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What if Basho is actually one of the demons that tricked us into killing the other demon? That would be some next level manipulation shit right there.


I think Basho is going to end up being one of the demons… maybe he thought the Baron would take care of the gang and that’s why he helped them get there


Or he might had something to gain from the Baron’s death? From what I assume, all of these demons are working independently with their own end games in mind. Shiroyama wanting to control and corrupt Jijinto with the opium, the Baron with the memories and Shatao with the Emperor and Hyuga.


i dont put it past Basho. Maybe he is the very last demon and we are playing into his hands, who knows. I dont trust him so i assume he will be a large part of the evil we have to stop


What was the MC’s scar from Junko in the Japanese script?


Iirc “obedient child”


67c56451-1ccb-4c99-8baf-d2e7e363aa03 accidentally found this in my reaction gif stash and instantly got reminded of Jun/MC situation.


In samurai of hyuga 3, there a part where you can choose to ask the source of the Hells Release Style and the Sense mentions orphans. Can someone explain?


Basically it is believed as a child when the Sensei found the ronin, the ronin was taught the Hell’s Release style but the price of learning such power was that… The ronin as a orphan killed the others and ate them. However, it isn’t clear how the cannibalism would help one attain the Hell’s Release Style.


I don’t see any mention of cannibalism in the book?


Because it isn’t mentioned just like that. Remember what the Sensei said to the ronin after you pick the option to ask about it, it is heavily implied that it did happen.


I remember what he said. He said the source of power were the orphans. I thought he meant because he killed them all or something


Well we’re probably going to get more information on what did happen in Book 4 since the ending happened. And apparently the ronin has two things that he/she wants to do during that. Find Jun/ko and get back the Hell’s Release Style.


In Book 3, both the answers to the source of the Jigoku and why Junko/Jun wasn’t chosen as the heir are only vaguely alluded to. These will both be answered more thoroughly in Book 4!


I can’t believe it’s already (almost) been a year! Time really does fly


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Of course that drama can’t be optional, but that’s where stuff outside of the player control happens or where you’re put in a situation of the organic, natural choices lead themselves to drama without forcing you to it.

[spoiler]You can tie Momoko having the hots for you with you being a good friend with Hatch. that way it doesn’t feel that she’s forced to fall for you. And if you’re not a good friend with Hatch, then the drama itself is void cause you don’t care about him

Give the choice to be clear about your intentions, it might lessen the drama, but you can still have Hatch resent you for it. [/spoiler]

But at the end, there is a particular drama that’s forced regardless of the circumstances, and its one that could be easily avoided. It’s like a history that instead “oh, the analgesics for your pain made you addict to opioids OR your untreated pain makes you lash out and hurt the people around you” goes “oh, you decided to try heroin for shits and giggles”

At the end of the day is your story and you do as you please, but I think that kind of forced situations not only hurt the gameplay, but also the story itself by creating an inconsistent character in certain routes, and if you were to read as a book (following that particular route) it would be a bad story with inconsistent characters


Hey there , just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite games ever and on top of the list of those I happily spend my money on . :slight_smile: I like the realism that makes it immersive- personally , I find a lot of the games on choice of games too…politically correct? Tame ? I don’t know , basically it often feels as if we are reading about some fantasy , ideal world where everything is accepted and where stuff that actually happens such as racism , homophobia, prejudice, rape etc doesn’t happen. I really appreciate how reading this game feels like reading about the real world rather than some PC version.

I know some writers give up on that because of the commentary they receive from readers that insist on seeing a conspiracy in everything - all I can say is that regardless of any of my past experiences, I didn’t get a feeling anything was handled in an insulting or discriminatory way. Plus I don’t see why anyone would actually keep a head count of whether the characters that die are male or female (I guess bc I actually don’t discriminate based on gender lol ).

Furthermore , I am far more irritated when such issues are ignored and when the writers set up perfect worlds in which they are avoided like the plague- firstly, because I can’t relate to such stories or find them entertaining and it’s like reading children’s books, and secondly because pretending it doesn’t happen feels kind of derogatory when it’s about things you see happening all the time.

To each one their own, though - there are plenty of games out there that portray ideal worlds, but I am so very delighted this one is not one of them and please , keep it that way . Tacking on more trigger warnings should satisfy everyone. xD


Hey, been searching for a bit now but after 10 playthroughs or more on samurai of Hyuga book 3, I can’t help but ask, Is there any way to save Ige from dying at the end? If not, when’s the next book coming out? This ending was truly a cliff hanger as it kinda left me wondering if the ronin would be able to rekindle romance and befriend his friends again. Also, I really hate Junko now. She really is the cause of all the ronin’s problems in my eyes. Hope she dies soon :smiley:


No, there’s no way to save Ige and as for the release date, just a reminder that we don’t ask for updates from authors (please read the FAQ). It will be release when the author is ready for it to be release.