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While I did enjoy the murder investigation I’m not sure I wanted a whole book dedicated to it. Not only would it have been a huge genre shift, which could have been a big turn off for a lot of people, I also can’t deny that by the end of it I was itching to get out of that damned island - almost as much as my ronin.

It made sense since reality was becoming more and more distorted and by the end, the dream-like feel was suffocating. I think that was what the author was going for, because the very next chapter when our character takes a big breath of fresh, clean air, I took a similarly relieved sigh of breath with her.

I feel the same way about the shogi tournament. Clever and entertaining but to drag it on would have been a disservice. For me, anyway.

But I do get when you said the ending was anticlimactic. Battling the fox demon definitely felt more epic than the general because for me slaying the general wasn’t about a big physical fight nor our ability with a katana. It was a different kind of fight, where our ronin witnesses their students struggle - and they can’t do anything about it. Especially the scene where Ige dies. The first time I read it I could barely breathe, I was so tense.

So it actually ended up being more climactic for me, because I felt like the stakes were higher. But I get that’s probably more of a personal preference thing :sweat_smile:.


Originally I was going to butt in with a question about how hard would it be to code a masculine path and a feminine path, and allow the reader to choose, but scratch that. I’d like to address this.

I’d just like to say one thing - if you think that just feminine lesbians and masculine gay men are going to feel uncomfortable with this, I think you’re very off-base. I’m a queer person, and what you just wrote comes across as a fancy way of equating gay men with women and lesbians with men. Which I hope wasn’t what you meant to do, but that’s how it comes across. Especially since (forgive me if I come off as aggressive in this sentence, I’ve thought about how to word this for over an hour but I’m still rather aggravated) you’re prioritising making straight players playing as minorities comfortable over, well, doing something that shows you care about the groups you’re representing.

It’s also interesting that you mention you were pushing people’s comfort zones in how you ended Book 3, and I thought for a second you would extend that to straight players playing as minorities, but I suppose that’s irrelevant now. You’re the author and it’s your series, but I’ll no longer be reading it.


I have to disagree with this part. The shogi tournament was only a part of the whole kitsune arc so dragging it out might make it too boring for some readers. In regards to the mansion part, I like murder mysteries no question but dragging it out might be a bit too much and
I noticed that some don’t appreciate the genre shift as well. Although I did say, that making Book Three solely about the tengu arc would be good but only if the boss fight would be different though.

It quite sad to see that some will leave SoH due to what Devon said but I hope some of their fears might be unfounded. It quite a wishful thinking as much as a writer wants to please everyone, it is quite impossible to do without sacrificing something. =(


I’m afraid I must agree with @Celtic_Rune. I’m a straight female player, and I really dislike the idea of feminity being forced on my character because I choosed to show interest on males.

One of the things I loved about SoH is how our Ronin doesn’t behave differently upon your gender choice, and still feel natural in their interaction with their rest. But now I know feminity is going to be smashed in my face like it or not unless I play a lesbian character or a male MC, I can’t help but feel terribly disappointed.

I wish you the best of luck with he future of SoH, but this is a series that for me, ends here.


I wonder if some those who view what Devon said as a dealbreaker still consider trying out the fourth book before passing judgement?

@Sammysam I remember you are considering buying the fourth one before you will call it quits or not? Or does this change your mind?


I will wait for a demo. And then I will wait for reviews, but I am for sure not buying instantly as I did with the others.


I was considering trying out the demo. And I still will, but by now it’s more seeing if the demo convinves me to put my money into it, because right now, I’m really turned off from continuing reading this series.


Hmm. I’m still wondering if feminity and masculinity are going to forced onto the players or simply something that can be explored. While I agree that forcing feminity on an MC just because the player choose Jun over Junko is… I don’t know how I want to put this… not good, I don’t think the idea of letting the player explore those ideas of feminity and masculinity are inherently bad. I haven’t see anything about the MC having to accept it, just confront it, and I don’t think using Jun/Junko to do so is the worst way to do it…

But I wanna be optimistic. I can see why people are turned off. I wanted to explore feminity with my MC because I, too, grew up feeling like I had to reject it and only now am starting to embrace it and I, personally, found it liberating. But that’s not true for everyone, I understand, but I think it might be a touch too early to completely swear off the next book.


Forcing the players to change is not good I agree. Exploring femininity and masculinity would still be great but I hope that there is still an option for those who don’t want the change. I don’t know how Devon will do it but I wished he will do it in a way that cater to both parties.


I hope you guys reserve your judgement until a demo is released. Because from whatever I have read in this thread it comes off more like whining and blackmail…“If u don’t do that, I am not buying” when the author is still writing his book is not a healthy sign for creative freedom… I hope I don’t come off as harsh…Just give the author a breathing space to tell his story…


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I plan to continue playing the series because I’m interested in the story and the backstories of the characters but the way that the author has worded things… does make me particularly uncomfortable. As others have said, it seems like he is equating gay men to straight women because he sees attraction to men = femininity and lesbians to straight men because he sees attraction to women = masculinity. I’m a gay trans man so of course this is a warning sign for me when you consider that gay trans men are commonly considered straight women…

I’m perfectly fine with femininity and masculinity being explored (I, in fact, am interested in this) but I just don’t see why Jun/Junko’s gender (and thus the MC’s sexuality) has anything to do with the Ronin experiencing non-toxic femininity and/or masculinity.

Also the point others have brought up about the author overall just prioritizing straight fans over actual gay fans does seem valid based on what he just said.


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If it were just about that, I’d be able to roll my eyes and move on. I still wouldn’t be a fan of the concept, but I’d be happy enough just reading past it for the parts I would enjoy. The breaking point, for me, is not so much this new direction of the story but the viewpoints and opinions of the author expressed through it and his comments here on the forum. The way he treats queer relationships (and his queer audience in general, by dismissing them completely), and his view on relationships and gender in general, are not something I’m willing to support even implicitly.

As @resuri08 asked and @Sanjay suggested, I will read the demo when it comes out. I hope by that point the author will have listened to our concerns and criticisms and that I will be able to enjoy the rest of his books as I’d hoped I would (and still want to). Based on other comments he has made in his thread, and what seems to be a general attitude of “I am writing this story the way I want to and that is not going to change”, I’m expecting to be disappointed


Okay so, the author already asked twice if we could take all this gender debate out of the thread and to PMs if need be, seeing as how this place has become massively off topic, so why don’t we lighten up a bit with more of whose spirit animal would beat whose, eeeeh? Because my heart longs for a chipmunk v red panda battle cause why not. Not like my lil guy could beat a pony or swan.


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There are many of us (myself included) that disagree with the author about various aspects of gender, his exploration of gender in his writing, what the majority of an audience would and would not want and many other things including the nature of the relationship between Jun/ko and the MC.

Once the author speaks on the nature of their writing and says they will be doing something, regardless of your feedback, it is up to you to then drop the subject.

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