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I could accept Junko. She just has to accept having her tongue cut out and having a name of someone she loathes cut into her. Then ill consider it.


Yeah, Junko’s an antagonist but at list she is open about it. No surprises here. I doubt she would put a knife in our back.
Yes, I’m looking at you Toshie.

I’d say, beat Junko up, tie to a chair and have a little chitchat about her ways.

Uh, without cutting anyone’s tongue.


I could try to defend Jun… but I won’t lol He’s the freaking Devil.

AND I LOVE HIM. I don’t even need a redemption arc. I could imagine him facing his trauma with MC (but obviously staying kind of in the shadows and not in the group) and at the end, after MC defeats every demon… they end up together. As they knew it would happen eventually :ok_hand:

But this is what I want for my MC ofc. The good thing about these games is that our MCs can usually choose how the feel about characters. You want yours to hate Jun? Go ahead, have fun, destroy him!
But if you want your MC to be helplessly in love with him? :smirk: DO IT YOU COWARD!!!

Ahhh. Jun will always be my favorite character in this series.


Plus, I like Momoko too much. I can’t forget Jun for it.

Besty before boys :laughing:


I like you. You get me.

None of these people understand, and I doubt they ever will. But that’s okay!

I really didn’t care about Momoko personally. The fact she got her tongue cut out didn’t phase me in the least. I somewhat enjoyed that whole overly extreme reaction out of Junko to be quite honest. (Like I said I have a weakness for Yandere’s I can’t help it)

There is something very charming to me about having someone you love go down a twisted and dark path because you were too oblivious in your past to notice how seriously screwed up she was and couldn’t read between the lines. It took you years and a helping hand just to finally realize why she is the way she is.

My character feels guilty about it, and I like to think she somewhat hates herself for not realizing all this sooner. So, yes, she wants to confront Junko and do whatever she can to try and fix her, somewhat. And help make her more stable.

Also love her.


I like Momoko. She was sweet and caring and even though she made mistakes I genuinely believe she is a good person. I think Hyuga needs a lot more people like Momoko. And while my ronin was never romantically interested in her, Momoko’s crush had a big impact on her. That someone good loved her for who she is opened up a tiny bit of the ronin’s eyes. Kinda like “uh, I guess I am worth something”.

So I really hope that what Jun/ko has done to her is addressed in future books. Cause that’s not something my ronin will just look past over. It was seriously messed up.

But yeah, I agree with everything else about Jun/ko. My ronin also feels guilty for not seeing it and especially for abandoning him. I just wanna be able to apologize T_T

Also, lots of people understand you, my friend. There’s a lot of Jun/ko defenders here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


have to agree. I never really felt the romantic vibe for Momoko really, and then all of the sudden she’s trying to get you to sleep with her. Then you reject her, and she almost sort of reacts like you lead her on. AND even after the event, Hatch hates you for all of it. (I could be remembering that whole event completely wrong, it’s been a while)

And to be fair, yeah, I guess I kind of also have a thing for Yandere’s then… because I like Jin and how insane/violent he is… I have problems


My feelings on Junko put very succinctly by the ever wise Uncle Iroh:


Words of a wise man…


@MultipleChoice I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I am so excited that I literally can’t say anything else other than I’m excited. Ever since the first book, I have been eagerly anticipating everything you brought up between MC and Jun.

Also of note: Devon, keep writing for you. Your vision, your story. You don’t owe anyone else anything.


Exactly author’s word is god…or something just as cool. We are all just along for the ride. The fact the story is as good as it is, leaves little doubt it will continue to be awesome.:grinning:


Whoa I have X-ray vision! I can see through spoilers! :sunglasses:


I finally got to play this book, and I gotta say, it’s kinda…disjointed and a bit anticlimactic. Here’s what I mean:

The first book had a great pace. They introduced the characters, the current and future stakes, and you did kill the first demon by the end.

Come the second book, and most of it focused on the shogi tournament, while the confrontation with the demon is saved for the third book.

Come the third book, and the murder mystery plot ends halfway through the book and it immediately shifts into Seven Samurai with only half a book’s worth of wiggle room, and the climax of said plot is, well, anticlimactic. You’d think a tengu war general would put up a better fight than a trickster kitsune, but the MC just went up to him and cut him up, while the fight with the previous demon feels more climactic, what with confronting their old sensei.

I guess some good came out of this. Toshio/e romance, a nice callback to when Masami/shi threw the money at us, and a hook where we may confront Jun/ko one more time. Here’s hoping for Jun/ko’s redemption, and Momoko’s return.


The climax for me was the battle with the kitsune rather than the tengu part. I think the third book also provide insight that our Ronin could not always save everyone, which the author want to drive home to reader. :thinking:

To be honest, I have to agree with you with some of your points though… I suppose the first part of Book Three should have put on Book Two and then start our journey for Book Three should have been the village and confrontation with Tengu.

I still look forward to Book Four though. =D


One thing I want to stress to readers is that the demon-of-the-day is not always going to be the focus of the narrative. That’s why for Book 3 I really didn’t want to end it on another boss battle. I wanted the final battle to deal with the responsibility of being a leader and experiencing tragic loss. Ige’s sacrifice becomes a means for MC to get close enough to kill General Shatao (who is blinded to this danger out of pride).

An author also has to be very aware of combat fatigue–and Book 3 has more fights and rough encounters than the first two books combined. I think many readers were intellectually and emotionally spent towards the end, so adding yet another fight didn’t feel like the way to go.

