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Probably not. The only “friend” the MC would had during the childhood might had been Junko.


Okay, I just played 10 chapters of Book 2 and I really need to get all my thoughts down in here. Sorry if this is a wrong place, I am new here, so bare with me.
Book 2 was…a disaster. Overall, it felt like the writer was giving me their story where I could only make minor tweaks, with outcome still being the same. And it would be okay if not for one thing: Book 1 was amazing. It felt like a top tier “choose your adventure” game where your choices actually mattered. It was good and it respected your choices. I love how we could shape our character fully from the ground up and all the little interactions we had.
Book 2? It does not respect your choices. First of all, books forces you to be moody piece of shit. I understand that PC is having issues but my PC would rather say, “Fuck you Jumko, I will carve your tits off as payback”; instead, I am forced to have hots for her.
Second thing, and let’s get that one out early, we are forced to fuck Momoko. Don’t get me wrong, she is a nice character who I enjoy; but I don’t feel this way for her. I, multiple times, tried to get her and Hatch together only to end up fucking her. I even played game where Hatch saved her and pulled her from bridge while I did minimal amount of things toward her; she still has hots for me. I was literally forced to get in bed with her.
Third, I was forced to betray my boy Hatch. My second best friend after Masami. The sweetest bro you can ever hope for. If I was Jonathan, he was my Speedwagon; if I was Josuke, he was my Okuyasu. I tried time and time again to help him get it on with Momoko, only to be forced to betray him. My character, multiple times, made a point of not liking to lie and being open; if Momoko likes my PC or is lesbian, that is fine. The issue is that she never tells Hatch no and instead I bang her behind his back, pretty much.
And then there is the last point which really made me rage quit the game after chapter 9: Masami. She was by far my favourite character. She was the perfect counterbalance to my brutal and impulsive character. I will come out and say this right now: I actually want to romance her. I think that there was actual chemistry between the two. Time and time again my PC told her how bad she felt about failing as bodyguard, how sorry she was and how she will be better; to what? Be forced to not take her to theater and then abandon her during her celebration to fuck a chick I don’t care about?
If you look closely, you see a pattern: I use the word “forced” a lot. Because this is what this game does; it forces you to follow a vision of the writer. Which would be fine if this was a standalone game; there are quite a few “choose your adventure” games where your choices matter little and you kinda go, “eh, it was an okay game” after finishing it. My issue was that it was the second game after the first game, which was one of the best choose your adventure games I ever played. My issue is that I actually got invested into the first game, could not help it but to finish it in one day only to be slapped across the face by the second game. I felt like I was playing Mass Effect 3 after Mass Effect 2; I felt like I was playing an EA game after Bioware game. This game did not respect my choices because it ignored them to push me down the path the writer has chosen for me. And it would be okay if not for the fact that the first game was nothing like this and the first game respected your choices.
So, why do I write this? First, to vent. I am angry and I won’t hide it; if I was rude, I am sorry, but I really got into the game and this is why I am so angry after the second one was so…shit, honestly. Well, it wasn’t shit as it still had it good parts, pretty much everything up to the first match of Shogi was going great, but everything after felt way too forced. Like, I want Masami; I would not go to the theater if she can’t go. My character is a drinking-killing demon, she wouldn’t give two fucks about kabuki. She would rather stay and study with Masami as that would make her feel better. Back to the point though: the reason I am writing this is because I want to know one thing. Does Book 3 feel better? Is Book 3 more like Book 1 than Book 2? Will my choices be respected again? Will I interact with Masami more? Will I, maybe, have a chance to do something relatively romantic with her? Or will I be forced down the predetermined path once again, forced to act uncharacteristically and forced to fuck someone once again without caring for them?
Once again, I apologize if this is a wrong place to post this, but this is “the freshest” post for this game so this means I have a higher chance of getting an answer from here and I don’t think my post is worthy of creating a whole post of its own. But yeah, if I will potentially spend $6 on Book 3, I need to know if it gets better again. I need to know if I will finally be able to spend time with Masami again and if the game will respect my choices again. Because, as it stands right now, I don’t want to even go beyond chapter 9 in Book 2 because of how disgusted I feel.
If anyone finds time to reply to me rambling, I thank you ahead of time.


