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Ah! This poll just shows what I’ve always known: Firefly is the best Spirit Animal. I’m glad my fellow Hyugars agree with me.


I remember out of all my stats having the highest Stoic, so I chose Striped Snake instead as a spirit animal to increase my Finesse. :relaxed: But anyway, I love my stoic ronin. He is the best. (I don’t have much in common with my charming girl, the other ronin that I play, though her dialogue sometimes sounds better. But stoic ronin gets to echo my own thoughts more often).


For both male and female MCs, I prefer Wild Boar. My ronins tend to be brutal and overall bad people, but they always get their most dangerous when their tsundere employer is involved. That’s likely the closest thing they’ll ever have to a child right there and they’ll rip your throat out if you threaten them.



I usually go for Calculated and Finesse so… Yeah… Alligator>Striped Snake>(The others)

Thats just my opinion, of course.


My highest stat is “perverted”, but “brutal” is pretty high too, so I choose the Wild Boar, as was said before, the dialogues of this spirit are awesome and also his outfit screams badass.



Alligator all the way!!


My ronin’s highest stat is brutal but I chose the barn swallow (impulsive) instead because I love the idea of a brutish, debauched killer having a cute lil bird as their spirit animal.


I choose Inu my first playthrough (Cuz Cuuute).

I choose Chipmunk the second time because I wanted my Ronin to be The Best Bodyguard Ever and I thought protective was the best stat for that


The first ronin I did has firefly. The second one is chipmunk because it’s too cute.


I was the chipmunk first cause my main MC is so flipping protective and just wants to prevent bad things from happening to her merry band…but then I found out about the pretty kimono and light saber…thus I had to. >\\>*


My main playthrough is akita. I like the symmetry between the MC’s noble pup and Jun(ko)'s vicious wolf.

Also dogs are the best


I struggle between Firefly and Snow Monkey. Do I want to be classy when teasing my comrades and easily slick, or do I want to be flat out lewd and make everyone uncomfortable making the reactions more worth it?


I just finished the game and boyyy do I feel like a crappy ronin! My poor akane is going back to her old ways. :sob:


Somethings wrong with the app, when I choose choice only mode but instead it’s text input. Please can u sort it


Please send your concern with CoG email support. They are the ones who handles app issues and also relay concerns to the author for any revisions/corrections. =)


Simply incredible :smiley:


Hi everyone , i know I’m late , i was hiding in the shadow reading your comments and feedbacks :sweat_smile::joy:
So i decided to show up and shar my opinion
First i noticed how some of us disagree with the author , i was at first but then i said hey devon is a clever author and never failed to amaze us , so it’s impossible to imagine he will do something to offend the readers , i have faith and I’m happily waiting for book 4 :blush:
And about some funny moment i noticed about tosh in book 2 they were all against romance (matchmaking) and suddenly become "i Love you " with the MC , what a hypocrite :joy::joy: , speaking of which , the mc mentioned this word somewhere in book 3 when they were talking about nishi, i suppose masa finally explained it to them


So I’m curious. Has anyone here chosen to teach Ige how to kill all the way through? I chose that on my playthrough and I was left with a thought “what have I done?”. Srsly considering playing it again so I’ll stop my ronin from destroying Ige’s innocence;;
On the other hand it gives pretty good picture how brutal their sensei was…


My Ronin didn’t teach Ige on how to kill. I just don’t want him to be killer. Though my Ronin is currently second guessing her decision. :cry:


Yes I did once I thought that might save Ige, but since he dies anyway, I prefer to let him keep his innocence..