, of course, that Harry Potter is not even your main inspiration, but with a wizard/witch school, people will be circling like sharks just waiting to draw connections to Rowling’s series and accuse you of copying it.

EDIT: @817819 Salazar Slytherin wasn’t evil. Jealous, absolutely, but not evil.

The school house system isn’t unique to Harry Potter. It’s a long-standing British tradition. All of my schools had House Systems, none of them were magic though, and they were just randomly chosen as opposed to putting all the nasty kids into the one house.

Why do they even put all the nasty kids in the same house? Isn’t that just going to make them all worse.

Thank you for your interest, everyone!

@fairygodfeather I had a lot of fun playing Academagia as well, and I completely agree with your criticisms of the game. The skill trees were too extensive, many subskills were often functionally redundant, 95% of the spells were useless, and the choice aspects of the game felt encumbered. Despite these flaws, I loved the game because of the writing and world-building: I felt immersed in their universe, and I could believe that I was a student at a magical institute. My goal here is to recreate these crucial rpg elements without burdening the player with hundreds of subskills.

Here’s a rough outline of the stats and skill trees.

4 main attributes: Fitness, Intelligence, Finesse, Charm
These govern your base success rate in performing certain actions before taking into account your scores in specific skills. This allows players to be ‘naturally talented’ at certain tasks without having to train for it (e.g. high charm score might allow you to pass a persuasion check even if you have no points in the ‘rhetoric’ skill).

10-20 skills. Examples: “wit”, “deceit”, “courage”, “athletics”, “observation”, “explore”, “deduction”
These are used to successfully progress through the game.

5 magic courses/primary schools of magic:
Invocation -ability to control elements and primal energy, fire, water, air, etc
Negation - defense of the dark arts, basically. This school of magic focuses on resisting magic, diverting spells cast at you, etc
Transfiguration - converting things into other things. Need to enter a building? Sure, you could create a fireball and blast a hole in the wall, or you can transfigure a window into a door!
Charms - creating and seeing through illusions, glamours, and other magical forms of deception.
Glyphs - creating wards, leaving behind magical traps, protective glyphs, etc

And there are 2 forbidden schools of magic, which are no longer taught at the school (obviously)
Gates - the art of summoning/conjuring creatures from other planes of existence
Domination - in a nut shell, mind control.

@marajade @dj_cuty

I haven’t decided if players should just choose which college they want or if they are assigned based on a personality assessment. Favouring the former option right now.

The 6 colleges each embody a motto, and attracts different types of students. One of the colleges does attract ‘slytherin’ esque types ;), as it favours students who are more cunning, ambitious, or underhanded (though not necessarily evil). I’m not at home right now so I can’t show you the list of colleges, but I’ll post it here later.

What age will the characters be? First years will be around 13 years old (same age as freshmen in high school). There are 5 school years in total, but the first installment will just span the first year.

Will there be romances? Yes!

Will there be family interaction? I’m iffy about this one, as it could be difficult to implement for roleplaying purposes, but yes, expect to receive correspondences from your parents (unless you’re the black sheep of the family or an orphan).

The setting is fantasy, similar to Academagia. There is technology (flying ships, clockwork, steam), but no computers or modern facilities here.

@FairyGodfeather Oh, of course the system isn’t unique to Harry Potter. I didn’t mean to imply that.

You would think that would make things just keep spiraling downwards for them! LOL! Perhaps that downward spiral is why they have their Common Room in the Dungeons!

I’ve gotta say that your game idea sounds fun, I think it can be Harryesque without going too far that way. Nice idea to have it span a year per instalment, it’ll allow relationships to be develop better (though don’t secondary schools start at 11?)

I usually start with male characters but I’m seriously tempted to try and be female and do a Hermione here, cause let’s face it, she is the most awesome character in HP.

I find with choice games less is actually more in regards to skills. The less skills you have, the more impact they can have on the game and the more use they can be.

I tend to prefer very basic systems though. Or games where your magic skills are also your attributes. Waywalker’s does that, as does 7 Winds.

There seems to be a bit of overlap between the various magic skills. (They also strike me as rather familiar.)

What is the difference between Invocation and Transfiguration? Can you cast fireballs with both of them?

What is the difference between Glyphs and Negation? They both seem to allow for protection.

Is there healing magic?

Why are Gates and Domination both forbidden magics?

Why did you choose those magics?

Will you be including same-sex relationships? That was one of my issues with Academagia.

A steampunk based magic school would go down really well, I’m sure.


Yes, I’m drawing inspiration from hogwarts but this will not be a carbon copy of the HP series.


I agree, none of the colleges should be ‘evil’, just embody different values.

Also, each college has different mandatory classes that the student must enroll in, so a student who might not be cunning/deceitful could still want to join a slytherin-esque college because the core curriculum of that college matches their interests. (Students have 5 classes in total, 3 of which are mandated by their college, and 2 are electives).

So far, the classes that 1st years can enroll in are:



Any suggestions f or more classes? Or suggestions for the removal of certain classes?

All of those sound good, maybe an option of some social clubs to be part of?

I think it makes sense for us to be assigned on a personality assessment, but it should be extensive so that we feel like it fits. (like with the Sorting Hat)

Dueling club, yo!

Maybe you could create your own style of magic

We* the player

First Snape was not evil he was a spy for the good guys and I wanted to know will there be transformation magic