On Book 3’s Ending in General:
I feel the need to pat myself on the back for bravery! The reality is that it’s an absolute risk for a writer to end a book on a downer. I have a young audience who has to wait over a year for the sequel, and (intentionally) upsetting them for that long is a great recipe for 1-stars on Google Play! But the middle of the series is the ideal spot to put the hero at his or her lowest.

This is the False Collapse, and this de-evolution is absolutely necessary for MC’s growth.


So…I guess we won’t get any further clarifications to the concerns that @Celtic_Rune rised besides my own about the way femininity and masculinity will get addressed in book 4.

Just asking because I (and pretty sure others too) feel not reassured in any way and the fear that if gender gets adressed that it will be in a very reductive way is really something I would wish to set aside concerning a series that until now I really held in high regards.

No, really it bugs me, that we don’t get any answers that show that the concerns are seen, understood and taken into account.


I would like to first state that I am a huge fan of the first Samurai of Hyuga, it was one of my first choicescript stories to read and it got me into writing after a while of staying away from it. For that I thank you. I am also not in the camp of forcing people to change their writing because they dont agree with the writers views, I believe in an open environment for discussions of issues from all sides.

However I am curious to hear a response to Celtic Rune’s concerns, especially their closing paragraph. The reason I would like to hear a response to the concern that readers will be forced to adopt certain traits, not because I personally care about my character being forced into a role, but because I feel that if you are going to do it. “Because I do what I want for me.” Is not a good thing to hear of a story with choices. Any idea or game or story should be able to withstand critiques and scrutiny, especially if it is worth something.

Also the likes on celtics comment show they are not alone in this worry.

I have no issue with you writing for yourself, but I feel if anyone expresses truths or views they should be willing to at least explain them so if nothing else people can “agree to disagree.”

Either way I thank you for your time in reading if you’ve read this far haha. Enjoy the rest of yalls day.


Oh hey, didn’t expect the author to reply directly. I’m honored.

Anyways, speaking of narrative focus, it’s something the third book kinda lacks. You promised us a murder mystery, but it lasts only half a book before you decided to give us Seven Samurai and wrap it up as well. When you promised your third book to be a murder mystery, I expected you to follow through to the end.

Come to think about it, I wouldn’t even mind if the second book was all about the shogi tournament itself while the demon was barely mentioned (if at all), and it ends on the crew sailing to the island. That way, there’s enough material for a proper murder mystery in the third book. Save Shatao and Seven Samurai for another book.


@Sammysam @spytim @Celtic_Rune
Celtic made some valid points and I apologize for not addressing them directly. Thank you for reposting them for my attention. I also want to make clear that I don’t want this thread to derail, and gender dynamics is such a heated issue that the risk is real. That doesn’t mean the concerns aren’t valid, only that for further discussion I humbly ask you to PM me as this is a thread for Book 3.

When I mentioned writing based on my truth and perceptions, I also meant that I can’t reassure anyone of anything. I have no idea how anyone is going to perceive my writing. As spytim said, it’s entirely possible we may have an “agree to disagree situation”.

With that in mind, I’ll try to address Celtic’s concerns. Masculinity and feminity have profound differences, and a feminine Jun would be entirely different than a masculine Jun. A feminine Junko would be entirely different than a masculine Junko. I can’t create four huge personality branches and do them all justice. This may be where we have different opinions, but I believe that the feminimity-masculinity difference is that huge.

The solution is to cut down into what I understand best and what the majority of my audience wants.

That means masculine Jun and feminine Junko. Which means MC’s feminimity will come out with Jun and his/her masculinity will come out with Junko. The reality is, a TON of female readers who are attracted to men will play as a gay male character. The reality also is, a TON of male readers who are attracted to women will play as a lesbian female character. Female readers playing gay men are going to react better with a feminine MC. Male readers playing lesbian women are going to react better with a masculine MC.

So there is a group that is going to feel a disconnect: feminine lesbian readers and masculine gay readers. To them I have to say I’m trying to write my best, but I’m not going to lie and say I’m able to satisfy something as complex as romance to my awesome diversity of readers. That’s not careless wording, that’s entirely on me.

As for Celtic’s opinions on masculinity, what’s toxic, patriarchical gender roles, and the dynamic of relationships in general, those are all valid opinions. I have my own, and while we don’t match up entirely due to our different truths and perceptions, I really think I’m going to be able to be respectful, and that MC’s growth will be done well. Hopefully you’ll end up agreeing with me!

Book 3 is actually two stories, and you’ve identified them well. I wrote this book with two complete premise lines in mind: one for the island mystery and one for the student training village. I’ll write up a blog post on it for more detail in the future. As for the murder mystery, it’s really a matter of your mileage may vary: there are several investigations, interrogations, chase scenes and even courtroom drama.

Also keep in mind that there are some readers who don’t care about the mystery aspects whatsoever, so I think a book solely devoted to it would be pushing it with my general audience.


I do indeed disagree with a lot of what you’re saying here, most notably your decision to write gay relationships as fanservice for straight people rather than with your (existing) gay audience in mind, but this is ultimately your decision as an author. It is unfortunately a clear sign for me that, despite how much I liked the first SoH books, the rest of the series will not be for me.

I hope you manage to tell the story you want to tell, but it’s not a story I will be reading.