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Like @No_This_Is_Patrick said, some characters are gender flip depending on your interest. Here are the characters with their variation:

(M) /(F)
Jun / Junko
Toshio / Toshie
Masashi /Masami

I can’t seem to remember if Kohaku has a different name if they are female. Could anyone clarify?


It’s Kohaku if the character is female so I guess it doesn’t change.


Is it just me or is there no reason behind losing the Jikogu?


In my opinion, the fox demon did something to the Ronin that sealed away our memories. There must be a catalyst in order to master Jigoku like @Fate880 said. Something very traumatic that trigger the power of the technique.

Evidence to this would be when

we were unable to use the said technique when we tried to use it to save Ige which we failed to do so. :crying_cat_face:


I restarted the game 3 times to save Ige but that little fucker keeps getting his head chopped off.


That’s because saving him is impossibe. He will die no matter what you do.


:joy: how inconsiderate of him.


You might wanna hide that under a spoiler. But yeah, he dies in a most brutal way whether you teach him to kill or live.


Nah. They’ll definitely have it much easier of they do choose to chase someone, and if it were only hookups you might have a point but everyone falls head over heels for the protagonist, and that’s not just sexual attraction which would be more justifiable


who says im talking about sexual attraction¿?, a good looking boy or girl will always be more attractive to people, more easy to meet people and more easy to get “that” someone, it has always been the case…and i dont see it changing much in a future.


Hmmm, I don’t think Toshio, Momoko, Kohaku, or even Jun likes the MC because of looks. Sure, the MC is described as oddly attractive, iirc, but the attraction is not based on the looks - if it was, Momoko who is described as shapely and practically gorgeous, should be even more attractive to the characters.

But sure, I agree with you that good looks are more appealing to people in general and in real life. I just don’t think it applies to the MC in this book.


Yeah easier, not “I do nothing and everyone freaking loves me regardless of my actions”


love and attraction are very different things


I bought and finished the game today and I must say that it made me feel some things.

Exhausted and desperate are a few of those things, but only because my MC felt that way.

I also felt really out of it when my character…forgot something…like I couldn’t get back into character and ended up losing a lot of attunement, but it also makes sense for my MC to just not act like herself after losing such an important piece of her past. In a bizarre way, I felt like all the mistakes I made and all my bad choices just worked with the narrative and the characters (even if I do regret the outcome)

In the end I felt really justified on the naming of my save games:
Book 1-Yuko f*cked up
Book 2-Yuko can’t catch a break
Book 3-Junko?

and now I’m really excited to see where my train wreck of a main character will end up in the next book.


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Note: There’s still going to be a public demo of Book 4 posted here on the forums a couple months prior to book release (estimation: early 2019). The demo is a great way to build hype and awareness, and I’m more than happy to do it. These early access chapters are just a way I can thank generous fans.


If I can be painfully honest in my opinion, I absolutely hate the idea of paying a creator on patreon to get Early Access to something. Even if it’s just rough drafts or something that is heavily a WIP.

And while I understand the support helps you. I would rather pay to let everyone get to see those considering I understand the fact that not everyone can support you considering their financial situations and I feel like they shouldn’t be left out of that sort of thing.

But that’s my own view. I am sure most people would probably disagree with me. Either way, hope it works out. I love your books.


While I know how much it sucks to not be able to afford to pay a creator monthly, they do need to get paid for taking time away from working to do all this. And most of it, he is offering early access—not no access. So people will get to see things, just not as early as the patrons. I tend to think of patreon as supporting the author so that they can afford to dedicate more time to create their works more than what I’ll get out of it. I know that’s not how others see it, and that they’ll want something for their efforts every single month. So he has to entice people to support him somehow.



If I had any :worried:


“So, as I Pray—
Unlimited Interactive Fiction Works!”


Do you think the MC had any childhood friends during their training under Sensei?