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Every time through. Not that it helps at all.


From what I do understand is that it doesn’t really matter how you teach Ige, he’s still going to die every time you play. But Daisuke’s death is definitely 100% avoidable if you know how he prefers to fight. (Hint. With a spear. He’s a monster with it.)


I tried it on one of my playthroughs. I felt like a monster for doing it.

I prefer Ige innocent in the end. For me it gives a sense that as a teacher I didn’t cross a line and let myself become like the old sensei but because my MC didn’t cross that line and Ige ends up dead (even though he ends up dead regardless) it feels like a question at the end for my MC, should he have been harder and more ruthless in training and what was the price of being softer. Or you could go vice versa having Ronin believe that you were too hard on Ige making him blood thirsty and careless. Either way my Ronin blames himself.


I have chosen to teach ige how to kill , i mean it does make sense to me , it’s a “kill or be killed” competition , i don’t think you will go to a battle without being ready to fight/kill in order to survive , sorry if you think I’m insensitive😓 , i just saw it more fitting to the plot …just my opinion
BTW what will happen with masashi if you choose otherwise , i ended up with his feet on my back :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hey now dont apologize everyones got a different way of playing if u prefer to teach ige how to kill thats cool to and it also makes sense for ur MC :slight_smile:


I love this game and all the last ones. Whenever I go to Japan I think of this story and constantly talk about it :joy:


I finished book 3 some days ago and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I remember seeing it around the time it released and thinking I’d get around to playing it soon and then forgot about it until just recently.

I guess thas was from a loss of interest on my part during the last quarter of Book 2. I loved the shogi tournament and everything, but there’s something in the Baron section that just doesn’t agree with me… which is really weird because I had a blast with the murder mystery at the beginning.

I think it was really well done. I’m not an expert or anything, but I think it was a very solid attempt at shifting the genre for a bit. Moreover, I think it ends just before fatigue can truly set in so that’s good and doing different things from time to time can be a perfect way to shake things up a bit and explore different narratives.

I will agree with those that some romances are generally slightly rushed, though. Toshie was the most egregious example in this book: while there’s a nice touch in the beginning if you get 100% Deduction and 100% Observation, the romance goes from 0 to 100 around the midway point of the book and I think it would have been much better if those scenes had been built up during the whole book and if they had to happen at all in 3, they should have been near the end.

I still hope to see more of Kohaku in the future!

As for Hatch, I’m very much liking the direction his development is taking. He’s clearly maturing in Book 3 and it shows in the second part: discarding his identity of Hatch in public places is truly a selfless act to save all those villages from a leaderless horde of samurais; once the dust settles, only those in the know will be aware of Shatao’s true identity and Hatch will have few moments where he’s allowed to drop the mask he willingly took up. Gotta hand it to him, he doesn’t do things by halves. I didn’t think much of him in Book 1 but boy, did I love having to reevaluate my opinion of him!

Can’t wait for Book 4, especially because we’re getting a lot of Jun(ko) in that one. I’ve read a good part of the thread and I can see why people want to kill her or try to save her. I’d prefer to save her myself and I hope that’s possible (if it’s in the cards and it doesn’t happen in the next book); my main save has my MC ronin still carrying a huge torch for her so I hope she’s a RO. However, I don’t want Junko to get scot free of everything she’s done. The things she’s done, like attacking Masashi/mi and cutting off Momoko’ s tongue, need to be addressed even if we’re given the option of saving her from herself (or trying to, at least).


Maybe I missed something but where does it say (or imply) that the MC is a child of rape? I read comments that this was said early in book 1, but I can’t seem to find where.


When Tosh tells them what their spirit animal is. Tosh asks when they were born and MC implies it was nine months after a group of samurai ravaged their village.


@pimenita Wasn’t it pirates who ravaged Genfu, after the samurais moved out ? isn’t that why the MC hates samurais so much, even sensei used to call the MC the offspring of a pirate’s whore


So they are not the same? Uh. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Definitely was a child of rape. A pirate raped the mother of the MC which is a very touchy subject for the MC him/herself. Even nearly snapped at Toshie for trying to imply it but the kid pretty much put Toshie in her place at the Baron’s island. Jun/ko was also implied to have been sexually abused by their father too.


I’ll find a way to save and protect you Junko! :sob:

But yes, this is also what I had assumed considering what I remember. I kinda wanna wait till Book 4 till I replay the whole series. :sweat_smile:


Gosh, someone please confirm me what the MC meant by the orphanage scene.
The thought of cannibalism (@Sneaks @iMadeYouReadThis) is just too much for me. It really disgusted me out for a good portion of time, so much that I almost decided to abandon the book and my MC.
I thought that the orphanage scene simply meant that the MC killed all the older children because they took away all the food, not…


If that is what you call a downer, im terrified to see your version of a tragedy.


Hmmm, another question…
If the sensei that the MC fought in Book 3 was just an illusion projected from the MC memories, how would he know the answers to her questions (i.e. Jun being sexually harassed as a kid) if the MC doesn’t know them herself?
Or does that mean that the MC already knew the answers but refuses to acknowledge them.


@Querida it’s even worse, if we’re talking about the kitsune scene it’s implied that the MC used to eat dead orphans.
Also iirc the kitsune had mind reading abilities, so he could’ve just skimmed through the ronin’s memories


please tell me I’m not the only one grossed out by this… gosh!


It disturbs me a bit…yes… Ever since Book One , the author did mention gore and violence so it slightly dampen the blow. ^^; I am just glad that it was not too graphic.


Errr, nope. I was very disturbed by it as well.
I knew that there was gore and violence involved, but I didn’t expect the novel to turn “Hannibal (the cannibal)” all of a sudden.