Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)



The English language is a bit complicated since some words could be used interchangeably depending on the context. It is my second language as well so sometimes it is quite confusing.


I’m just going to add my own two cents to this because while some of my concerns already got raised, it doesn’t seem like @MultipleChoice actually addressed any of them. I’m just going to quote in a few things that have me worried and reply to them one by one.

I really hope this was simply careless wording, because now this reads like a gay ronin will be forced to confront his feminine side, while a lesbian ronin will be forced to confront her masculine side. Considering the stereotypes that exist about feminine gay men and masculine lesbian woman, I hope you can understand why this worries me. Again, since you talk about the MC’s gender as the deciding factor later I hope this was just a slip of the tongue, but I wanted to make sure.

This… well. Historically speaking, men believing that it is their duty to “take what they want” has never ended particularly well. This idea that masculinity is about ego and competitiveness, that to be a man is to be distance yourself from emotional connections (“who only gets to see his kids once a month”) and always take the initiative until the world bends itself to your will, it’s toxic. It is the leading cause behind the high rates of both male suicides and sexual assault.

Not saying that this represents your views, but I want to highlight it to show that rigid gender roles hurt everyone. I hope you’ll be able to find and represent a more nuanced view of gender in your game, one that isn’t a more flowery version of patriarchical gender roles.

I am not sure what this had to do with any of Meira_Litch’ criticism, but sure. You’re right! Submissive and dominant are simply words, and while they hold meaning and, for many people, emotional connotations, they don’t ultimately impose any kind of judgement.

The problem comes when you relate being submissive and dominant to gender and relationships. Relationships should be an equal give and take. Any relationship in which one partner always takes a more submissive role while the other takes a dominant role (especially based on something like gender) risks being unbalanced and ultimately unhealthy for both parties.

You say that submissive doesn’t mean “dumb and docile and powerless”, which is true! But it still implies sacrifice, obedience, and offering up yourself and making yourself vulnerable. None of these are bad on their own, or even combined, but to say that someone should embody these traits simply because of their gender? That they have no other choice? That, in my opinion, is not how the world works and not how it should work.

Again, I really hope that all my concerns turn out to be unfounded and you will treat the matter in a respectful way, without forcing the MC to adopt certain character traits simply because of their gender and calling it “character growth”. I’d like to still be able to enjoy your games and support your work in the future, but I worry.


I personally am happy our ronins will have to face the weight of responsibility and the full meaning of self-sacrifice. Whether that’s called “to surrender” or “taking what one wants” is irrelevant to me. To take responsibility or to surrender to it both have the same outcome: you bear it.

If the author wants to approach the issue differently according to the ronin’s gender I honestly don’t see the harm in it. Gender, to me, is not only how you see yourself but also how the world sees you. People may act differently according to your gender and in turn, you react to them differently too. Whether you’re confronting Jun or Junko has to make a difference. They’re different characters; they both struggle with identical things but from two different perspectives. That doesn’t change whether your ronin is gay, straight or bi, what changes is Jun/Junko themselves.

I have to admit I’ve never played as a male ronin, but I’m guessing he’s different from my female MC. Not only from within but, more importantly, different in the way the world sees him.

All our ronins, independently of gender, have all lived a harsh, unforgivable life where their own needs and desires had to always come first in order to survive. They’re selfish, inconsiderate, always stuck in survival mode. I’d like to see them experience the softer side of life. We kinda get to see that in some of their interactions with the kid and Hatch but those moments are always too brief and far between. I want our ronin to grow despite their past, to stop viewing themselves as merely a weapon but as a person. Someone whose’s been dealt a shitty hand sure, but not letting that define themselves.

And apparently, in order to do so, the MC will have to get in touch with their feminine or masculine side respectively. I look forward to it.


It might be a bit off topic now but anyways: what if we take the phrase literally? Ronin swings their sword backwards and strikes themselves as opposed to fighting enemies while swinging it forward?


It just doesn’t make much sense to me. Specially considering both Ronin are very masculine… So what would be logic is that both, fem Ronin and m Ronin get in touch with their femenin side. Is just… Well, male Ronin is already masculine, you know?


If it look at it, it might mean defeating the demon through mercy perhaps like the reversed edged sword of RuroKen. XD


How soon do you think our ronin will be reunited with their band of misfits? It does seem like they’re going on a journey of self-discovery and seeking out a confrontation with Jun/ko (whose totally going to survive, probably until the last book) which may take a sizable portion of the plot.

The reunion with Momoko will be heartbreaking.


I think we might reunite with the crew in book 5 or maybe at the end of book 4. But yeah it’s gonna suck when we see Momoko again.


Boy is it. My Ronin will be pissed to say the the least…I’d imagine it would be book 5. I wonder if we will meet new interesting characters? Our Ronin does have a habit of drawing in misfits.


Maybe we just use a gun…nothing wrong doing it Indiana Jones style :innocent:


Oh wow missed the drama. I’m surprised so many people are worried. Devon’s gone 3 books and is still going strong. Just trust the author with their story…it’s all you can do in the end.:grin:


Yeah, part of me wants to go ‘eye for eye’ for what Jun(ko) did to Momoko but I doubt we’d have a choice to take away their ability to speak.

Its strange to think the 6 book saga is now half-way complete, the end of Book 3 felt like a new beginning of sorts. Or it could just be the start of an epic detour from the main demon slaying quest, who knows at this point, but I’m loving this unexpected change from the status quo.


To all the people who wish to Harm Junko.

I will end you. Leave her alone, she’s been through enough! :sob:


My Ronin’s spirit avatar is a Salamander, how will I ever face a Wolf? :crying_cat_face:


You think that’s bad? My Ronin is a chipmunk.


Mine’s a firefly :joy:


Silver lining, the firefly gifts the most beauteous of raiment, in my vain and shallow opinion. Glittering, shimmering, distracting–we are truly a heaven-sent event.


In all honesty it mildly upset me that our spirit animal can’t be a Wolf. That would have been more fitting to me. The two wolves. :black_heart:


Man… and I felt sorry for the chipmunk… on the plus side a wolf would probably have a hard time catching up to a firefly since it can… fly… far away… before it dies anyway since its lifespan is short to begin with… but their life is quite beautiful I think. Better than a salamander.


I have two MC’s, one is a chipmunk and the other the akita inu. And both my chipmunk and doggy are gonna beat the shit out of Jun :laughing: