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In my opinion, our Ronin will not manage it in Book 4 since we lost our ability with Jigoku. :thinking:


I think the Ronin probably will. I mean let’s face it, this is probably not their worse odds. Plus after building up for a book 4 confrontation, it wouldn’t make much sense to drag it on after that. Besides I think it was implied we got are mojo back.

I’m more curious if we can join these rebels we are hearing about. I wouldn’t mind going up against the emperor and fighting the power. Anyone else wondering this?


Kinda doubtful since Satsuma actually reached out to the kid and the ronin for help. Plus Toshie would flip shit on us if we joined the rebels since you know just how much Toshie hates them.

And Basho is a part of it, I can tell. No way would I want anything to do with that creep.

Edited: Just remembered that the samurai general who was planning on leading the rebellion is now dead so the head of the snake is basically Hatch now.


Damn forgot about Basho…he’s a deal breaker in any regards…I’m not sure I’d dismiss it as a far out possibility though. Let’s face it our Ronin doesn’t have a good history of loyalty.

Was that the same rebellion? I thought the Jijinto Shrine or police whet having another one?


Well he was a merc for hire for a long time so obviously. The only person that the ronin would trust is themselves. The kid doesn’t count since… Well this is a kid we’re talking about here. Toshie is iffy since she’s been keeping secrets. Hatch can be said to be 55% idiot 45% good intentions.

Same rebellion as I am concerned since it seems as if the demons knows each other.


That’s about the right measurement for Hatch…


I actually considered 50/50 but that would be a bit too generous. 60/40 would had been pretty harsh. But he is still a idiot at times.


The ending did make it clear that Hatch was going to replace the now dead general by simply taking his place and armor with Kohaku’s help to prevent the samurai army from turning into rampaging ronins if they found out that their beloved general and master was killed.


Yeah, but the Hatch I saw in the first and second part of this I didn’t think would be capable of this move that’s why I really hope that in the next part we will get to read more about him.
Edit: And to me that was a big disappointment about Kohaku, I didn’t think they were so ready to forget about their last master (stating of them the way I am bc I’m not sure wht they gender are for players who are interested in males).


Oh yeah I see what you mean by that. Hatch doing that took me by surprise but then again, he asked us to train him to wield the katana after his spirit animal (that’s an armored horse by the way from what he tells you) told him that he had to learn how to use it. So I would say that he’s finally getting some significant character development rather than to be treated as fodder.

But I do wonder if he’s going to yell at us or at least be okay with us after we slashed his face.


I was surprised he seemed cool with us at the end.


Exactly! We literally slashed his face. His reaction to it seems a bit off imo but as I said before, he’s a good guy with a good heart. But his brain? Yeah needs some more work.


Well about his spirit animal I always thought that it’s a horse trained for peacefull things, like something to help out farmers or travellers, nothing what would need an armor.
But I agree with you this definitely showes the signs of some character development. But so far I can’t even form an opinion about this so far, so all I can do is wait for the next book to come out.


It could also symbolize Hatch becoming a solider in order to protect the weak and the innocent. That’s how I really would look at it with the information we have gotten so far in the series about him.


That’s the impression I got about him too. But to take the role of a tyrannic leader seems just a bit off character for him.


Well, I don’t think he’d act like a tyrant. He’d probably going to be the same old Hatch as usual while confusing the hell out of the army wondering why their general is acting differently. But having Kohaku around him should help repel some curiosity since she knew the Ronin had killed the general but didn’t flinch when Hatch was putting the armor on.


Possible but then again, Jun/ko seems to be a vital part of our Ronin’s identity. Killing them off in the middle of series seems to be too early. My hypothesis is: we will not be able to defeat Jun/ko in Book 4 but they might be one of the vital keys for us to unlocked our potential since in Book Four, we will be exploring our Ronin’s past. Also judging from their action, they are not out to kill our Ronin, why though? =/ The choice of killing them would be probably the beginning of Book Six perhaps?

In my opinion, we might not be able to join the rebels since we have a charge who is now connected to the royal family and Tosh being a friend to the Emperor. But there’s a possibility that there will be an arc that Tosh will have to choose between our Ronin and the Emperor, vision wise I mean.

There are still theories going around that the Emperor might be one of the demons though so that would add to the drama. XD


Don’t you dare say that in front of my Toshie! I don’t wanna hurt her anymore than I already did…


Is there a theory on how they become demons in the first place?


I doubt the Junko plot would hang around for six books. Especially with every other plot peice going on, it makes sense that we would beat them now. Junko is a vital part of our past, but book 4 is about confronting the past. So it would make sense for the Ronin to move past it and focus the 99 other problems.