Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)



Same here this is why this is my favorite COG on this site besides wayhaven chronicles and mass mother murder.wish their were more dark and gritty stories on here.


Lost my replay count trying to maintain 100% attunement. So easy to lose chunks of it, so difficult to gain it all back.

That ending still hurts, looking forward to where the story will go next, if the MC can be persuaded to resume demon hunting after leaving their group and going solo. Who knows where Book 4 will start off and how much time has passed since Book 3.

Why does General Shatao speak so oddly - is it because he’s in pain from the wings?

Does attunement undermine the Jigoku Itto Ryu - if so is it inherently stronger or weaker?


Probably. Or it’s just one of his weird character traits.

And I really want to say no to the second question but I can’t be sure on it. I get a feeling that the attunement is more like staying within your character’s true self but I could be wrong.


I actually dreamt about playing Book 4 (in visuals and text), although it followed an alternate set of events where Hatch was the one to die instead of Ige. Now that would have been devastating, I already feel pretty bad for the poor guy, in my most recent playthrough of Book 3 the MC attacked and scarred his face. Add to that my MC’s tryst with Momoko, the woman he proposed to.

Can’t wait to see him again in Book 4, he was left in a pretty interesting new position, I wonder how he’ll develop from there.

Can anyone explain Hatch’s mindset at the end of Book 3 when he became so mellow towards the MC?


Well I would assume that Hatch finally found his path. His spirit animal was a small horse but the horse also had some armor on it from what Hatch said in Book 3, and the fact that it told him that Hatch needed to learn how to wield a katana from the MC. All of these clues that were provided to us seems to hint towards Hatch having a bigger role in Hyuga now that Shatao is dead and perhaps Hatch was always destined to take the role.


I read that Book 4 will be focusing on the MC’s past and give more insight into Jun/ko, which makes me pretty excited. I’ve been curious about who the MC used to be and the context of their prior relationship with Jun/ko.


I just wanted to check if anyone else kinda…overlooks Jun/ko’s behavior. They’ve cut the MC open, tried to slash the kids neck, cut momokos’ tongue out and I’m just like well…they are crazy


No please no the Jun/ko discussion again Dx


Seriously! Last time it happened, the author had to shut it down personally. And all points for both sides were already said so at this point, it’d be like beating a dead horse.


Don’t beat a dead horse


Yep, it’s don’t feed a fed horse now, kids!


That was a thing :joy:. Wow lol. I’ll have to go read the comments


I wonder what will become of Daisuke given his determinant status.


Best guess is that he’s sticking around with Nishi, Borgia and the kid. I got a feeling that the ninja is going to be either discreetly following us or he/she’s going to be sticking by the Emperor. If not, then with the group.


According to the twitter feed preview the first chapter of Book 4 will be titled ‘Our First Winter’.

If I recall correctly winter was approaching towards the end of Book 3, perhaps upon its arrival the MC in their pursuit of Jun/ko recall some significant event between them and that particular season the first time it occurred for them together - could it be a flashback with choices?.


I actually saw all of the released chapter titles on Devon’s Twitter a couple of days ago and it makes me feel like Book 4 is possibly going to be heavy on the flashbacks to the ronin’s past with Jun/ko and it also seems like we are going to see Jun/ko pretty early in the story as well from what the chapter titles seemed to imply.


I’m really excited to see the history between the two and learn more about what life was like with sensei.


Same!! I want to learn more about my ronin’s childhood


So cool, a different approach. If the majority of Book 4 will be an extended flashback then will there be time left to slay the next demon?


Only Chapter 1 takes place entirely in the past. After that, there will be a few flashbacks but they’re just small asides. The vast majority of Book 4 takes place in the story’s current time frame.