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I don’t understand why Tosh and Masa refused to tell MC the truth after MC lost her memory. Anyone?


I think they think it was for the best. I kind of expect this situation to crop up in this kind of situations. This also happens in all the books and manga I read, in the movies I have seen so I was not annoyed too much. XD

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Probably because MC happier and smiling more thanks to the lost bad memories. Though, imo, it’s pretty stupid considering we got hungry wolf from the past who chase us :unamused:


I have a quote that sum this all up:

The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them. -J.K. Rowling

To be fair, even the wises one (Dumbledore) kept secrets so I wouldn’t get past Toshi makes the same decision. Really selfish but it goes to show that the characters do commit mistakes which I love seeing in CoGs/HGs. :smiley:


That’s the implication I’m afraid. Needs must when the devil drives…


Wow that was in there? I haven’t read the first book in a very long time.


It was in book 3… You either get to know this or the stuff about Jun/ko…


Oh I think i got Jun


Have you ever been to japan? Just wanted to know.


Thanks for that review! Junko/Jun’s character will be explored to a much greater extent in Book 4. And the issues with Masami/Masashi and Momoko will definitely be addressed.

One of these days I will! My uncle was in Japan for a business event, and had a terrific time. I think what amazed him the most was the food service. Definitely interesting how they’re very high-tech in some areas while old-fashioned in others. He brought me back a bottle of plum wine that didn’t last long!

On an unrelated note, I’m finally getting around to working on t-shirts for the series. If any of you have any preferences for the artwork you’d like to wear, please give me your feedback on the fanart thread:


Yep…you ate them…congrats…

To be fair in a world of rape and murder, eating corpses to survive starvation is probably the less of evils…


Does anyone else get a distinct Guts vibe from a Brutal, Stoic, and Drifter MC or is that just me devouring myself while I wait for Miura to update?


Glad to hear that! Junko/Jun’s character is definitely a a complex one; though people wouldn’t be really in the wrong if they decided that the character is a rabid dog that needs to be put down, I think you’ve provided enough incentive throughout the 3 current books to allow the possibility of people thinking differently to exist.

For example, the brief glimpse of the Jigoku losing its hold on her at the beginning of the 2nd book (seen through the shifting colors of her eyes). That meant that there was still some semblance of a Jun/ko not warped by the Hell’s Release under the madness. Of course, it doesn’t last long and the character proceeds to attack Masashi/mi but it exists. I liked that - at most, a character suffering from madness like Jun/ko is won’t have a lot of moments of clarity, so it made sense that even if there was a glimpse of the “real” character, it would be brief at most.

Of course, that’s before Book 3 happens and Jun/ko attacks Momoko and determines they are going to become a demon, but I do agree with what others have said that it’s not something that probably shouldn’t be taken literally… but who knows?

One thing I wanted to ask, though. Since Book 4 will heavily feature Junko/Jun as a main character, will they be cover art characters? It would be interesting to see what kind of mental image you have of them, appearance-wise. I personally imagine Junko to vaguely resemble Shura from Soul Calibur IV in terms of looks and personality, since both characters are surprisingly close in terms of concept. Probably with an outfit not as skimpy as Shura’s, though.


I’ve got a cover art in mind, though that decision is still months away. I never played Soul Calibur IV but I am very excited for VI. I’m a Mitsurugi main (not a big surprise there!).


So I just finished and… Good book, bad game.

Good : The plot is interesting, the atmosphere is great, the characters are great, their interactions are lovely but their relationships feel rushed because there is a lot going on backstage (all the bonding that happens after weeks of traveling and so forth), the backstory…

Badish? The character being a magnet. It doesn’t matter if you’re charming or stoic, pervert or chivalrous, the MC is a damn magnet… Even if you try to avoid it… Which ties up with the game aspect, I’ll get back to this

On the game side it was great the thoughts and feelings that were defined by earlier choices, and the deduction part was also interesting… But utterly meaningless, as pretty much every choice you make (besides one survival at a given point)

At the end I felt that every choice I made was utterly meaningless:
It doesn’t matter if you fail to deduce or observes certain things, things end up pretty much the same and someone picks the slack
It doesn’t matter if my character would be “this is pointless I’ll just kill you demon, not one of playing games”
It doesn’t matter how my MC is, he always “ticks all the boxes” for… Pretty much everyone?
It doesn’t matter how good or bad you do in combat, you will win
It doesn’t matter what strategy you’ld like to pick for a certain situation, you have no choice
It doesn’t matter if you take care to protect your companions or not, they end up the same

And I understand that you railroad a certain outcome for the sake of the story, but when the only gaming aspect are choices… You’re completely destroying the gameplay aspect

I enjoyed it, but only because my MC was more or less attuned with the path you laid, at the times it wasn’t the case… Well, not really


Can anyone explain what the Hell release style, and the jigoku itto-ryu are?


I’m not sure if there is one definite answer. To my understanding it’s this monstrous swordman style that makes the wielder of katana become one with the sword. To lose yourself was the definition of it. Through Sensei and Jun/Junko it can be seen though that if you overuse Jigoku it will drive the person to madness.

I think it was mentioned it also leaves one with perpetual lust for bloodshed and, this might be just my speculation, with horrible nightmares. .

Although to me it sounds like one also first has to undergo something very traumatic to learn Jigoku itto-ryu? I think it was mentioned that Ronin’s source of power for Jigoku comes when she was forced to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Now this last part is just my thinking again, but Jun/Junko’s might come from the trauma by what their father did to them and why they use it so much.

Sorry the answer got bit long and not even sure I explained it the way you wanted :no_mouth:


i agree with all you said except this part, a good looking boy or girl will be a magnet always whether they are charming or stoic, you cant see the personality of a person until you know them, what attract someone at first sight is theyr looks… :wink:


Why do you call her Jun/Junko as opposed to just Junko?


Junko if they are a girl and Jun if they’re a guy. Their gender will change depending on if your attracted to guys or girls.