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@Kronos Yes. He was evil, he turned spy after he joined Voldemort. He turned spy because he found out about the whole Voldemort wanting to kill the Potters thing, and wanted to protect Lilly. Key word Lily, not the Potters, or the magical word, just Lily.


Yeah Snape was evil but there were a bunch of other houses traitors as well. As The author says to question Why there allow slytherin exist if all are evil? She says how tell all are evil? it attract a group of selfish and cunning type of people but all people could be turned to evil Voldemort had a lot of other houses followers too.

Also if a house attracts most of turn to evil people you could control them better than they where hide i believe . I got a questions where are charms? attrition spells based in charisma or will ?


@MaraJade Just because they’re cunning does not automatically make them evil, they’re also resourceful, and have good leadership skills. The house is not for evil people, no house is for evil, or good people, it’s simply the fact that Slytherin’s are almost always pure-bloods or half-bloods, and most pure-bloods in Slytherin want to make Hogwarts Muggle-born free.


Nice good luck


@The_Ravenclaw lol you read my message? it was i try to say and Rowling Slytherin is not evil or good the ideas they have make them tend to sell interest and cunning but that don’t make them evil. Then all politicians and corporate advisors layers has to be consider evil


I like the arithmetic divination! A nice change from crystal balls, yeah.
Also, what kind of magical creatures will we be learning about?


When will there be a demo. And could you go to where you creatures with gates or banish creatures or people there.


@MaraJade Sorry, I misread your question.


Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to revamp the magic system. Instead of categorizing it by “schools” of magic, I’m going to categorize it by types of spells instead. This will allow for a simpler stat system and more interesting choices in the actual game.

So now there are 5 spell types:

  1. Charms
    (Charms are spells that “create something from nothing”, or add something to the existing properties of an object. For example, you conjure a fireball using a charm, or conjure a gush of wind to levitate you.)

  2. Negation
    (Also called “counter-spells”, Negation spells are tailored to counter spells cast by other wizards. These are usually important for countering hexes and other malicious magic, but negation can be used to counter benign spells as well.)

  3. Transfiguration
    (Transfiguration spells alter the form, appearance, or property of an existing object. Differs from Charms in that Charms alter what an object DOES, but Transfiguration alters what an object IS.)

  4. Hexes
    (Hexes are actually just a subset of Charms, but deserve their own category because they’re almost always malicious in nature, and must be targeted. Let me know if you think it would be unnecessary for hexes to have their own category.)

  5. Gates
    (Gates is an ancient and forbidden school of magic, focused around the summoning of creatures from other planes of existence and dominating them to do your bidding. I’ve decided to combine the Domination school of magic into this one, because when you summon creatures from other planes, you’re already trying to dominate them to act out your will. I find it redundant to have two forbidden types of magic.)

I would love to hear your input on this new system. It should be more familiar to HP fans.



A whole bunch! From sprites to shades to Gryphons to other weird magical hybrid creatures. I won’t go into detail, but if you take a Zoology class, you can expect to hear more about these.


Yes, I will release a demo, although the game is still in its early stages so I don’t know when it’ll be released. I have written about 70% of the total scenes (this includes random encounters / mini-scenes), but I have yet to put it in code. Luckily, the ChoiceScript engine is pretty straightforward and intuitive, so the coding isn’t the hardest part.


Just have to say that I am loving this so far. I’ve always been into games such as this and I can’t wait to try it out and eventualy buy lolz.

In regards to House systems the high school I went to had one, which made a lot of sense if you thought about it. Had around 1500 students split into 4 houses and since we had 5 years in high school on average there was 300 students in each grade and 375 of them in each house, with 75 students from each grade. And this is just on average… we usually had more than 1500 people enrolled.
The school was split like this to better take care or handle the student body. Each house had a prefect with two counselors, one being the academic leader and the other being the sports leader. Student council had a head prefect who was not a house prefect with two counselors who didn’t represent a house. It also included other things such as an artistic prefect, music prefect, treasurer, etc.
Despite not having the student body sorted into houses based on any atributes there was a definite coralation. Houses were represented as Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue each named after one of the first 4 principals. My house which was Red had most of the Artisticaly inclined students and the down to earth people. Blue had your Jocks and most of your leaders. Yellow was mainly the academics and serious types. Green was mainly your laid back guys and your average/normal people.

Anyway… enough of that.
I am liking the categorising of spells I think I’ll be going down Negation, be all like, “So you can make a big ol ball of fire huh?.. Well now you see it… now you don’t”. Would try to compensate for lack of offense by using my fists or something lol.


I prefer only feel there need a illusion or make someone mind see something there is not there and control minds jedi with style . Instead that looks awesome


I like the new revised system better. Just a few thoughts.

Charms: Wouldn’t Creation or Conjuration make more sense than Charms as a title? Can it create living things? Living things that think? Diamonds? Is it permanant?

Negation counters magic. Can you use Negation to alter other people’s spells too or is that the realm of transfiguration? Can you use it for wards? I do like the idea of a school that deals with raw magic. Is there magic energy that you can store? Can you make magic devices that other people, who don’t have magic, can use?

