Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)



Then it must be buried DEEP because I don’t see it. :smile:


That’s why it takes someone who actually cares enough to fight through all the shit on top.

Ironically, that’s also how you know someone truly loves you.


Well, I think Jun/ko is beyond that point and more on the ground of murderous psychopath toxic relationship :laughing:


Anyone who uses my attraction to them to impale me with a sword is someone I’m cool with.

But let’s face it, I have a weakness for Yandere’s.

But seriously, I don’t believe in giving up on anyone ever. Especially if you loved them once or still love them now.


This would NEVER happen but I want the AU world where Jun/ko joins your little group (and is a little less murder-y). They can join clash between Masashi and Toshi for your affection. Get yelled at by the kid and not able to do anything about it because the Ronin will wreck them. Get dragged into friendship with Hatch cuz Hatch could probably befriend anything.

sigh If only…

Real talk I was kinda hoping they would’ve shown up on the island… especially if you slept with the Baron. Oh the drama


Right? Especally the AU bit.

But legit though the sleeping with the baron might circle around to bite the mc in the butt or drama but it was just more on the last scene with the baron.


Makes me glad my Primary Save character is avoiding intimacy with most people (except the fling with tongueless, and that was just for pure sexual satisfaction with no feeling on her part whatsoever).

This is mostly because I want to make sure she has every chance possible, especially after the revelations in book 3, to help Junko, and rekindle that relationship into a more healthy one.

(If she lets me… which I hope… please…)


I really hope it does, honestly, cuz it was a bit… anti-climatic how it is now. I mean, we don’t need two crazy former lovers in the Ronin’s life but there was so many red flags with the Baron that it’s odd it didn’t lead to more.


Yeah I can’t imagine that. I agree with the above statements of what she did to Mamoko being to much. Junko didn’t just burn any bridge to redemption…she nuked em.


While I respect your… opinion. I do not agree!

When it comes to people or characters I love, no matter what they do I will always try to save them!


See, that’s the magic of Alternative Universes!

… I can dream, can’t I??


That you can…I dream my Ronin will ride a unicorn and conquer Hyuga…:sunglasses:


… All my Ronin just wants to do is go back to drinking sake…


you can do that? :hushed:


Oh, yeah, in book two… should I have put that in the Spoiler tags? :0


I think there’s no need because this is already the Book 3 thread but if you want to… XD


My ronin is not digging through someone’s baggage if they are trying to kill them. If they are trying to kill the ronin, that person doesn’t love them; they love the ideal of the ronin that is in their head.

So you can keep her/him. :slight_smile: My ronin will be over here, with sane people who actually like her for her.


Sure thing friend.

I’ll be over here waiting for my fulfilling redemption arc for Junko.


Frankly, Jun as been nothing but an abusive, violent bastard. Nothing for now have happen that had me not want to kill him and free the world from a psycho.

It would need a lot of work to make him simpathetic to my ronin. There is just no remedable material from him to make my ronin want to even be in the same room without pointing a sword at him.


Everyone’s providing good points and strong arguments of why Jun/Junko is an irredeemable murderer who deserves a sword through the heart and not a redemption arc but yet here is my Jun loving ass aggressively ignoring all their valid points while dreaming of Jun and the ronin happy together like