Save the President (WIP)

This is my first game that I have made. However, it is not finished as I want to see what everyone in the community thinks of the game. I am willing to change anything as what I have made.

The game is about protecting the president as you take him on a diplomatic envoy to Syria.
Currently there are only 2 endings. Hopefully will add more. It’s not really a long story but I just need some testing on it.

If you would like to work with me as an author then apply at the google form link below.

Protect the president
Author Application

Current Update:
Version: 1.1 -Bug fixes

-Added another pathway of success and continues the story further

-Added some dialog to plan for trip section

-Made the enterence ending continue on.

-Of course, I don’t want to spoil the rest. So good luck and have fun!


Very interesting, to say the least. this kind of theme is very rare, and mostly action packed, so good luck with that :smile: . but the demo seems… pretty short (i know it still a demo but yeah), the introduction quite short and straight to the point, the choice is… need more detail, and is there any option for “neither” gender? and maybe adding another mission other than Syria maybe good.

Anyway, i will started following this WIP right away :slight_smile:


That’s a really quick game


Thank you! @Earl_of_Arland
@Harley_Robin_Evans Yeah I know it is kind of quick


Sounds like a hella cool game dude. Can’t wait to play it!


Good premise and mechanics

I’m looking forward to what you continue to develop from this

Although the writing could use a bit more subtlety, no one would ask “is your gender male?”


I bought everything :3 but I am late of 72 hours :laughing: which does not seem to be a issue in the game. So bug?

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I noticed that and I am fixing that immediately.

That is true. Thanks!

I like the action-focused format! This is a cool start to a project.

When you have a list of possible things you can do (i.e. all the preparations for the journey), I think it would really benefit from adding descriptions of what you do with each choice. So, when you choose “Plan out route”, it’d be great to have text describing what plans you make, who is there planning with you, and what obstacles you have to consider. This makes each step in the preparation feel more significant.

Some internal conflict would be good too, for character development. For example, maybe the President wants to take the fastest route, but security protocol says that you should take a slower but safer way. Do you openly disagree with the president, or disregard your training and do as he says?


I like the idea! I will probably consider adding those ideas to it

New update has been released. Go check it out.

Been wondered about the fact that we have 10000$. I can see that if you add everything you can purchase it makes 9000$ but you tell us to be careful with our spending which is strange when you can purchase everything. Or can we purchase other things after?


Either I might lower the money or I might end up adding more items. Not sure yet.

You update fast. 0.0
By the way, how did the president get a bullet on the foot? I thought I took the safer path. Prepared helicopter and took another route after.

I am changing that up as we speak.

By the way, I think you should do something about the backup plan because I could prepare it when I have not prepared the main plan yet. Also, in the backup plan, it says you decide to take the helicopters. Should that not be together then? The backup plan and the helicopters?

Hmm… I meant to make the backup plan after the rendezvous point. I may have to change that up. Expect that changed soon. The helicopters are used to take you to the rendezvous.

I do not understand actually. Why can we not create the back up plan before the rendezvous point? or do you mean we use it after that point? By the way, when I prepare the backup plan, I read helicopters. What was the mention for then? I mean, in the backup plan.

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To be fair, when you’re the POTUS, you can be as late as your heart’s contend

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