Yeah don’t bring up the Masami romance thing. That one was very controversial on this thread months ago and I believe the author had to step in and end that.

But you’re not really the only one that did not enjoy having to go behind Hatch’s back and potentially get into bed with Momoko. I know, I tried to set them up but Hatch just kept on blowing it while Momoko was never interested in him in the first place. Book Two did feel railroady but it did have a purpose to push the plot of demon hunting and the side plot of Junko further even if alot of people didn’t like it.

But as for Book 3, I’ll try not to spoil it but for most parts of the book, you do have choices that does matter because it’s a life or death situation that you will be thrown in several times. Yes, you will get more interactions with Masami, you kind of have to because you are her bodyguard first and foremost. But, sometimes you will be forced to act out of character if you’re playing a certain personality but its purpose is to show that your character is growing while some parts of the ronin’s past is revealed as well. I’d say Book 3 is better than the first two because of how grim it is and shows me just how brutal, manipulative and oppressive people can be in the land of Hyuga.


Uhhh, I don’t know what game you guys played, but you’re not forced to fuck Momo.


I said “potentially get into bed with her”. I wasn’t saying that you had to unlike that one CoG story but that’s for a different thread.


Thank you for your passion! I want to clarify that no romance in the Samurai of Hyuga series is forced, however the fact that the main character was in a prior relationship with Junko/Jun is just part of the story. It’s a great source of conflict between them!

Conflict = drama, and you describe another large source of it: in Book 2, the main character is caught in the middle of a romance between Momoko and Hatch. To summarize it, things don’t go well–whether you bed Momoko or not, the main character ends up with a healthy dose of conflict vs his/her friend Hatch. Can they work this out? Will this trial ruin their friendship or strengthen it?

^That stuff, the drama, cannot be optional. I can’t create an interesting story without it. That being said, I completely understand the perspective that some interactive fiction readers have. They want to be in control, and what I’m asking of my readers is to give up some of that control so that I can deliver the most dramatic experience I can.

It’s not an exchange everyone is willing to make, and that’s absolutely fine! As far as Book 3 goes, you can check out the free demo here. Regardless of what you do, thanks for reading!


I’ll just be sitting over here and waiting to save Junko.

Literally my main goal for this entire series at this point. I don’t care how it happens. I want to love and protect her.

Everyone who disagrees can fight me. (ง’̀-'́)ง


I want to cut Junko’s tongue out. Momoko needs to be avenged

P.S. @MultipleChoice Plz dont make us meet Momoko again. I will cry.


Well I still got the feeling that we will get to see her soon… Devon seems to love angst/dramatic moments but in my view, my Ronin need to see her since she was a friend and my Ronin worried for her as well.


Really now? Odd. There are, quite obviously, 2 clear ways you could romance Masami without her age being an issue. Just make her birthday conveniently happen and boom, she is 18. Just odd if anything. But hey, I don’t think there is anything wrong with bringing it up.


See, while I get the drama thing, drama can be done in a good way or in a bad. If I may offer criticism, this was cliche. “He likes her and he is my friend but she likes me even though I never showed any feelings for her and then she wants to get it on with me which ultimately leads Hatch to being bitter about it regardless of my choices”: this trope was done million times. And, issue is, why would I care? I am badass ronin with massive scar on my stomach from my crazy ex who travels the world to defeat demons; there is little reason for me to care about Momoko’s and Hatch’s drama, especially since Momoko is not that high on popularity list to begin with.

I am sorry if I came off as harsh, but Book 2 really had this feel to it as if I was guided by the hand. Once again, theater with Momoko: odd. If I can’t go with Masami, I would rather giver tickets to Momoko and Hatch. Me going to Momoko? Odd. I just won the tournament that Masami worked her ass off and yet I cannot tell Momoko to simply wait to spend some time with her? PC repeats how she feels like bad bodyguard and how she wants to be better and protect her more, yet it never happens; until Momoko leaves at least.

