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Actually that does make me curious what Spirit Animal people choose. Has there been a poll before?


Probably in the previous books I think but so far, no poll yet in this thread. XD

Mine is still a Firefly. =)


Another chipmunk over here. But I can’t say it would be impossible to beat a pony or swan. We just have to unite together and swarm them like termites. And change our diet from nuts, veggies and small insects to bigger creatures. We will rule by outnumbering our opponents!


Then lets do this! Which Spirit Animal is your Favorite?

  • Barn Swallow (Impulsive)
  • Alligator (Calculated)
  • Snow Monkey (Perverted)
  • Akita Inu (Chivalrous)
  • Firefly (Charming)
  • Giant Salamander (Stoic)
  • Spider Crab (Drifter)
  • Chipmunk (Protective)
  • Wild Boar (Brutal)
  • Striped Snake (Finesse)

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Chipmunk is my absolute favorite but I also really liked the Akita Inu. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS LITTLE FACE?? But I really liked the part in book 2 where Masi tries to guilt you because you ate a swan and you could just deadpan said “I’ve totally eaten Chipmunks before” I have no idea why but that really made me laugh.


I have played both Akita Inu and Chipmunk…I love both, but I find the Akiba Inu is more fitting for my Ronin…plus I’m a dog person (raised basically with German Sheperd) :smile:


My MC are very good with his tongue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, so I always pick the firefly as my spirit animal :grin:
Not to mention the fact that the firefly can transform your katana into a lightsaber, what’s not to like?


Striped Snake deserves more love!


The amount of Snow Monkeys is a lot smaller than I was initially expecting…

Whatever. I’m proud to be a Snow Monkey.


I seem to be the only Giant Salamander, makes me feel special having a stoic ronin.


It does WHAT?! … I gotta try Firefly…

Also no Spider Crab Love? :thinking: Watch it secretly be the coolest spirit animal.


Can we just replace Spirit Crab with a Wolf or something? :sweat_smile:


I’m over here shamelessly living that razorback life.

All other spirit animals must pay heed to the superiorty that is the razorback lifestyle.


Wild Boar all the way.:sunglasses:


There are alot of Fireflys. XD


Lots of Charming Ronins out there!


I’m a barn swallow. Very implusive lol


My ronin’s spirit animal is a Salamander, which is very stoic.



For anyone who aspires to be a writer, or is currently in the creative process, I hope that you all will work your hardest to tell your story exactly the way you want to. You owe that to yourself and your precious characters. Anything short of that is not worth the blood, sweat, and tears you will undoubtedly invest into your masterpiece.


Striped Snake and Firefly FTW, y’all. Snow Monkey for top runner up.


My favorite is the Wild Boar without a doubt. The fierceness of the Wild Boar dialogues is badass.


“My spirit is going to rip your damn pelt off—and I’m going to wear it as a trophy!”

I smiled. “You know what wild boars eat, Toshie?” I replied before she could answer. “Anything smaller than they are. Let’s hunt.”

“Do me a favor and don’t die too easily!"

“Yes! This power! Men, demons, spirits—you and me sow, we’ll kill them all!”

And the Wild Boar gives the MC the berserker rage, making him a a more powerful killing machine.