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You don’t watch anime, do you?


The final word on Masami/Masashi is simply this: because they are depicted as an underaged character, there will be no intimate scenes without some sort of timeskip involved. That said, there will still be plenty of other scenes between the kid and the ronin without a timeskip.

One thing I’d like to reiterate is that Samurai of Hyuga is a series of hopefully six books. That’s an epic, and I hope readers understand that its relative linearness (by CYOA standards) isn’t just due to author preference, but to story necessity. I cannot have far-branching choices when I have several books left to go. I wouldn’t be able to create coherent stories if I did!

Huge, world-shaping branches along with good endings, bad ones and even harem ones–these are all things I’d love to write. But there’s only one place I can put them, and that’s at the end after all the build-up is in place and the actors are in order. I hope I’ve managed to explain why!


Three cheers for harem ending.


And why is that your conclusion?


Because you can’t see the drawl of a tsundere and that there is a prominent Lolita following. If you know the anime troups, you can see the main cast fills those. Masa is a tsundere, toch a kuudere, hatch a deredere, momoko is a dandere, and Jun a Yandere. This is a pretty anime styled game, all the stuff you’re complaining about is involved in anime too.


I’m getting Masa RO war flashbacks.


Nah nah, I’m going for the yandere, I can’t afford a harem. Heck I might not be able to afford the yandere.


Really not sure how that relates to whatever I have said. I mean, for once, Samurai of Hyuga is not anime…and we can pretty much stop the whole thing at that.


I don’t want to be forced to love Junko but at the same time I cannot discount the importance of their past relationship history and how it creates drama in the present and how this drama stirs reactions and change in the characters. But I do kind of wish there would be some choice to make about something in their past, to feel more invested in it rather than being completely told what happened and accept it to be something your ronin would do.

On the other hand the story does seem to be heading towards overcoming a dark past and maybe the potential choices that the Present Day ronin can make compared to their desperate murderous former self, but who knows…

Probably an unpopular opinion but I kind of like Momoko and certainly at the very least care more about her than I do for Junko, simply because I got to know her better while Junko is… kind of shallow. They have a hold over the MC but I never feel as though they’ve earned authority on defining and influencing the MC, rather we’re simply just told how major they are.

Or maybe its just my ingrained personal bias against Jun(ko) but I’m trying to learn to accept that while I personally don’t care for them, my ronin obviously does harbor strong feelings. This dissonance is bothersome but bearable - I still like this series even if I have no sentimentality towards Junko because I remain invested in the story and the other main characters.


I get the feeling we’re going to learn way more about her and our characters past in the next book. I’m not really good at typing out long messages and detailing why I think this. But it is a serious feeling I have. Perhaps he will also give us a few flashback scenes in which we can choose how we reacted or did something when we were younger with her.


i dont think its a matter of what you want. What else can your MC do besides the theater, drink the days away but they already have the tickets and nobody but Momoko can go. Plus, iirc and tell me if im wrong, youre going to the theater to get info on saburo since Basho basically outright tells you he is there and he is your final opponent, youre just bringing someone along for the sake of not wasting a ticket and the scene paints it as everyone put their expectations on the MC to choose so it could be said the MC felt as if they had to since they had two tickets.

I think most of us felt that way at one point about Junko. I think we will regret that once we dive into the MCs past.


I don’t know if I’m the first to say this but is jun/ko one of the 6 evil spirits? I fell like if he/she is one of the six she’d be the last :+1::smiley:


Well, first of all, I can spend time training or with Masami. Second of all, yes, but it really felt off how…romantic-ish the whole thing felt.


You cant be with Masami because no doubt Toshie would stop you and the MC may interrupt whatever Masami did to improve her shogi. I dont think the training would work for two reasons, you’re very very injured and the shinsengumi are around, thatd most likely end with your MC being dead or arrested. We only want that for Junko turns head toward @MultipleChoice , only for Junko. The whole scene wasnt meant to be romantic for the MC but then Momoko left obvious clues to how she felt so it changed the whole thing. Id like to say it was meant to throw you off, id think it merges you and your MC a bit, both of you felt off about the whole thing.


Wasn’t Bashõ trying to manipulate the events ? Iirc when you invite Hatch, he interrupts you and tells him that he needs him to fix his boat


Personally I believe he was manipulating the ronin all of these time whenever he showed up in a scene.

Still going to torture and kill him slowly though.




At the end of the day, there will be situations you can’t get out of. You can’t really expect a game written by one person throughout the course of a year or so to offer you endless possibilities. The plot has to move on and your character will be in situations less than ideal.

I feel the same way everytime I’m forced to interact with Toshio (that massage scene is still traumatizing). I wish there was an option to just send him away, but I’m not going to demand that because obviously, he is an important character that will play an essential role in the story. And so is Momoko. We had to go on that “date” but at least there is always the possibility to decide how your ronin feels about it.

Yes, I think he was manipulating the whole thing. But why would Basho want us to go with Momoko? For the drama? Is he really that bored? :sweat_smile:


Manipulating people and situations around him to suit his own wishes just because he’s bored? Basho could very well turn out to be quite a scary person…


It was to get the to island, and see actor. Momoko was for fun