Issue is not that players want to be in control or op, no. Issue is that people want to feel like they have a choice. I still don’t see why Masami cannot be potential romance. If age is an issue, do a timeskip or suddenly make her birthday happen and boom, she is legal.

But hey, I am just sharing opinions here, don’t think like I am trying to tell you what to do. Once again, I do apologize if previous reply was bit harsh-ish since I wrote it when I, as I said, was kinda tipped off x3


Honestly from what Book One described her, she’s basically around 14-15 and that’s being far too generous with the estimated age.The series sometime has shown her to be emotionally immature which would be consistent with a pre-teenager tantrum. But like I said, even discussing this possibility is quite repulsive to some readers and bringing this up now would just cause another “discussion” that I’d rather not see again on this thread.


i mean. I know we will see her again. But think about it. after what Junko did to her. Think your heart and your MCs heart can take it?

Forgive me if im wrong. i should remember this correctly. Didnt Toshie prevent the MC from taking Masami. So from process of elimination and i dont expect Hatch to come so ill leave him out (and Basho sucks so him too), if asking him was a possibility remind me please, so wouldnt that leave only Momoko to go with you?


A resounding yes from me.

This might make me sound heartless but I wasn’t all that interested in Momoko to begin with. Her being hurt is unfortunate, but it will not stop the course she is currently on and will do anything to achieve at this point.(By her course I am referring to my MC of course)

After that revelation with Junko from the demon, my character is ready to do anything to make it up to her and save her from herself. Despite hurting Momoko in the way she did. It doesn’t matter to her if other people don’t agree with her decision, she knows it’s what she needs to do. Because she still loves Junko. :angry:


IIRC, Devon make it clear since Book 1 that this series will be a bit linear. I do love my choices that make big impact to the overall but I have come to accept that this title will be not be one of those because this was choice of the author. Although I have the same concerns as some point with the linearity, it seems the author will stand by with it. I do love the story and the characters so I will continue on with the series.

It is quite easy to say this and that but in my view, if author could do so, he will make it happen but if the author can’t make it work, then it is best to decide if you as a reader want to continue on with the series or not. It is quite unfortunate to lose readers and I think Devon understand that but you can’t really cater to everyone’s taste.

But overall, the age issue with Masa has been discussed since Book One and I don’t think we will be productive since the author have already step in on Masa and them being a RO so it’s best that we leave it at that.


Then we must agree to disagree. You save Junko and i kill Junko. Agreed?


See, this is the issue though; why would I want to go with Momoko? MC is not someone who likes theaters and I never made it a point that I like Momoko so, like, it just felt forced.


I mean, I did not know that this was brought up before since I picked the game up 4 days ago. SO, you know? Still, I do think that not including her in as RO is just, well, short-sided at best. Will I bash creator for it? Not really, no. Will I very vocally disagree with this decision and tel me whys though? Absolutely.
Though, guess this means that I will have to romance Junko or be alone forever. After all, Momoko is just too bland while Toshie…I honestly don’t see her loving anyone but her Emperor.


Understandable since reading thousands of post is quite daunting. The age issue has been debated various time that it borders to derailing the topics so we try stop any post rehashing the issue further since there’s a search function for those curious about the debates so we apologize if we cut off the issue as soon as possible. It would be probably helpful if Devon has a FAQ in his website to help the newcomers though.

I cannot understand Masa’s appeal to be honest but it is really unfortunate to those who are interested with them. As for Toshi, it’s very hard to gauge but I did enjoy the moments my Ronin have with them throughout the series specially in Book 3. We have three books left so I hope for the best, what I do know: Devon is not a romance writer so I don’t get my hopes too high. :joy: I would probably expect shonen level romance but not shoujo type romance. :smiley:


Personally, I feel like the next three books are going to have a span of one year seeing what Satusma said in Book One when we met him at the temple. So if my hunch is correct, then we’re probably going to see more action and romance, especially the demon slaying job we kind of have to do. But yeah, this series seems to lean on more towards the action and the character development of the ronin and those around him so I wouldn’t expect too much for the romance either. I mean, they’re pretty tricky to write from what I’ve seen because you’d have to make sure the chemistry between a couple would be natural and if there’s no chemistry then it’s pretty much a bad romance.