Transfiguration. Can you use this one on living things? Are some things easier to transfigure than others? Would healing count as transfiguration? Alchemy? Potions?

Hexes: Why make it a subset of charms? Why does intent matter? Surely all of the schools can be used for good as well as bad. Why not have destruction instead?

Thinking of destruction, what about something that deals with luck/time/fate. Be that good luck or bad luck, as well as divination. Use it to see the future, see the past, to cause things to age, to crumble and break. (Possibly also to make things new again.) To bestow both good and bad luck upon people. Making time speed up, or slow down, or just people’s perception of it. And you can stick numerology in here, with predictions of the future based upon mathematics and probabilities, the use of lucky and unlucky numbers.

Gates: I dislike the name gates. Even Planes would be better, or Dimensions. I think there may be something better than both. I agree that it’s redundant to have two forbidden types of magic. However, that means you don’t have any school of magic for dealing with people, (or animals) manipulation and their minds.

I like mind-manipulation magics, be that empathy, or mind-reading, telepathy, truth-seeing, and mind-control and emotion control. I generally go for characters focused on those sorts of things, since it pairs nicely with other social abilities.


I’m fond of noun oriented magic myself, like how gurps, ars magica, or white wolf do it, because that way there is no ambiguity, it’s not about how you do it but what you’re doing.

Mage: Prime (magic itself), forces (energy), fate, time, mind, space, spirit, life, death, and matter.

Gurps: Air, animal, food, mind control, earth, water, necromancy, plant, illusion and creation, meta (for magic itself), fire, body control, light/darkness, and sound for nouns, for verbs to refer to what you do to it: communication/empathy, healing, knowledge, making and breaking, movement, protection and warning.

Ars Magica: The nouns are animal, aquam, auram, corpus, herbam, ignem, imaginem, mentem, terram, and vim (magic), and the verbs are creo, intellego, muto, and rego.

So for example for mage, creating a zombie is death magic, making a zombie that is composed of steel and fire would be death/matter/forces.

For gurps, knowing whether a plant is edible would be knowledge plant, protecting oneself from fire would be a protection/warning fire spell.

And for ars magica, turning fire into water would be muto ignem aquam.


I love the Mage magic system. I preferred Mage the Ascension to The Awakening though. I’d love to see a Mage inspired game, preferably set in a steampunk world, with secret societies and cabals and cults, and a whole hidden world that everyone else is oblivious to.


sorry, somehow triple posted on me.


sorry, somehow triple posted on me.


@FairyGodfeather you read my mind I was thinking what magic could prepare and I don’t find any adapted to my style, all are totally offensive I want to know if i could create a cunning character with a charismatic power there don’t seem to be any mind control empathy in the idea . It’s included in charm?


@evaporate Good! I’m glad to see that you’ll be adding in other races! With such a magical setting, I would have been very disappointed if you said the only people were humans!


@FairyGodfeather @Marajade

I agree, ‘Charms’ is too ambiguous. I don’t like ‘Conjuring’ because it holds connotations of summoning/gates-related magic; similarly, ‘Creation’ implies that it’s all about creating life using magic. Would “Primal” or “Incantation” work better? I have made the inclusion criteria for this category more strict.

Primal / Incantation: spells that create something from nothing, and mostly pertains to the manipulation of elements (fire/water/nitrogen/carbon/etc). Spells are usually temporary and must be maintained by the caster, unless you create a Glyph (and then it’ll last until the caster dies). No, you can’t create living things – that falls under the realm of Transfiguration.

Negation: Sort of. You can disrupt another person’s spellcasting, but you can’t alter the spell that they cast (or make them forget how to cast the spell). However, this is different from casting a Hex on them (e.g casting a Silence hex so they aren’t able to do anything), as Negation magic is usually retaliatory, and tailored to counter specific spells/hexes/etc

Transfiguration: Yes, you can transfigure living things. Difficulty scales with complexity. It is also possible to transfigure an inanimate being into a living one, but this is very difficult.

Healing is a separate skill, but it’s not a school of magic in itself – it integrates principles from Primal/Transfiguration magic and is an applied skill. Potions is a separate skill (it also has its own class), and it requires knowledge of magical plants, but you don’t have to be a magic-user to learn to do it.

Hexes: You’re right, hexes don’t have to be malicious, but most of them are. The difference between hexes and other categories is that hexes are relatively permanent. That is, once you successfully cast a hex on someone, it’ll last until they find a way to dispel it or you die. I’ve decided to expand this category to include mind-control magics, so you can now magically influence someone using a hex (e.g. a Mood Hex to make them happier and more amenable to persuasion). Hexes are not forbidden, but the more malicious ones (domination, total mind control) are.

Arithmancy: This is the school of magic that deals with luck and numerology.

Gates: I personally like the name, but it’s probably too D&D-esque. “Metaphysics?” Since we’re traveling across dimensions and all.

And I agree, there should be mental magic or something that influences another person: I’ve tied that into the Hexes category, with the caveat that there are limits to what is considered ‘legal’ influence of another person. Hexes that completely override another person’s will is, obviously, forbidden.